Revealed – Why Queen Elizabeth gave up dry martinis at night…but still drinks fine wine with her meal, royal sommeliers say

  • A royal sommelier claimed that the Queen had reduced her weight due to problems with her joints
  • In recent months, it was reported that the Queen had stopped enjoying a nightly martini.
  • This follows widespread concerns about the health of the monarch after recent hospital trips.

Given Prince Andrew’s troubles, and the regular sniping from Prince Harry and Meghan, the Queen could be forgiven for needing a drink.

So I’m fascinated to learn that Her Majesty still enjoys a tipple.

Last month, reports suggested that the monarch gave up drinking her daily martini. However, there was mystery about her motives.

Now royal sommelier Demetri Walters has revealed: ‘It’s bad for her joints, and she can’t drink too much when she’s doing all these royal engagements — it’s not a job you can drink in.’

Royal sommelier Demetri Walters has revealed that the Queen has cut down because alcohol hurts her joints when she is undertaking royal duties

Demetri Walters is a royal sommelier. She revealed to the Queen that alcohol causes her joint pain when she performs royal duties.

The Queen had been known to enjoy a nighttime martini to unwind after a hard day exacting her duties

After a long day of work, the Queen enjoyed a nighttime martini.

Walters claims that the queen, who is 95 years old, hasn’t given up alcohol entirely. She continues to enjoy a glass of wine with her meal — and he has a very tough job, because she’s much more selective about the vintage.

‘I choose for the Queen, but she’s quite exacting, as she doesn’t drink much wine at the moment,’ he tells me at a dinner at The Dorchester in Mayfair.

Walters used to work for Berry Bros as a royal wine supplier. Now, Walters is an independent consultant who advises customers that include royalty.

When he’s not advising the Royal Family on wine pairings, he works with Michelin-starred chefs on their menus, including Michel Roux Jr.

One of the stranger developments in his career was becoming a ‘beer sommelier’ for Prince Philip, who had his own views on medical matters relating to alcohol.

The Queen has not given up alcohol completely and still enjoys a glass of wine after dinner

However, the Queen is not completely abstaining from alcohol and continues to enjoy a glass after each meal.

‘He had this idea he couldn’t drink wine because it would make him too unwell in his old age, so, very unusually, I had to act as a beer sommelier for him,’ Walters explains.

‘I didn’t dare tell him beer is even worse for you.’

According to legend, the Queen drank a couple of drinks before going to bed to help her get through her day. She had a Dubonnet and Gin before lunch and then a sweet German wine for dinner.

Dubonnet is so loved by her that she gave the tipple a Royal Warrant last month.

The Queen’s favourite drink is said to be one part gin to two parts Dubonnet. Chin-chin!