There are questions about Jeffrey Epstein’s lovechild with Ghislaine Minwell. A victim who saw the photo and was pregnant testified that she witnessed Jeffrey Epstein being sexy. 

Carolyn, Maxwell’s accuser, shocked Tuesday’s courtroom when she claimed that she saw photos of Maxwell in Epstein’s house with his pregnant belly.  

Maxwell has not been identified as a mother. Court records do not contain any further information about the pregnancy. 

One photo from a cache of recently discovered images raises eyebrows. It shows Epstein lovingly placing his hand on Maxwell’s stomach. This adds to speculations that Maxwell may have had a child.    

A never-before-seen photo shows Epstein with his hand on Maxwell's stomach. Though Maxwell has never been known to be a mother, accuser Carolyn testified Tuesday that she saw a nude photo of Maxwell pregnant

Epstein is seen with Maxwell’s stomach in a never before photographed photo. Carolyn, the accuser of Maxwell’s alleged motherhood, testified Tuesday that she was shown a nude picture of Maxwell with her hand on Maxwell’s stomach. 

Questions are now swirling about the existence of a lovechild between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

 Questions are now swirling about the existence of a lovechild between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

One of Maxwell's accusers, Carolyn, shocked the courtroom Tuesday when she said on the stand she had seen photos in Epstein's home of Maxwell naked and pregnant

Carolyn Maxwell was one of Maxwell’s accusers. She said Tuesday that she had seen naked photos of Maxwell in Epstein’s house and believed they were pregnant.

Photo of Epstein and Maxwell posing on a bridge against snowy background. 

Epstein wears a red skisuit, while Maxwell is dressed in a jacket and sweatshirt. 

The couple appear in one photo in what appears to be a European city. Ghislaine is seen kissing Jeffrey on the cheek

They are seen together in one photograph in what looks like a European town. Jeffrey can be seen kissing Ghislaine on the cheek

The hand of the pedophile is under her body and on her stomach. 

As the prosecution provided no information regarding the evidence submitted, there are no clues as to when and where it was taken. But the couple look much older.  

The nature of Maxwell and Epstein’s relationship has come under question throughout Maxwell’s trial, with prosecutors characterizing them as ‘partners in crime’ while others have testified they appeared to be a couple or as having a business relationship.   

According to Virginia Roberts’ attorney, Epstein and Maxwell both wanted to have children. 

Bradley Edwards, Roberts’ attorney said last year in Relentless Pursuit his client that he was 19, Roberts was proposed by Epstein and Maxwell.  

Edwards wrote that Virginia had been told she would be looked after for her whole life, provided she gave Epstein or Maxwell a child. There were however some conditions. 

“In particular, she would need to sign a document agreeing that her baby is not hers, but the legal children of Epstein or Maxwell,” he said. 

It is possible that Epstein or Maxwell wanted to have a child, but it’s not impossible to imagine the couple trying to conceive naturally and then turning to surrogates. 

Roberts rejected the idea, however, her lawyer said.  

“It was the last straw. She couldn’t bear the thought of Epstein and Maxwell raising her child. “She knew that she must flee,” he said. 

Roberts fled to Thailand to escape the alleged abuse she suffered in Epstein’s and Maxwell’s “sex cult”.  

Epstein and Maxwell wanted to have a child of their own, according to an attorney for Virginia Roberts. She claims the pair asked her to be a surrogate for them

According to Virginia Roberts, Epstein and Maxwell wanted a child. According to her, she claims that the couple asked her to become a surrogate. 

One photo shows Maxwell kissing the pedophile's cheek with her arms wrapped around him. Many have testified that they believed Epstein and Ghislaine were boyfriend and girlfriend

One photo shows Maxwell kissing the pedophile’s cheek with her arms wrapped around him. Many people have stated that Epstein and Ghislaine are their boyfriends and girlfriends.

The jury in Maxwell 's trial was shown these photos on Tuesday and speak to the close relationship between the pair, which prosecutors have characterize as 'partners in crime'

On Tuesday, the jury at Maxwell’s trial saw these photographs. It speaks to Maxwell and Maxwell’s close relationship. Prosecutors have called them ‘partners of crime.

Dozens of photographs were provided by the prosecution to prove Epstein’s love for Maxwell.     

Maxwell is seen on one of the photos sunbathing while others capture them enjoying their vacations in Europe, with each other lovingly looking at one another. 

Never-before-seen photographs give us a unique insight into the intimate relationship that the couple had as they celebrated their luxurious lifestyle.  

Maxwell was charged with sex trafficking. These striking photographs were presented as evidence. They show Maxwell massaging Epstein’s feet using the Lolita express, Maxwell kissing Epstein’s cheek and wrapping her arms around another motorcycle rider. 

These images were taken during an FBI raid on Epstein’s Manhattan home in 2019. They offer a graphic look into Epstein and his high-flying lifestyle that involved private and helicopter flights to exotic destinations.  

A much younger Maxwell and Epstein are seen on a motorcycle together. The undated photo was submitted into evidence by the prosecution in the sex trafficking case against Maxwell

Maxwell is seen with Epstein on a bike together. This undated photo was taken by Maxwell’s prosecution for his sex trafficking trial. 

Prosecutors have characterized Epstein and Maxwell as being 'partners in crime'. Maxwell is seen in this evidence photo cuddling up to Epstein

According to the prosecution, Maxwell and Epstein were referred to as ‘partners of crime’. This evidence photo shows Maxwell cuddling up to Epstein. 

Kimberly Meder, an FBI analyst, identified photographs taken by FBI agents during the 2019 raid on Epstein’s Manhattan home. 

As 19 photographs of Epstein, Maxwell were shown to the court via CDs from their Manhattan homes, she testified. 

Meder stated that she didn’t know whether the images were altered during cross-examination.

Also on Tuesday, the court heard from FBI computer analyst Stephen Flatley who talked the jury through hard drives seized during the 2019 FBI raid.

Maxwell created one Microsoft Word document in October 2002 on a hard disk for a computer that had been registered under Maxwell’s names. 

Although it was unclear who the document was intended for, Maxwell appeared to have written it for someone else.

It stated that Jeffrey and Ghislaine were together for eleven years. They rarely get apart, contrary to common belief. They are always together to me.

“Ghislaine is a highly intelligent, great company with an open smile and infectious laughter.

It stated that Maxwell was a friend and that Epstein is a good companion.

It stated that Ghislaine and Jeffrey complement one another really well. I couldn’t imagine the two of them apart. They are not only great friends, but also wonderful partners.

Maxwell created another Word document, which was also saved to the hard drive. This time, it was an advertisement Maxwell wrote in September 2001.

You can read it as: “Help desired.” You are a massage therapist. You can work in Palm Beach. Excellent pay. Weekends are the most common. Call 351-1000. Please leave a message.

These six charges are against Maxwell 


Incentives to encourage minors (maximum 5 years sentence) to participate in illegal sex activities  

 Incentive to a minor travel for illegal sex acts (age 20 years).

20 years of Conspiracy to Transport Minors With the Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Activity (20 Years)

Transportation of a minor in the intention to engage or continue criminal sexual activities (10 year minimum, lifetime maximum).

A conspiracy to traffic in sex

Sex Trafficking with a Minor 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

She was accused of giving testimony in defamation proceedings in which she testified in 2016.  


Prosecutors claim Maxwell groomed three girls for Epstein between 1994-97. 

The indictment does not name them, however, she is alleged to have targeted them in London.

Maxwell would, according to some reports, befriend the girls and ask them questions about their lives as well as their education. It is alleged that Maxwell would take the girls to movies, and then go shopping with them, putting them at ease. This trust was enough to allow her to deliver them to Epstein later.

In order to “normalize” the later abuse, she allegedly undressed before the girls and then asked them sexual questions. 

Prosecutors say she then assisted Epstein in their abuse, and even took part herself. 

This alleged abuse of sex includes “sexualized group massagings”. 

Indictment states that Maxwell encouraged the girls to borrow money from Epstein and pay him for education and travel.