A fascinating remodelled world map reveals the world’s most popular fashion brands in 2021 – and it’s Zara that takes the top spot.

On the map – generated using 12 months of Google search data – country names have been supplemented by their residents’ most-searched-for fashion label.

Zara, a Spanish fashion house, is ranked first in 37 countries. Zalando (36) and Zalando (14) are close behind. Comparing the data to last year’s results (where Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton were most in demand), the graph shows how fashion has changed significantly over the past twelve months.

A fascinating remodelled world map reveals the world's most popular fashion brands in 2021

This fascinating map shows the top 20 fashion brands worldwide in 2021.


1. Zara 37 is the most searched brand in countries it covers 

2. Nike 36

3. Zalando 14

4. Fashion Nova 13

5. Asos 13

6. Gucci 10

7. Adidas 7

8. H&M 7 

9. Chanel 5 

10. Next 2

11. Dior 2

12. Uniqlo 2

13. Tommy Hilfiger 1

14. Lululemon 1

15. Yeezy 1

16. Louis Vuitton 1

17. Macy’s 1 

Source:  Money.co.uk

This map was created by money.co.uk, a financial site that ranks the top-searched fashion brands on Google for each country.

The map shows that Zara is the most loved fashion brand in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, Portugal and Monaco.

Money.co.uk stated that Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega, in 1975. Zara’s fast reproduction of the trends, colours, and designs seen on the catwalk has made it a fashion icon. It’s easy to see why Zara is the most sought-after brand in countries with over 2200 stores, and presences in 88 of them.

For the USA, the most popular brand is revealed as Macy's, the American department store chain

Macy’s is the American department store chain.

In countries like South Africa, Mexico and India, Nike comes in second place.

Zalando comes in third place, having its head office in Berlin. This company is well-known for selling anything, from designer labels to luxury brands, on one website.

Money.co.uk also produces maps that include regional breakdowns to aid in the searching of data.

European Map shows how Zara has been adored by most continents, 20 European countries looking for Zara more than any other brands.

Next is the dominant fashion brand in the UK, but Asos and Asos were most in demand in Ireland, Malta and Cyprus. Luxemburg, on the other hand, was the European country that searched the most for Louis Vuitton luxury brands.

The European map shows that most of the continent is firmly in awe of Zara, with 20 countries in Europe searching for it more than any other brand. However, Next is top in the UK

This European map clearly shows how Zara is loved by most Europeans. It has been searched for in 20 European countries more than any other brand. Next remains the UK’s most popular brand.

Nike is the clear 2021 winner in the fashion-searching stakes in Australia. Across the way in New Zealand, Asos rules the roost

In Australia, Nike has been crowned the winner of fashion-searching in 2021. Asos reigns supreme in New Zealand.

Zara is the most-searched-for fashion brand in 12 Asian countries, including the UAE, Qatar and Japan

Zara is the top-searched fashion brand in Japan, Qatar, UAE and Japan.

Macy’s is the USA’s most-respected brand. It is an American department store chain and a recent entry in the ranking of the most-searched for fashion labels.

But, Canadians love Lululemon leisurewear brand more than any other.

The brand was founded in Canada in 1998 and has a strong reputation for making quality, fashionable, and comfortable sportswear, Money.co.uk notes.

Zara has also made an impression in Asia as the most searched-for brand for fashion in 12 Asian countries.

In Africa the pattern is mixed, with Ethiopia in love with Adidas, Egypt H&M and Zimbabwe Dior. Nike, Gucci and Zara dominate, though

In Africa the pattern is mixed, with Ethiopia in love with Adidas, Egypt H&M and Zimbabwe Dior. Zara, Gucci, Nike and Gucci are the most popular brands, however

It has competition. It is located in Asia, with Bangladesh, Pakistan (and Myanmar), Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar being the top five most attractive countries for Chanel.

In Africa the pattern is mixed, with Ethiopia in love with Adidas, Egypt H&M and Zimbabwe Dior. Zara, Gucci and Nike dominate the market, however.

Google’s South America search profits are divided mainly between Adidas and Nike. Fashion Nova has bagged two countries.

In South America the Google search spoils are mainly divided between Nike and Adidas

The Google search profits in South America are split primarily between Nike and Adidas