This father-of-2 has created spectacular window art by spraying on snow and amazed viewers.

Scott Wilcock (34), from Wigan in Greater Manchester uses spray-on snow tins to create stunning art, including scenes taken from old Christmas movies like Mircale on 34th Street or The Snowman.

After starting his hobby four years prior, he quit his mechanic job to devote his time and full-time work on his art.

His work has been viewed by thousands around the world. Wilcock also said that Christmas is approaching and that it was his busiest season. 

The festive displays created by the father-of-two from Wigan, Greater Manchester, include classic scenes from Xmas films such as Miracle on 34th Street

Wigan father-of-2 from Greater Manchester has created festive displays that feature classic scenes from Xmas films like Miracle on 34th Street.

Mr Wilcock (pictured) said the year since he went full-time with his art has been 'very rewarding' for him

Photographed by Mr Wilcock, Wilcock stated that the year since his full-time commitment to art was’very rewarding.

Mr Wilcock says that Christmas is his busiest time of year and his bookings run into 2022

Wilcock claims that Christmas is the busiest month of the year, and that his bookings extend into 2022

His hobby began four years ago and he took the leap and went full-time with his art this year

Four years ago, his passion for art was born. He decided to make the jump and work full-time this year.

Mr Wilcock says he has been booked by both commercial and individual clients for his art

Wilcock claims that he’s been hired by individual and commercial clients to perform his art. 

These festive murals feature Disney characters and Victorian fireplaces. They also depict picturesque streets covered in snow and other internationally recognized symbols of Christmas, such as the Polar Express and Coca Cola trucks.

Scott of Snow Graffiti, said that this is his favorite and busiest season.

‘It’s A Wonderful Life was my favourite Christmas design. It had so much meaning and thought.

“I enjoy creating scenes of joy with characters from customers’ favorite films. I’ve been asked to make windows that feature a beloved one.

Mr Wilcock said his favourite scene to recreate is from classic Xmas film It's A Wonderful Life

Wilcock claimed that the classic Xmas film It’s A Wonderful Life was his favorite scene.

All Mr Wilcock's art requires is spray-on snow and a window pane or wall to use as a canvas

For Mr Wilcock’s art to be truly original, all you need is some spray-on powder and a wall or window for a canvas.

The iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck was a previous festive creation by Mr Wilcock

Coca-Cola’s iconic Christmas truck is a former creation of Mr Wilcock

A scene from Miracle on 34th Street in progress

A scene from Miracle on 34th Street in progress

The festive scene featured in Miracle on 34th Street, which was photographed in progrees

“People love the scenes of snow with reindeers, and other woodland animals. They are very popular.”

Scott’s designs are intricate and can be created in just hours.

He stated, “All my work is completely hand-made.” Only snow spray, brushes, and scrapers are used by me.

“Depending on how large the window is, it can take me anywhere from two hours up to a whole day.

“He was furloughed and discovered his true artistic potential during lockdown.

Mr Wilcock's stunning work has won him millions of likes online and thousands of followers

Mr Wilcock’s stunning work has won him millions of likes online and thousands of followers

Mr Wilcock's diary is booked into the new year as his gamble on quitting his day job pays off

His gamble to quit his day job is paying off, so Mr Wilcock has his calendar booked in the new year 

Mr Wilcock is also known to mix Christmas films such as The Snowman and the Polar Express

Mr Wilcock also mixes Christmas films like The Snowman, the Polar Express and The Snowman.

The artist is making a name for himself nationwide having been headhunted to create murals across the country

 The artist is making a name for himself nationwide having been headhunted to create murals across the country

“He stated that he had been creating art scenes for about four years as a hobby, but not portraits.

“Then, all the gyms were locked down and I created an airbrush portrait of myself on my gym’s walls.

“It was something that I’ve always wanted but never got the opportunity to try. The best part was when I finally had the opportunity to put it into practice. 

He stated, “I am very fortunate.” It’s been a busy year for me, and I am already booked up for 2022.

After being headhunted for murals in schools, private houses and other public places across the country by the artist, he is now a household name.

He said, “In just over a year, I have been booked form Newcastle to London.

“This past year was very satisfying because many customers trusted me with their portraits of their deceased loved ones. It is truly touching to see a customer’s reactions and the impact it has had on their lives.

“I’m passionate about my work and want to provide the best possible service for my clients.

“I asked customers to tell me what they want on their windows, and then they can choose the details. They have been extremely creative this year with their designs.

Mr Wilcock has been commissioned by private homes and schools as his venture takes off

As his venture gets off the ground, Mr Wilcock was commissioned by schools and private houses.

Mr Wilcock does not stick to just films and also creates generic Christmas scenes in his work

Wilcock is not content with films. He also includes generic Christmas scenes.

Private clients have asked for family members and even pets to be added to festive scenes

Private clients asked that their family and pets be part of the festive scene.

“Some people tell me not to just “work your magic”, as they enjoy surprise surprises. I appreciate it when my customers believe in my design ideas.

Scott has two children, Maisie (8 years old) and Alice (5 years old). Maisie has been following her father’s steps and is now practicing her own snow art. There are even tutorials available online.

Scott enjoys including his family in his work. He said, “It’s thrilling discussing ideas with my spouse and the kids’ imaginations can run through the roof.

The family home will be showcasing Miracle on 34th Street, and Home Alone this December.

Scott answered the question “Is it possible that I can believe all of this success?” He stated, “It was difficult to quit my stable job in the midst of a pandemic. However, I had faith that it would happen.”

“I have given my best effort, and I felt that it would succeed.”

Scott’s TikTok videos have been seen more than 5.2 Million times and he has over 170,000 subscribers.