He was not happy with West Side Story’s success, and his daughter revealed that he also didn’t like the Oscar-winning adaptation.

Jamie Bernstein is the oldest daughter of Leonard Bernstein. He said that he was frustrated at the success of the musical and had to do harder to make it popular.

This is because Steven Spielberg’s latest adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, which was set in New York City, will be out next month.

Bernstein said that the albatross became an overcoat around Bernstein’s neck. 

“He worked hard to convince people that his other works were important, particularly his symphonic ones. 

“He did mention it sometimes, it was a frustration.

“But, you can’t really complain about having enormous success,’ she said.

Jamie Bernstein, the eldest daughter of Leonard Bernstein (pictured), who created West Side Story in the 1950s, said he became frustrated by the phenomenon and how he had to work harder for his other works to get noticed

Jamie Bernstein (pictured), the youngest daughter of Leonard Bernstein. She created West Side Story back in the 1950s.

The musical follows star-crossed lovers Tony and Maria , who fall in love on the streets of New York despite belonging to rival gangs (Pictured: Tony and Maria played by Richard Beymer and Natalie Wood in the Oscar-winning 1961 film adaptation)

Musical follows the star-crossed lovebirds Tony and Maria, who meet on New York’s streets despite being in rival gangs. (Pictured by Tony and Maria as played by Richard Beymer & Natalie Wood in the Oscar winning 1961 movie adaptation). 

Musical follows the story of star-crossed lovers Tony, Maria and their love for each other. They fall in love while walking the streets of New York, even though they belong to two rival gangs: the Jets (made up of white people) and the Sharks (whose members hail originally from Puerto Rico).

Although the Broadway version was a huge success, it wasn’t the only one. The 1961 adaptation starring Natalie Wood & RIchard Beeymer soared to the top, winning a total of 10 Oscars.

Jamie, the daughter of Mr Bernstein, revealed that he wasn’t a big fan.

Bernstein asserted that his father didn’t believe in the film. 

“He felt it was lacking in some areas, and wasn’t happy with its music. Johnny Green [the musical director]My father did not write the entire prologue.

“He was not thrilled, but he did not say anything because he believed he had no right to complain. 

“He gave up being completely in control of the scenes and was not present during the production. He had other things to do.

Bernstein claimed that Spielberg’s film portrayal of Maria and Tony, with Rachel Zegler and AnselElgort staring as Rachel Zegler is ‘completely brilliant. 

This was approved by her and Alexander and Nina (her siblings), as well as other “living representatives”.

After several delays, the film is now finalized and will be released on December 10.

The Jets gang as portrayed in the 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story - which won a total of 10 Oscars

The Jets Gang as depicted in West Side Story’s 1961 adaptation. This film won 10 Oscars.

A stand-off scene between the Sharks (left) and the Jets (right) in the 1961 film adaptation

The 1961 film adaptation features a scene that shows the Sharks (left) and Jets (right). 

The film is less problematic because Puerto Rican actors are used as Sharks’ members. 

Bernstein stated, “They’ve all come up with all these little telling methods to make it more deep, to give every character more resonance.

The Sharks are actually a family. [played by Latinos].

“That wasn’t the case in the original film. The orange makeup that everybody had to use was extremely problematic. This film has more authenticity and gritty details. 

She said, “You can’t expect the music to sound worse when it’s conducted by Gustavo Dudamel at the New York Philharmonic.”

Leonard Bernstein was 72 when he died in 1990.

The former New York Philharmonic leader, who was also an accomplished pianist, is still one of America’s most prominent musicians.