After being served wet meat on filthy tables at a birthday celebration, Revellers branded the winter igloo attraction as a “ripoff”.

A group of four women claimed that snow domes at Bournemouth Pavilion were not like images and had no Christmas decorations.

Emily, 31, who was with the gang for her friend Charlotte’s birthday, said they had to laugh off the £92 price tag.

According to the marketing employee, they were shocked when the waiter served them small plates of cheese and ham slices.

They were made to order chips and garlic bread, according to her.

Bournemouth Pavilion hosted the opening of the igloos on Friday. The online description describes them as “winter wonderland”.

The domes are fully covered with heating and offer festive delights.

The group of four women (pictured, Emily and birthday girl Charlotte) claimed the snow domes at Bournemouth Pavilion in Dorset 'were nothing like the images' with 'no Christmas decorations in sight'

Emily, Charlotte and Charlotte were part of the group that claimed the snow domes at Bournemouth Pavilion (Dorset) ‘were not like the pictures’. There was no Christmas decoration visible.

EXPECTATION: The snow domes are pictured on the company's Instagram account

EXPECTATIONS: Snow domes will be pictured on the company’s Instagram account

REALITY: But pictures taken by the group who visited show a much bleaker image of the venue

REALITY: The venue is much more bleak than the photos of those who took them.

According to the marketing employee, they were shocked when a waiter served them small plates of cheese and ham slices.

Emily, her friends and their disappointment were evident. They claimed that it didn’t look the same in person as it appeared on the site.

She stated, “When we saw the snow domes and turned to see them, we instantly started to giggle because it was so unbelievable what the photos we had taken were compared to the reality.”

«It was Charlotte’s birthday. We had all seen this advertisement on the internet. It looked beautiful in the photos, we thought.

“There was a Christmas street with beautiful decorations. We thought that it would be fun to also do something festive together.

“It said there was a variety of vegetarian choices available, which is great since a few girls do not eat meat.

“So, we made a booking and paid in advance. All of us were looking forward to a great night out.

“When we arrived, we immediately noticed that the place was not like what we had seen in the pictures. Because everything was different, our first instinct was laughter.

It was clear that there were not any decorations and Christmas trees.

The domes were not furnished with any kind of soft furnishings to keep it warm. They had only cold garden furniture made from metal. It was frigid. It was freezing.

Emily (left, with Charlotte) claimed the table was filthy and sticky and when they asked if it could be wiped they were handed a tissue to clean it themselves

Emily (left) and Charlotte claimed the table wasn’t clean and was sticky. Charlotte asked for a towel to wipe it.

She said the girls were shocked and could not believe their eyes when the waiter appeared with the food. Pictured: The dome during their experience

According to her, the girls were stunned and couldn’t believe their eyes when the man brought them food. Pictured is the dome they saw during the experience.

Emily stated that the table was dirty and sticky. They asked for a towel to wipe it.

According to her, the waiter arrived with food and the girls were stunned.

Emily said, “The plates were brought before anyone had ever asked us if we were vegetarian. We were served two plates of Ham with what appeared to be a cheese slice on top.

We explained to the waiter that we were not getting what was promised and that our chef had gone to Italy. He said they didn’t make proper food.

“We were expecting beautifully presented plates with enough food to feed four people.

“It looked awful and they didn’t offer any vegetarian options in that group, as was stated in the advertising.

The meat was so sticky and wet that it wasn’t edible. Therefore, we ordered extra chips and garlic bread.

‘And we were given a glass of pineapple juice each as none of us were drinking, however, the drinks were supposed to be equivalent to the price of a bottle of prosecco, which was £35 on the menu.

“We felt really ripped off. After we had finished eating the vegetables and drinking the pineapple juice, we were gone.

“We stayed there for less than an hour because we could not wait to go home. From start to end, it was an awful experience.

Bournemouth Snow Domes says on its website the experience is 'a Christmas like snow other'. Pictured: How it is sold online

Bournemouth Snow Domes claims that the experience offers a Christmas-like snow like no other. It is available online.

Bournemouth Snow Domes states on their website that this experience is “a Christmas like any other”.

It reads, “Come snuggle up this winter as we break open the Snow Domes in Bournemouth Pavilion between November 19th and December 24th!

It adds: ‘Alongside our Snow Domes you’ll find a whole host of festive treats including luxury hot chocolates from Norris & Binglewort, Freshly Cooked Pizzas from El Murrino… and of course a fully licensed bar filled with Christmas cocktails, beer, mulled wine and so much more!

“Whether you’re looking to reserve a heated dome or simply walk in for one our alpine posesur tables, we’re excited to welcome you!

For comment, we have reached out the company.