Three red flags that indicate a failed marriage are: bridesmaids not talking about their groom, newlyweds taking too many photos of family without their spouse and new husband

  • Shayla, an Arkansas photographer, shared her expertise with a colleague who has over a decade experience.
  • According to the other photographer, they noticed signs that indicated a troubled marriage.
  • One example is when one spouse takes too many photos of their family, but not their spouse.
  • A second category is the bridesmaids/groomsmen that don’t discuss their friends’ spouses, usually because they aren’t interested in them.
  • The third is when one or both of the newlyweds spends a greater amount of time at the reception with their family and friends than the bride or groom. 

Three signs that your marriage may be in serious trouble, according to an Arkansas wedding photographer

Shayla Herrington said she learned the signs from a fellow photographer in the industry with over a decade of experience, who has seen plenty of wedding over the years.

The elder photographer pointed to three red flags one might see from newlyweds on their wedding day — including odd photoshoot practices, cagey friends, and a spouse who is a bit too intent on working the room. 

Uh-oh! An Arkansas wedding photographer has shared three signs that a marriage is in trouble from day one (stock image)

Uh-oh! A wedding photographer from Arkansas shared the following signs (stock photo):

These are the three warning signs that a wedding is doomed 

  • A spouse may take more than 3 family photos with their husband/wife without the consent of his/her new partner 
  • Bridalmaids refrain from talking about their groomsmen, and groomsmen are reluctant to speak about the bride. 
  • Newlyweds are more likely to spend time with family members and friends at their wedding than with their partner. 

‘One time I was shooting under this wedding photographer, and they told me they can always tell if a couple will last or not, based on three things,’ Shayla said.

“Mindful, this photographer has worked in the industry for 10, 15 years. So I was very interested to hear their thoughts on it.

She stated that “The first sign is one spouse will take more than three family photographs without the other spouse.” 

“This one seems to make sense. You might have a couple with your parents, but for more than three, it just seems suspicious. 

The photographer says that the next red flag is not the bride or the groom but the wedding party. 

‘The second indicator is the bridesmaids or the groomsmen will avoid talking about the spouse when they’re getting ready or doing toasts or anything, and that’s typically because they don’t like them,’ Shayla continued.

“And last, one indicator says that the spouse will spend more time with close friends and family than they do with their spouse at the wedding.

'The first indicator is one of the spouses will take, like, more than three family photos without the other spouse,' she said

She said, “The first indication is that one or both spouses will take at least three family pictures without the other spouse.”

The second is bridesmaids or groomsmen who don't talk about their friend's spouse, often because they don't like them

A second category is the bridesmaids/groomsmen that don’t discuss their friends’ spouses, usually because they aren’t interested in them.

The video has earned over 20,000 likes, as well as hundreds of comments — including some who said the red flags were accurate.

The majority of respondents agreed that it was an issue for a spouse to spend more time with family and friends than the husband/wife they have just married. 

One said, “My ex husband wanted to spend some time with his brother, not me,” and another wrote that the ex-husband “didn’t have time to be with me at wedding. His groomsmen did not even get to say hi to him.”

Another said that “my husband spent more time at the taco bar then he did with me at my wedding.”

Some people shared red flags such as spending too much on extravagant weddings to show everyone they care. 

The video has earned over 20,000 likes, as well as hundreds of comments -including some who said the red flags were accurate

This video received over 20,000 views and hundreds of comments, including some that the red flags are accurate.

Not everyone was convinced of the idea, particularly when it came to family photos.  

One wrote that he thought the photo 1 was too far fetched, particularly if there are siblings who want to take a photograph together, and parents or grandparents. It can even be three.

Other people expressed concern that the couple could be photographed and know their wedding outcome.

I don’t get why only one session can tell you the future. One wrote, “There are so many kinds of weddings.”