A teenager suspected of scaling Windsor Castle armed with a crossbow in a bid to assassinate the Queen on Christmas Day apparently festered a two year long hatred of the Royals.

Jaswant Singh Chail, 19, uploaded a pre-recorded video to Snapchat vowing revenge for the 1919 Amritsar, or Jallianwala Bagh, massacre, when British troops killed hundreds of Indian protesters.

Saurav Dutt today said Chail, who is sectioned currently under the Mental Health Act, wrote to him in 2012 about the Royal family.

According to Mr Dutt, he wanted an apology. His email stated that he sent it because he felt the royals needed to say these words. He also said that Prince Philip was guilty of the crime as he was in the Navy along with Brigadier General Reginald Dyer’s son. This order caused the massacre.

Jaswant Singh Chail uploaded a pre-recorded video to Snapchat at 8:06am on Christmas Day, 24 minutes before a man was arrested by police inside the grounds of Windsor Castle. It has sparked a major internal security review at the estate looking at how someone could have got so far into the grounds. Chail has now been pictured for the first time.

Jaswant Singh Chail uploaded a pre-recorded video to Snapchat at 8:06am on Christmas Day, 24 minutes before a man was arrested by police inside the grounds of Windsor Castle. It has sparked a major internal security review at the estate looking at how someone could have got so far into the grounds. Chail has now been pictured for the first time.

Jaswant Chail uploaded an unrecorded Snapchat clip at 8.06 am on Christmas Day. It was posted 24 minutes prior to a Windsor Castle man being arrested. The incident has led to a massive internal security review of the estate, which examines how anyone could get so far inside the grounds. Chail is now visible for the very first time.

The photos, which appear to show a studious and friendly young man, are in stark contrast with the chilling video Jaswant Singh Chail is believed to have sent to friends minutes before his arrest after he scaled a fence at Windsor Castle

Photos that appear to depict a friendly and studious young man contrast starkly with the chilling video Jaswant Sing Chail may have sent friends just minutes before his arrest for scaling a Windsor Castle fence.

Author Saurav Dutt said suspect emailed two years ago calling for a Royal family apology

Saurav Dutt, author of the article said that a suspect sent an email two years back asking for an apology from the Royal Family

The Sun Chail reported that the author had been at a panel discussion regarding the massacre. 

Chail uploaded the prerecorded video via Snapchat at 8.06am Christmas Day. It was only 24 minutes before an officer arrested Chail on Windsor Castle grounds.

His father, Jasbir Singh Chail, 57,  had told neighbours at the height of the lockdown that he was concerned about the impact it was having on his son, who was known as Jas, claiming that it had left him ‘isolated and demotivated.’

One neighbour on the private estate where the Chail family live in North Baddesley, just outside Southampton, told MailOnline yesterday: ‘The dad would see me doing chores outside my house and would often come over to chat and tell me how envious he was because his son wasn’t do anything around the house.

‘He mentioned a few times how difficult it was getting his son involved in anything positive or trying to motivate him and was blaming the lockdown. The dad told me that his son was spending more time alone in his room on social media and the lockdown had made this worse.’

The neighbour, who did not want to be named, added: ‘I think the lockdown was quite frustrating for the dad as it was for the parents of a lot of teenagers. From what I could gather, Jas wasn’t doing anything constructive throughout the lockdown’

Another neighbour added: ‘The dad seemed a bit worried about his son and said that he was quite demotivated and isolated. I just put it down to parents moaning about their teenage kids but the lockdown definitely made it worse for the family.’

More armed police were noticeable in Windsor today after the huge security breach

After the security breach, Windsor saw an increase in the number of armed officers.

His father, Jasbir Singh Chail, 57, a software engineer who runs an IT company from the family’s £500,000 four-bed home on a private estate in the village of North Baddesley, Hampshire, yesterday said something had gone ‘horribly wrong’ with his son

His father, Jasbir Singh Chail, 57, a software engineer who runs an IT company from the family’s £500,000 four-bed home on a private estate in the village of North Baddesley, Hampshire, yesterday said something had gone ‘horribly wrong’ with his son

School friends described Chail as an oddball who tried to make others laugh with inappropriate jokes in the classroom

Chail’s schoolmates described him as an oddball, who made others laugh by telling inappropriate jokes.

Chail’s father, a software engineer who runs an IT company from the family’s £500,000 four-bed home, yesterday told MailOnline something had gone ‘horribly wrong’ with his son.

He said, “We’re trying to find out,”

“We haven’t had the chance to meet him, but we’re trying to get his help. It is a very difficult situation. This is a difficult issue that we are working to fix.

Video footage shows the 19-year-old, wearing a mask and jacket, shooting a black crossbow towards the camera. This is in revenge of the murders at 1919 Amritsar or Jallianwalabagh by British soldiers.

Chail, in an artificially deep voice digitally altered to sound more human than he actually is, says that “if you have not received this then your death is close.”

He added, “I’m sorry. For what I have done, I am sorry and I promise to make amends. I’ll attempt to assassinate Elizabeth Queen of the Royal Family.

Police confirmed a crossbow was found after the intruder was detained in the castle grounds while the Queen (pictured delivering the annual Christmas Day speech) was in residence

After the intruder was taken into custody in castle grounds, police confirmed that a crossbow had been found while the queen (pictured giving the annual Christmas Day speech), was at residence. 

What was the 1919 Amritsar massacre, also known as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

The Amritsar massacre, otherwise known as the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, took place on April 13, 1919, during a protest against the arrest of two pro-Indian independence leaders.

The event took place at Jallianwala bagh (a historical garden) near Amritsar’s Golden Temple complex.  

The Brigadier-General R. E. H. Dyer surrounded protesters as a response and they had only one exit from the Bagh. 

Then, he ordered his troops and those fleeing from the massacre to be shot by him. 

He ordered his troops to stop firing after exhausting their ammunition.

There are estimates of death attributable to 379 or more than 1500. 

An additional 1200 people were hurt, including 192 with serious injuries. 

Following the massacre, British Army personnel were forced to reconsider their use of force. Soldiers were trained for less brutal crowd control methods. 

However, it led to the complete distrust of the British Army among Indian civilians. Some historians believe that this helped open the door for Indian independence. 

Prince Andrew and a security officer were seen on Prince Andrew’s Range Rover driving along the Long Walk just moments after the police had arrived. 

The Cambridge Gate was not his destination. Prince Charles and Camilla reached the estate about 10:15 AM.

After being declared medically unfit for normal processing, doctors sectioned the Christmas Day intruder under the Mental Health Act.

Scotland Yard took the investigation of Thames Valley Police’s Boxing Day incident and said that the suspect is still under the care of doctors.

Detectives and doctors are currently looking into the strange footage that Chail appears to have made references to Star Wars villains.

“I’m an Indian Sikh. I’m a Sith.” He says, “My name was Jaswant Chail. My name is Darth Jones.” This could be an allusion to Jedi knights enemies who abuse the dark side.

A framed image of Sith Lord Darth Maulgus is hidden behind Chail.

Investigators probing why Chail wanted revenge for the century-old massacre in India of Indian Sikhs went to a variety of Sikh temples across Hampshire to see if Chail had any links to organized religion. However, he was not believed to be a regular worshipper of the Sikh religion and was unrecognized at the temples of Southampton.

Friends shared their belief that Chail was a Chandler’s Ford pupil of Toynbee School. He is close with his twin sister who received top marks at school. She is currently studying international relations at University.

Her social media accounts show that she is a fan of her brother’s Star Wars movies. A friend shared the opinion that they had been ‘inseparable as kids’.

An ex-colleague, who didn’t want to be identified, stated that he seemed normal. 

Armed police officers on guard at the Henry VIII Gate at Windsor Castle following the intruder getting in on Christmas Day

Following an intrusion on Christmas Day, the Henry VIII Gate at Windsor Castle was breached by an intruder.

Armed officers were guarding entrances to Windsor Castle following the security scare on Christmas Day after 8am

Following the Security Scare at Windsor Castle on Christmas Day 8AM, Armed Officers were stationed to guard its entrances.

 ‘Nothing to distinguish him from anything else. He did get into a major fight with someone once, but it was when he was 13 years old.

Chail’s parents married in Britain in 1993 and have lived in Lancashire and the Midlands before settling in the Hampshire village home they bought for £390,000 in 2015.

The family was described by neighbors as quiet but friendly and they were stunned to witness a massive police presence at the house on Christmas Day.

It was the fourth breach of security at Windsor this year. This included an intruder from 44-year old woman who, after pretending to be his fiancee, was permitted into Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge.

Dai Davies is the ex-head of royal protection for Scotland Yard. Although he was disturbed to hear about the use of a crossbow in the attack, the security forces did a great job in quickly apprehending and capturing the intruder.

He said, “My opinion is that police took action immediately the alarm went off on the fence.”

This was just the outermost layer of security. He would face many other layers and have many more answers.

“There are always lessons that can be learned and they will now conduct internal investigations to determine how to improve their response.”

Scotland Yard stated that the man is still under the care of doctors while the details of the incident are fully investigated. It added that security processes had been activated within minutes of the man entering the grounds. He did not go into any buildings.

Experts warn that scares are a sign we need to increase security  

David Barrett Correspondent Home Affairs

Experts have said security at Windsor should be undergone a complete review following a number of worrying lapses.

Police were called to perform a complete security audit of the castle’s historic structure and all other Windsor Great Park royal residences.

Sam Armstrong of the Henry Jackson Society counter-terrorism think tank stated: “It clearly is not geared up for being a primary Royal Residence. 

At this transitional time for the Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth is spending increasingly more time at Windsor. However, the police must now step in and play their part.

Security at Windsor must undergo a radical review after a series of troubling lapses, experts said last night. Earlier this month a woman was given a talking to by police officers after banging on the window of Prince Andrew’s Range Rover as he drove from his home to go horse riding

Experts said yesterday that the security system at Windsor should be reviewed after numerous troubling failures. Police officers gave a talk to a woman who had been banging on Prince Andrew’s Range Rover window while he was driving from his house to horse riding.

Due to the large estate size, and the semi-rural setting at the city’s edge, ‘Windsor’ presents new challenges for security.

Fourth security breach at Windsor in this year’s history was Jaswant Singh Chhail, a crossbow-wielding suspect.

One 44-year-old lady was granted entry to Prince Andrew’s Royal Lodge, located four miles from Windsor Great Park. She claimed that she was his fiancée.

Spanish-speaking woman named herself “Irene Windsor” and had security guards pay for her taxi fare. After spending twenty minutes roaming around the grounds, she was released. Later, she was sectioned according to the Mental Health Act.

Later that month, police also arrested a woman aged 29 and a man of 31 for trespassing on the Royal Lodge grounds.

Heightened security inside the grounds of Windsor Castle on Boxing Day after a intruder broke into the grounds on Christmas Day

After an intruder entered Windsor Castle’s grounds on Christmas Day, security was increased inside Windsor Castle on Boxing Day

Police officers gave a talk to a woman earlier this month after she banged on Prince Andrew’s Range Rover window as he was driving from her home for horse riding.

Ken Wharfe (ex-bodyguard of Princess Diana) called for an entire security review at Windsor in the aftermath of the crossbow incident.

“The safety of the Queen is obviously at risk.” According to him, it has been suggested that Windsor could be vulnerable to intrusions because of its estate’s structure. The severity of the event should cause alarm bells for the Daily Mirror.

He said that although this individual was captured in time, any system can always be improved as every other situation could prove tragic.

Former head of royal protection, Dai Davies, the retired chief superintendent, stated that Windsor was having an issue dealing with intruders. He needed to find the root cause of the problem before anything more dangerous happens.

“I predict that a significant review will be required after this latest incident. This is extremely worrying considering this person was armed.

“The next time can always be much worse. That is a major worry.

Prince William’s 21st Birthday Party was gatecrashed by a comedy terrorist 

It isn’t the first security incident to occur at Windsor Castle.

Aaron Barschak, self-described ‘comedy terror’ and self-proclaimed ‘comedy bomber’ gained national fame when he crashed Prince William’s 21st Birthday party at Windsor in June 2003.

Barschak was dressed in a pink gown, with a fake beard, and wearing a turban similar to Osama Bin Laden’s.

In June 2003, self-styled ‘comedy terrorist’ Aaron Barschak came to national fame by gatecrashing William’s 21st birthday party at Windsor. During the affair, Barschak wore a pink dress, a false beard and a turban in a fashion similar to Osama bin Laden

Aaron Barschak, a self-described ‘comedy terror’ gained national fame when he crashed William’s 21st Birthday party at Windsor in June 2003. Barschak was dressed in a pink dress with a fake beard and had a turban that looked like Osama bin Laden.

After flashing his merkin outside at the crowds, he scaled walls of the castle to enter the party with the young prince.

CPS lawyers decided there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to charge Barschak for one or more of four offences – burglary, threatening behaviour, criminal trespass and assault.

He was told he wouldn’t face any action and the comedian terrorist claimed his stunt earned him fame.

He said that he doesn’t talk to his friends any more in an interview with LBC News. You’re too well-known for them. People are always coming to me from the street, and that’s an awful strain.

After learning he would face no action, the ‘comedy terrorist’ claimed his stunt had brought him celebrity status

He was told he wouldn’t face any action and the comedian terrorist claimed that his stunt earned him fame

Barschak said that he was confronted and taken to the police station after breaking into the grounds. However, he claimed that he was then allowed in the party area by the Met Police after he had told what they called a “credible story”.

The incident led at least to nine police officers being placed under investigation. 

Chief Inspector Mark Goddard (a top officer in charge of Windsor security) was made redundant.