Russian Wheelchair-bound Russian Man builds solar-powered elevator’ to help him get into his apartment on the 3rd floor via the balcony

  • Alexander Yudin, 69,  can be seen getting to his third-floor apartment in Timashevsk, Russia, in an unusual way in a device he designed and made himself
  • He is seen being lifted from the balcony to the other side of the structure.
  • Once he is there, he opens the gate and takes himself inside to return home.
  • The device was built by him after realizing his block didn’t have all the amenities he required.  

The video shows a man in a wheelchair using a solar-powered, self-built ‘elevator to climb into his apartment from the balcony. 

Alexander Yudin (69) can be seen being lifted from the ground and taken up to his apartment in Timashevsk in Russia using a harness he made. 

Video shows him arriving at his apartment and waiting for the harness’s to fall enough so he can reach it. 

Then, he attaches it to his chair by putting his arms around the straps. 

It then begins the process to get him in his home and lift him up onto the block of apartments. 

He finally reaches the top. There he opens a gate to his balcony. 

Also, the footage shows solar panels that power the contraption. They are located on the side of Yudin’s apartment near the windows.   

Alexander Yudin, 69, built the 'elevator' alongside his apartment in Timashevsk, Russia

Alexander Yudin, aged 69, designed the ‘elevator’ alongside his Timashevsk apartment, Russia. 

He securely straps himself into the contraption before it begins to lift him off the ground

After he has secured himself to the contraption, it starts lifting him from the ground. 

Mr Yudin accesses his home at the top of the lift by opening a gate and swinging his body and wheelchair to get inside

To access Mr Yudin’s home, he opens a gate by swinging his wheelchair.

The video shows Mr Yudin being lifted up to his apartment on the third floor

This video captures Mr Yudin being carried to the apartment at the third floor. 

An electrician by trade, Mr Yudin took months to build the contraption

Yudin is an electrician and built the contraption over several months.

A skilled electrician, Yudin spent many months creating the contraption. It runs on solar energy after Yudin was injured in a car crash that resulted in him losing his ability to walk. 

The apartment blocks did not have facilities for people with reduced mobility. Also, the staircases were too narrow to allow Mr Yudin to use his wheelchair. So, Mr Yudin devised a new way for him to get around.  

Speaking with Reuters, he stated that he had been lying in a cast while trying to figure out how to immobilize himself and how to rescue myself. 

“Even when my legs are up, I need one person to help me get outside the house. It was impossible because everyone is working. 

Mr Yudin said he made the elevator so that he could get out of his apartment without relying on someone else to help him

Yudin claimed that the elevator was built so Yudin could leave his apartment on his own without having to rely on anyone else. 

He said the device has given him independence and allowed him to work and socialise

The device gave him freedom and enabled him to socialize and work. 

The footage also shows the solar panels powering the contraption, built onto the side of Mr Yudin's apartmen

Additionally, you can see the solar panels which power the contraption. They are attached to Mr Yudin’s apartmen.

“I thought about it so much that I decided to get an elevator. 

“I don’t like to wait around for things to happen at home, for somebody to feed me, or to sit in my chair on the balcony looking out.

He said that the device had given him back his life and that it has enabled him to have a job, as well as socializing with people outside of his own home.