31-year-old weightlifting instructor raped two women, after having met them at a drunken Christmas party with a bar.

  • Jack Crosse (31) is accused of having raped two women while he was drunk at a party 
  • Crosse was accused of being a nuisance to the guests at the party. Crosse received a complimentary bar. 
  • According to reports, he raped both women following their meeting on the dancefloor 

Two women were raped by a weightlifting teacher after they met at a Christmas party at the gym. A court was told.

Jack Crosse, 31, is accused of ‘riding roughshod’ over the two women, both strangers to him, after meeting them on the dance floor of a gym in Pontypool, South Wales.

Crosse, who was noticed by guests at the party as a nuisance, had tickets that allowed him to have a bar. A jury from Cardiff Crown Court heard Crosse’s complaints.

According to the court, Crosse consented to oral sex with the first victim. 

Court was informed that the second attacker was raped and attacked outside the building.  

Weightlifting teacher Jack Crosse, 31, accused of raping two women at a Christmas party

Jack Crosse (31), a weightlifting instructor, is accused of raping 2 women during a Christmas party

Guests noticed Crosse was a nuisance at the party which had a free bar for anyone with a ticket, a jury at Cardiff Crown Court heard

Crosse caused a disturbance at the party, which offered a free bar for everyone who bought a ticket. Guests complained to Cardiff Crown Court.

Susan Ferrier, Prosecutor of Susan Ferrier stated that the defendant behaved quite bizarrely towards women present.

“He was making inappropriate remarks to them, being a nuisance.”

According to the court, Crosse consented to oral sex with the first victim.

Ms Ferrier stated that he was known for switching between being a rough man and being a good friend. He pulled his pants down on her and tried to get into her.

“She told him very clearly that she didn’t want it, but he was not having any.”

The court was told that Crosse began moving closer to the second lady on the floor of the gym.

Ms Ferrier stated that she noticed his tactile touch and was constantly touching her, even her bottom.

The second assault took place outside, and she was raped orally as well as vaginally.

Crosse claimed that the two women, although they were both strangers to each other, consented for the sexual acts.

Ms Ferrier stated that the prosecution case was simple. The defendant rode roughshod on both these women.

“He didn’t really care if they consented or not, because he wanted things his way. They were acts of rape.”

Crosse denies the three charges of rape committed in the early hours on December 14, 2019

The trial is continuing.