These British citizens are some of the most wanted criminals in the world, from accused terrorists to paedophiles and money launderers to drug smugglers.  

They are being hunted down by the International Criminal Police Organisation (also known as Interpol).

International policing operations have served Red Notices to approximately 7,000 people around the globe. 

All 13 of these criminals are British citizens with “Red Notices” on Interpol’s site. This means they are actively being sought. However, many of them have dual citizenships or foreign contacts that allow them to dodge the police.

Here is the complete list of wanted fugitives

Asif Iqbal Muhammad Memon 

Needed: Money laundering 

Asif Iqbal Memon, an alleged Indian underworld criminal gangster was wanted by India to face money laundering charges. He fled the United Arab Emirates after an investigation into how he used ‘drug cash’ to purchase a range of properties around the world.

Asif Iqbal, an Indian underworld gangster, fled the United Arab Emirates after an investigation was opened into how he used ‘drug cash’ to buy a collection of international properties.

The fugitive is wanted in India on money laundering charges. He reportedly ran an international drug syndicate in the aftermath of his father’s death in London from a heart attack. 

Memon is a UK citizen. His family was implicated in money-stampling in foreign bank account accounts in 2016, according to the Panama Papers leak. 

Indian media reported that he was linked to money laundering operations, drug trafficking, and match-fixing.  

Masood Ul haq  

You are wanted for planning terror activities 

UK national Masood Ul Haq, 48, is wanted by Pakistan for a string of terrorism charges

Pakistan is seeking UK national Masood Ul Haq (48), for several terrorist charges

Masood Ul Haq (48), a UK national, was born in Pakistan’s Kashmir Province. He is being sought for several terrorist charges.

He was involved with terrorist plotting and planning, as well as attempting to destroy his country.

Ul Haq stands approximately 5ft 6in tall and has a distinct black mole on the left side of his cheek. He also walks with a little limp. 

He can speak fluent Urdu as well as English. 

Ramesh Philippe Dusoruth 

We are looking for Fraud 

Ramesh Philippe Dusoruth (51), a fraudster, conned investors of many millions of pounds while he was the head of St George’s Ltd, a Bermuda-based life insurance company.

Ramesh Philippe Dusoruth (51), a fraudster, conned investors of many millions of pounds while he was the head of a Bermuda-based life insurance company.

According to official government records, St George’s Ltd. was registered to an address at Knightsbridge in London.

Dusoruth was arrested in Bermuda by authorities in summer 2019 and appeared before magistrates. He was charged with fraud and providing misleading information. 

He fled the country and was later placed on Interpol’s most wanted list. He registered his business interests in Malta and Cyprus, as well as the Netherlands.

Additionally, he has residential properties in England and Belgium. 

Dusoruth, who was detained in the Netherlands in 2019 and filed bankruptcy papers in October 2020. 

Ibraheem Masood 

Pakistan and UK national Ibraheem Masood is wanted for his links to terrorism offences

Ibraheem M Masood (UK national) is wanted in Pakistan for links to terrorist offenses

We are looking for terrorist offences

Ibraheem, 23, a Pakistani national and a UK national is being sought by international authorities because of his links to terrorist offenses.

His previous charges include planning terrorist acts and leading a prohibited organization in Pakistan.

For the last two years, terror threat Masood was on Interpol’s most wanted “red notice” list. 

He is seen in newer photos sporting long dark hair and scruffy beard. 

Another distinguishing characteristic is his noticeable black mole at the neck.

John Collin 

We are looking for a culpable murderer 

British national John Collin, 67 is wanted by Malaysian authorities for punishment for murder

British national John Collin, 67 is wanted by Malaysian authorities for punishment for murder

Following his Malaysian culpable killing, John Collin, British National, was subject to an international manhunt. 

Collin’s whereabouts are unknown, but he is being sought by Malaysian authorities to be executed for his murder. 

Mohammed Ali Ege

You are wanted for murder, fraud, and other forgery offenses

Mohammed Ali Ege fled to India before he could be arrested in connection with the murder of 17-year-old Aamir Siddiqi, who was stabbed at his family home in Cardiff in 2010.

Mohammed Ali Ege, 44, is wanted in connection with the murder of 17-year-old Aamir Siddiqi and a string of fraud charges

Mohammed Ali Ege (44) is wanted for the murder of Aamir Siddiqi (17 years old) and several fraud charges.

This 44-year-old was born in Dubai but is wanted also in India. She faces fraud and forgery allegations. 

His escape from the country made him one of Europe’s most wanted criminals. He was later arrested and extradited. 

Indian authorities captured him and held him in custody until he could be extradited in 2017. He told them he had to go to the bathroom while stationed at train stations before making a daring escape out of an open window. 

Ege is also accused of harboring an offender, and disposing evidence related to an offence. 

Recent photos from 2021 show Ege with a scruffy beard, and wearing a hat. Officers suspect that he has changed his appearance significantly since 2010. 

After being convicted of Aamir’s murder and attempted murder of his parents, Jason Richards was sentenced and Ben Hope was sentenced to 40 year imprisonment at Swansea Crown Court. 

They had each been paid £1,000 in ‘blood money’ to kill a middle-aged man who owed money to a businessman.

However, the assassins in balaclavas drove to Siddiqi home accidentally and shot the teenager. 

New images have been released by police of Mohammed Ali Ege, 42

He is being hunted in connection with the murder of a teenager in Cardiff in 2010

The police have now released images showing Mohammed Ali Ege (42) who was arrested in connection to the death of a Cardiff teenage in 2010.

Samantha Lewthwaite 

You are wanted for Terrorism and Possession of an Explosive.

Known as the ‘White Widow’, British jihadist Samantha Lewthwaite, 37, is understood to be responsible for the deaths of more than 400 people internationally

Samantha Lewthwaite (baptized the “White Widow”), a British terrorist, was born in Banbridge in Northern Ireland. She attended school in Buckinghamshire, and then studied at London.

When she was a teenager, she converted from Islam to Islam. She then married Germaine Lindsay, Germaine being a Jamaican-born terrorist bomber. 

Lindsay killed himself in a series bombings on London’s July 7th 2005, killing 52 people. Lindsay was given the nickname “The White Widow”.

His suicide attack claimed the lives of 26 civilians. Lewthwaite, who was eight months pregnant, had their second child, a girl, when he died. Their first child was fourteen months.

According to reports, the mother of four, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, tried to recruit a group of fanatics in order to target popular tourist destinations around the world in 2018.

She was previously linked to attacks on non-Muslim religious places, including an attack at a Kenyan Bar in 2012, and the Nairobi Shopping Mall Attack in 2013.

Lewthwaite Internationally, more than 400 victims have died from this disease.

Terrorist aged 37 fled Britain in 2009 for South Africa. He later crossed into Tanzania and Kenya in 2011. 

Later, investigators tracked her down to Somalia where she was sheltered by al-Shabaab militants. She then traveled around 200 miles through the Gulf of Aden, to war-torn Yemen, three years later. 

British intelligence officers believe that Lewthwaite moved to Yemen to escape atrocities committed in Kenya and Somalia. 

In Yemen, she is understood to have recruited female suicide bombers with bribes of £3,000. It is believed that she also sent suicide bombers to their deaths as young men as 15 years old, high on heroin. 

Lewthwaite’s daughter is British soldier Lewthwaite who served in Northern Ireland. It is believed that Lewthwaite may be under protection from fighters with Al-Shabaab militant network. 

MailOnline believes she has been to Dubai in the recent past and that security experts are concerned she could be plotting more terror attacks against London.     

The 37-year-old terrorist fled the UK for South Africa in 2009, later crossing into Tanzania in 2011 and then Kenya. Investigators later tracked her to Somalia, where she sheltered with al-Shabaab militants, before travelling around 200 miles across the Gulf of Aden to war-torn Yemen three years ago

Lindsay Lewthwaite, her husband was killed by a series bombings in London on July 7, 2005. This led to Lewthwaite being called the “White Widow”, which is what Lewthwaite calls herself.

Arti Dhir

You are wanted: Death penalty, Punishment For Murder, Kidnapping In Order To Kill, Criminal Conspiracy

According to the Gujarati police, Arti Dhir (above) planned to claim £150,000 from a life insurance policy taken out on Gopal after agreeing to adopt him before hiring a gang to kill him

According to the Gujarati police, Arti Dhir (above) planned to claim £150,000 from a life insurance policy taken out on Gopal after agreeing to adopt him before hiring a gang to kill him

Arti Dhir is accused of being part of a conspiracy to adopt an 11-year-old orphan in India, insure him for £150,000 and then murder the boy to collect the life insurance payout.

The Hanwell, London-based 57 year-old faces six Indian charges and was taken into custody in the UK at Indian request in 2017. Dhir refutes the charges and is not being charged in the UK.

Court documents filed in the UK allege that in 2015, Dhir and her husband Raijada agreed to adopt orphan Gopal Sejani from the poor village of Maliya Hatina, in rural Gujurat, with the promise of a ‘better life’ in England. 

Gopal’s adoption and passport applications were almost completed, but he died before he could visit his new home. 

The pair were air freight representatives for Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) who were sacked, the company confirmed, for a ‘breach of contract’ in 2016. 

Dhir, pictured with Kaval Raijada in Hanworth, London, are accused of murdering their adopted son in India for a six-figure insurance payout

Kaval and Dhir Raijada, both from Hanworth in London, were accused of killing their adopt son in India to receive a six-figure payout in insurance.

Gopal Sejani (11 years old) was taken by motorbike gangs and stabbed to death on rural Gujarat roads in 2017.

His older brother-in-law, Harsukh Kardani, sustained serious injuries as he tried to defend the youngster and would later die in hospital. 

Court files allege that Kenyan-born Dhir, who arrived in the UK as a child, paid two insurance premiums totalling £30,000 into a ‘wealth builder’ policy before Gopal died in 2017. 

Judges at Westminster Magistrates’ Court rejected Mrs Dhir’s extradition request from India in 2019. 

Harris John Italo Binotti 

You are wanted for murder 

After fleeing Myanmar, Harris Binotti is now said to be living in a flat back in Scotland with his girlfriend Elsy Dovlder, under the noses of officers at nearby Govan police station

Harris Binotti, who fled Myanmar with Elsy, is believed to now be in Scotland, living in a flat there with Elsy Dovlder.

Harris John Binotti has been arrested in relation to the murder of a teacher from Myanmar. 

According to some reports, the 30-year-old man, who was originally from Dumfries, Scotland, fled Thailand to escape Gary Ferguson’s death.

Binotti is the object of an international manhunt for over four years since Mr Ferguson was discovered with fatal chest and head wounds in November 2016.

The pair, who taught English at Horizon International school in Yangon, had reportedly gone drinking before neighbours said they heard a fight and the victim’s body was found. 

After fleeing Myanmar, Mr Binotti is now said to be living in a flat back in Scotland with his girlfriend Elsy Dovlder, under the noses of officers at nearby Govan police station.  

The Home Office was criticised for not extrading Mr. Binotti to Myanmar in 2018 due to concerns about his human rights. 

Robert Timmins 

Wanted for: Manslaughter, unlawful handling of firearms, drunk driving 

70-year-old seafarer Robert Timmins allegedly killed a neighbour while in Kuremae, Estonia in July 2011

Robert Timmins (70-year-old seafarer) allegedly murdered a neighbor while he was in Kuremae in Estonia, July 2011.

Robert Timmins, a 70-year old seafarer, allegedly shot and killed his neighbor in Kuremae (Estonia) in July 2011.

The fugitive, who initially cooperated with the police, sold his farm to flee the country. He was apparently not given an order to stay in Estonia. 

Timmins ran from police. His case was transferred to Interpol. 

Ahmad Omar Sheikh 

Wanted for: Conspiracy to commit hostage taking resulting in death, hostage taking resulting in death, conspiracy to commit hostage taking, hostage taking 

Ahmad Omar Sheikh is a notorious Pakistani terrorist with links to Al-Qaeda. He is currently in prison but the US wants to extradite him

Ahmad Omar Sheikh, a terrorist from Pakistan with connections to Al-Qaeda is well-known. He’s currently being held in prison, but the US is keen to extradite him

Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh is 47-years old and a terrorist from London. He is known inside Pakistani prisons.

Omar Sheikh was born to Pakistani immigrants in London. He attended private schools and then started his London School of Economics degree.

The 6ft 2in, hulking amateur boxer quit in his first year. Instead, he began to deliver aid for Muslims who were besieged in Bosnia by Serbs in the 1990s.

After being arrested and charged with the murder and kidnapping of Wall Street Journalist Daniel Pearl, he spent 16 years on Death Row.

After trying to explode a plane from Paris to Miami using explosives concealed in his shoe, the 38-year old journalist was investigating the connection between Pakistani militants & Richard C Reid.

Omar Sheikh was on Death Row for more than 16 years after he was arrested, charged and sentenced to die for arranging the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002

Omar Sheikh was on Death Row for more than 16 years after he was arrested, charged and sentenced to die for arranging the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002

A graphic video of his execution was sent to Karachi’s US consulate almost a month after ransom requests were made. He was soon found dead in an unmarked grave.

Sheikh, who posed as a Hindu living in Indian-administered Kashmir during 1994, organized the kidnapping and release of four tourists from abroad to press for the release of Islamic militants imprisoned.

In New Delhi, he was shot and held captive. He was eventually released after a hostage swap in 1999.

Daren Michael Elarmo 

Wanted for: Kidnapping, child sex abuse 

Suspected paedophile and former pilot Daren Elarmo, 52, is wanted in the United States for the alleged kidnap and grooming of two teenage boys

Daren Elarmo is a 52-year-old suspect in paedophilia and he was formerly a pilot. He’s wanted by the United States to be responsible for the alleged grooming and kidnapping of two teenager boys.

Former pilot Daren Elarmo (52), is a suspect in paedophilia and has been undercover for 10 years. He is being sought by the United States to be responsible for the kidnapping and grooming two teenager boys.

Born in Wokingham (Berkshire), Mr Elarmo was allegedly the groomer of two boys through social media platforms between 2005 and 2008. 

Daren Jones was his alias and he allegedly set up to meet with his teenage victims. He then took them to his home, where he performed sexual acts. 

The pilot was believed to have links with Britain, South America, and Spain expats. 

Philip Jepson Egglishaw 

Wanted: A conspiracy to defraud and money laundering 

Philip Egglishaw, 68, the man known as the 'Bowler hat Englishman,' is the alleged mastermind behind Australia's biggest tax evasion scheme

Philip Egglishaw, aged 68, is known as the “Bowler Hat Englishman” and the accused mastermind behind Australia’s most extensive tax-evasion scheme.

Philip Egglishaw, aged 68, is the man who’s been called the “Bowler-hat Englishman” and the mastermind behind Australia’s most extensive tax evasion scheme. 

Financial advisor Egglishaw is accused of absconding or spending all of Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan’s £22million fortune after helping the Australian film star conceal his earnings through offshore tax havens.

In 2004, he fled Australia and was found living in Geneva. Locals claimed that they had only seen the Englishman walking his dog.

In 2017, he was detained after being issued an Interpol red notice for trying to vacation in Italy. Egglishaw was released from the money laundering case that he faced in 2017 after it collapsed.

He successfully argued that it was too late to bring charges in Italy. Under Italian law, the statute allows prosecutors seven years and half to accuse a suspect of fraud or money laundering. 

Egglishaw is originally Jerseyan and ran his firm Strachans in Switzerland from the 1990s.

But in 2003, Australian tax inspectors found evidence that his £200m ‘tax efficient’ schemes breached the law, after searching his five-star hotel room in Sydney. 

When Egglishaw’s laptop was seized, it revealed names of numerous wealthy clients taking part in a tax evasion scam totaling 2.2billion Australian dollars. He had already fled to Switzerland by that time.

Operation Wickenby is a joint investigation between the Australian Crime Commission & the Australian Tax Office. This revealed that Strachans set up fake businesses for high-earners. They sent cash offshore with fake invoices which were later used to obtain tax deductions.

As of now, the inquiry has uncovered approximately 2.3 Billion Australian Dollars in tax debts. It also led to 46 individuals being convicted.