After battling three naked men at the nursing home strip party, an elderly lady appears to be having a heart attack.

Nadia Cartagena, an Instagram influencer posted the wild video online. It begins with Nadia Cartagena’s woman wearing a leather thong in boots and twerking against the Columbian men.

This then switches to scenes with half-naked women and men performing for Cartagena’s Una Mano Amiga Foundation.

After that, the performers went to various locations and served food to residents. They even fed one woman with a chocolate cake with a penis-shaped pastry and then fake choked her with handcuffs.

The strippers performed, and one older woman, wearing a blue gown and pink ears, surrounded by the others, started to grasp her chest, and then began to fall.

She soon reacted to the strippers with whom she was dancing, as she began to scream on the ground and one grabs water.

As they encourage the older woman to drink, they attempt to cool her off.

After helping her to get onto an ambulance, they took her into the car with some strippers.

Half-naked men and women performed for the residents of Una Mano Amiga Foundation in El Prado, Cartagena in a stunt last month

A stunt performed by half-naked people for Una Mano Amiga Foundation residents in El Prado and Cartagena, last month

After one woman in a blue dress started feeling up one of the strippers, she started to collapse

A blue-dressed woman began feeling like a stripper and collapsed.

The woman suffered an apparent heart attack and laid on the floor as people tried to get help

The woman had an apparent cardiac arrest and fell to the ground as others tried to assist her.

EMS crews arrived on the scene and secured her to a stretcher with the help of some of the male strippers

With the aid of some male strippers, EMS crews reached the rescue scene to secure the victim to a stretcher.

They then carried her to an ambulance, before they drove away on September 27

The couple then took her to an ambulance before driving off on September 27, 2012.

Columbian influencers posted the video on September 27.

In Spanish, she captioned the incident: “Today I hosted an erotica party for older adults. I was not prepared for what I saw. I’m very sorry. I wanted to have some fun with them and that’s all I had in mind. I’m asking you to make a comment about the event.

However, within a short time, all her 30,500 fans scoffed at her for hosting the party at retirement homes.

A commenter said: “Nadia, it was too much. You can have a party but you should use a different theme. Not like this.”

One other wrote: “Oops Nadia, it was not the right party that resulted, such a shame and so sad.”

This video went viral online, with over 47,000 views. It also received several hundred comments and retorts from people upset by what happened.

The event was organized by Instagram influencer Nadia Cartagena in an apparent attempt to raise awareness about the plight of the elderly in Columbia

The event was organized by Instagram influencer Nadia Cartagena in an apparent attempt to raise awareness about the plight of the elderly in Columbia

Various scenes show half-naked men and women performing for the residents, with women feeling up some of the men

Many scenes depict half-naked women and men performing tasks for residents. Some of these scenes are filmed by women.

A woman was seen feeling up one of the male strippers as he did push ups at the party

As one of the men did push-ups, a woman was observed rubbing up on the female stripper

However, the influencer claims that the whole incident was staged in order to attract the attention of local mayors.

El Universal heard from her, that she had organized the event in order to increase awareness on the issues facing elderly adults, namely poverty and abandonment.

Cartagena stated that the purpose of the video was to raise awareness about the problem and call upon the authorities in the area to watch out for these individuals.

She said that she had requested authorization and that no one was forced to sign the agreement.

Cartagena stated that the project was done with love. “My platform is full of great content. It’s also filled with social assistance.

‘And at no time was the purposed of  the video to annoy, abuse or take advantage of the grandparents — in fact, we made a donation to them after the event.’