It is wild boar that kills an Italian hunter. He bites his father’s leg and cuts off his artery, after thinking he has killed the animal.

  • Giulio Borattini (36), was killed by wild boar while on a hunting trip through Italy. 
  • His father and he were in Tuscany’s Pigelleto di Piancastagnaio Reserve.
  • Giulio, a seasoned hunter, landed a shot on a wild boar and approached his prey 
  • The beast leapt to his feet, and it fatally bit him when it cut off his femoral vein. 

A wild boar killed an Italian shooter for sport and turned himself into a hunter. 

Giulio Burattini, 36, bled to death in front of his father while the pair were out hunting near the Pigelleto di Piancastagnaio nature reserve in Last Wednesday, Italy’s Tuscany Region was visited. 

According to local media, Giulio had fired a shot at the wild animal, but it fell to the ground after the hunter checked on him.

The boar jumped to his feet to surprise the Italian and bit his right leg. He also cut his femoral blood vessel and killed him.

The last message he sent was apparently a desperate one to his friends via walkie-talkie. 

Emergency services and Forest rescue crews rushed to revive the 36 year-old. However, he had lost too many blood cells and was pronounced dead by his father, a veterinarian who needed treatment for shock. 

Giulio Burattini, 36, bled to death in front of his father while the pair were out hunting in woodland in Castell'Azzara in Italy's Tuscany region last Wednesday

Giulio Buratani (36), died in his father’s presence while he was out hunting in the Tuscany area of Italy’s Castell’Azzara.

Grosseto’s public prosecutor declined to investigate, noting that the incident was caused by wild animals and Mr Burattini being killed without any criminal consequences. 

Local media reported that Giulio was a veteran hunter and they were out when Giulio spotted the wild boar. 

Giulio apparently hit the animal with a punch, and it sank to its knees as though struck by a gunshot. However, Giulio was able to inspect the condition of the boar.

Giulio (pictured) had landed a shot on the wild beast, which collapsed to the ground as the hunter went over the check on his prey. But to the Italian's surprise, the boar shot to its feet and bit his right leg as he approached, severing his femoral artery and killing him

Giulio (pictured above) was able to land a shot against the wild animal, and it collapsed as Giulio went over his check. To the surprise of the Italian, the boar jumped to his feet, biting his right leg and piercing his femoral vein, killing him.

According to his family, he was left with severe injuries from the boar and eventually died without any medical attention. 

Burattini was originally from Castell’Azzara and left behind a husband and seven-year old daughter.