Boris Johnson’s birthday suggests he is predisposed to being ‘childlike, highly duplicitous and a fervent believer in his own version of the facts, a bestselling astrologer claims.

Theresa Cheung, a UK-based author in the realms of spirituality, dreams and the paranormal, believes the day a person was born can reveal surprising details about their traits, even those they hide from the rest of the world. 

A combination of numerology, psychology and Eastern and Western Astrology are used by her to identify people and their personality characteristics. 

FEMAIL, Theresa said: ‘TWe have many clues from the universe about Boris and Keir’s true motives.

“For instance, the birthday of a person can reveal a lot about their personality and highlight both potential strengths and weaknesses.  

“Everyone who was born that day is free to make their own decisions and choose to either discover their potentials or fall prey to temptations. Two people will never be alike because they were not born at the same time.   

This is what she revealed about Boris and Keir’s personalities through their birthdays. 

Boris Johnson: June 19, 1964 – The Birthday of the Actuator

Boris Johnson's birthday may reveal key personality traits about why he might be a 'rule breaker', best-selling astrologer Theresa Cheung has claimed

Boris Johnson’s birthday could be an indicator of his personality. That is what Theresa Cheung, best-selling Astrologer and author has suggested.

Boris is an innate Gemini. The charming, yet frustrating Sun sign Boris is a great communicator and showman. But he’s also a trickster.

Geminis are capable of twisting the truth if it suits their purpose and often believe their version.

Researchers have shown that June babies are curious and childlike. They also excel at communicating.


On a scale between 1 and 9, numerology, an ancient art, operates. These numbers are the basic building blocks of numerology. 

Add numbers that are greater than 9 to get a single number. 

The birth number, which is what your essence is or what you must learn, is the date of your birth. So if your birthday is April 7, it is a 7. You are 1 + 7. = 8 if you were born April 17.

Your attitude is how others perceive you. This number can be added to your birthday number. So if April 7 has 4+7= 11, then add 1+1. That gives you an attitude number 2.

Harmony between your attitude and birth numbers is key to happiness. Neither should be dominant.  

They are therefore fully capable of fibbing. Not necessarily because they have malicious or devious motives, but simply because they do not believe their fibs will cause harm.

These people learned to be charming and to tell others what they wanted to hear early on in life.

Boris, a mutable sign of the air, believes that freedom is his right to choose what he wants. He doesn’t believe he can be held responsible for his freedom to fly.

His self-belief is extraordinary and allows him to rise above all others. He is inclined to become superficial and to please others. 

He has also been a photographer. very significant element to  his astrological personality and day of birth – the self-destruct button of the activator.

Boris is intelligent, creative and curious. His breezy, ingenious personality makes him a great change agent.

Because of this, he acts as a catalyst and encourages everyone around him to achieve their goals. He is known for his ability to inspire others, help them dream big and act first before thinking later.

Behind all his charisma, however, lies deep-seated insanity. It is very simple for him to enjoy life and his relationships. He is able to win over people, but he can get bored quickly and requires new challenges to keep him occupied. 

Boris seems to find himself feeling less loved and more in demand the more he’s in love. This may be because he might feel that he doesn’t deserve or have worked hard for it. Therefore, he might subconsciously look at situations similar to the current to make sure he holds himself accountable, learn from his mistakes, and is held responsible.

Boris is challenged by his long-term commitment and the challenge of staying focused. It is common for Geminis to do all things and be unreliable in their commitment to anything and everyone, including politics.

Their motivation to achieve is more inquisitiveness than accomplishment. It could be said that their restlessness is really a search for a sense of self from the inside out or a part of themselves they feel they have lost somehow – the missing twin as the symbol of Gemini is the twin.

They are the ones who cause controversy, disaster and even death.

Boris birth chart has plenty of air (communication) and water (go with the flow) but hardly any grounding earth signs and passionate fire – Boris touches the surface with everything and everyone and doesn’t go deep.

Numerology is an ancient science that sheds light on psychological issues. Boris is numerology’s birth number. He is all about me and natural leader 1; however, his attitude number, or how other people see him, is 7. It is associated with luck.

He struggles to discern between what is in his best interest and what is best suited for other people.

He can avoid burnout by slowing down and reflecting on his actions more, as well as relying more on his inner world for his wisdom and insight.

Keir Starmer, September 2, 1962: Birthday of the Unassuming Worker

Theresa claims that while Boris 'speaks to the child in all of us', his rival Keir speaks to the 'more realistic and grounded mature or adult part of us'.

Theresa claims that while Boris ‘speaks to the child in all of us’, his rival Keir speaks to the ‘more realistic and grounded mature or adult part of us’.

Boris spoke to the child inside of all of us; Keir, however, speaks to the grounded and realistic mature or adult parts of us. 

Because he was born in September, he has an air of maturity because a lot of his physical advantages were gained early in school year. Boris would be proud of him, but he didn’t have to prove that he was as capable.

Keir is a Virgo and a man of action rather than words. In many ways, he’s Boris the antithesis.

He’s humble and won’t try to make himself stand out. He is very egalitarian, and will fight for the rights and interests of all workers. His word is his bond, and the only weakness for him would be to let it go.

He is trustworthy and easy to work with. However, his inflexibility or lack of lightness of mind can cause others to be alienated or bored. His goal is to have fun, and to keep it light.

Boris could be a valuable learning resource for him. Boris, in the same way as Boris, can benefit from Keir’s honest accountability and lack self-entitlement.

Virgos don’t like exaggeration, pretension, or over-exaggeration. They value simplicity and simplicity of speech, behavior, and actions.

They know where they stand with them, and they can be sure that others will do the same for them. They value equality and justice so highly that they will often minimize their talents to allow others with less qualifications to take over.

Theresa Cheung, a best-selling author in the realms of spirituality, dreams and the paranormal, believes the day a person was born can reveal surprising details about who they truly are

Theresa Cheung (best-selling author in spirituality, dreams, and the paranormal) believes that the exact date of a person’s birth can reveal unexpected details about who they really are

Sometimes they don’t believe others can like them or value themselves enough. They know that they are reliable rather than fascinating, so others might not appreciate them or reflect their codes of honor.

Keir could be promoted to the PM by his ambitious, articulate deputy or other people who are more determined, colorful, and comfortable in public.

Keir can be described as a mutable Earth sign. Boris is an mutable air sign. So, the mutable signs (or philosophers) of Zodiac are Keir and Boris. They share an intuition when changes are coming. Keir will be able to see all the details and have flexibility.

They can sometimes take time before making a decision.

It is great if this is your first brainstorming session. But it’s not ideal if the goal of the session was to get immediate clarity.

Virgos are known for their ability to be analytical and pragmatic and pay attention to details. Keir is prone to perfectionist tendencies, which may be great for him but can slow him down to inertia.

Here is the story of the tortoise & the hare. Keir the steady and slow tortoise, and Boris the fast and flashy hare. The tortoise will win the race. But, what if the crowd has already fallen asleep?

Keir’s numerological birth number of 2 is balanced, fair, and compassionate. It also matches his attitude or how other people see him. This number 2 is also his number 2, which underlines Keir’s straightforward, straight-forward, what you see is what your get personality. 

With his Libra sign, which shows him as having Mercury, Venus and Moon, his heart is a judge.

All of this genuineness comes with a lack of imagination, adventure and possibility. Keir must realize that being a shining example of self-confidence is the best way to go.

You don’t have to be cautious every so often and let your guard down when you feel the need. Because adventure is what gives life its spark.