Mark Drakeford, the Welsh First Minister has been criticised for dancing in a full indoor Diwali party without a mask.

This was taken as the politician was being surrounded by maskless revellers, dignitaries and even the Indian High Commissioner to Cardiff University in South Wales.

Footage shows the Welsh Labour leader dancing joyfully with his arms in the air while in close proximity to others despite the country’s coronavirus regulations.

According to Welsh rules, you must wear a mask in all public spaces indoors. This includes supermarkets as well as public transport. It is recommended that social distancing be practiced.

But the Welsh Government insisted Mr Drakeford had not breached the rules because the celebration was on a premises where food and drink were being served.

The row comes after Boris Johnson was criticised for not wearing a face mask while greeting nurses at Hexham General Hospital last week. 

Footage shows Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford (circled) dancing joyfully with his arms in the air while in close proximity to others despite the country's coronavirus regulations

Footage of Mark Drakeford from Welsh Labour (circled), enjoying joyously flapping his arms while dancing in the air, in spite of the coronavirus regulations in Wales

Lloyd Warburton from Coronavirus said that Mr Drakeford was guilty of hypocrisy over the footage.

On Sunday, he said that he had been to a Diwali celebration last week. His colleagues told him to don masks and to behave responsibly in order to get around more restrictions. 

“Today, this video was released showing that he is not following the advice.”

One user on social media said, “More hypocrisy,” while another stated, “Do what you say and not what you do.”

Another tweeted that there was ‘not a single face in evidence’ 

Nation.Cymru was informed by a spokesperson for the Welsh Government: “Face covers are not required inside premises where food is or drinks are served.”

It is advised that you don’t cover your face because it isn’t practical or necessary. 

It was revealed that after taking a picture with nurses at a hospital, the Prime Minster had to have his mask on. 

The politician was filmed surrounded by other maskless revellers and dignitaries including the Indian High Commissioner at Cardiff University in South Wales

He was photographed with other masqueless revellers as well as dignitaries, including the Indian High Commissar at Cardiff University.

But the Welsh Government insisted Mr Drakeford had not breached the rules because the celebration was on a premises where food and drink were being served

However, the Welsh Government said Mr Drakeford didn’t break the rules since the celebration took place in a location where food or drink could be served

He is believed to have taken off his mask to do television interviews before the pictures were taken, Chronicle Live reported.

The hospital management claimed that the patient had “followed strictly measures,” including wearing masks in every clinical area where he visited.

Its website has rules that require visitors to cover their faces from the moment they enter the hospital and until they leave.

Labour’s shadow minister for health linked Mr Johnson’s visit with the absence of masks and his decision to withdraw from it in order to be able to debate parliamentary standards. This was after Johnson’s government reversed itself on their plan to remove the probe system used to investigate allegations against MPs.

Jonathan Ashworth tweeted: “So, not only are Boris Johnson’s cowardice to stand up before Parliament and defend the corrupt and sleazy government actions of recent days.

Last week it emerged that the Prime Minister had to be reminded by NHS staff to put on a mask after posing with nurses in a hospital without his face covered

After posing in hospital with nurses without covering his face, it was revealed that Prime Minister Tony Blair had to have the NHS remind him to wear a mask.

Hospital management insisted that he had 'followed strict measures, including wearing a mask, in each clinical area he visited'

According to hospital management, he had followed strict procedures, which included wearing a mask in all areas he visited.

“He is now recklessly parading around a hospital wearing no mask. NHS staff and patients deserve better.

Photos of Mr Johnson without wearing a mask show him elbow-bumping, greeting nurses and posing for photos with them. 

Sky spoke with Matthew Taylor, head of the NHS Confederation which represents hospitals in the health care system. He said that the Prime Minister was an influential figure and his work is vital.

“It was unfortunate that he wasn’t wearing a mask in hospital because this hospital encourages everyone to wear masks in all areas of the hospital.

Following the visit, however, Downing Street, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (which runs Hexham General), and others defended the Prime Minster.

When reporters asked if Johnson was breaking the rules, the official spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that the hospital visits are governed by these rules.

“He will have followed the established rules.”