Wireless Festival attendees were forced to scale fences in order to not be trampled after they were funnelled by police through Finsbury Park’s narrow entrance.

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In a social media video, you can see a crowd pushing back against the officers who seem to be trying manage their movements along Seven Sisters Road.

Nicki Minaj will be performing tonight, while Cardi B performed Saturday and Friday.  

Festival-goer Elia Morrow said on Twitter: ‘On the last day of a major festival, surely the Met Police should have been more prepared for crowds. 

Finsbury Park has a single entrance. There is no pedestrian flow. The people being forced to scale high gates and trampling them.

The police stated that crowd concerns were the responsibility of event organizers and security.  

Elia Morrow stated that the people fighting to get over the shoving were climbing fences, and others crying out in panic. 

Met Police spokesperson said people were prevented from accessing the site “briefly” after some tried to enter while others waited.

The police were there to assist with event security. 

A woman is helped over a fence as others attempt to climb over it in Finsbury Park, London

As others try to scale the fence in Finsbury Park (London), a woman is assisted.

Festival-goers climb over a fence to reach Wireless Festival, amid a heavy police presence

Festival-goers attempt to climb over the fence and reach Wireless Festival amid heavy police presence

Police officer stand tightly against a wall as crowds are pressed up against them

Police officers are held against a wall by crowds of people.

Event-goers make their way through the gated entrance to the park in London

London: Event-goers pass through the gates to access the park.

Police officers stand at one of the chained shut gates into the park

A police officer stands at the gate that leads to the park, which is chained closed.

Crowds gather as they are funnelled through a small gate into Finsbury Park

Crowds gather at the small entrance to Finsbury Park as they are led through.

Officers stand at the gates as event-goers crowd towards the park entrance

As event-goers throng towards the park entrance, officers stand guard at the gate.

Officers line an entrance, as people make their way into the park for the festival

As people enter the park, officers line the entrance as they wait.

Festival-goers make their way into Finsbury Park, overseen by police officers

Finsbury Park is a popular destination for festival-goers. It’s supervised by officers. 

Large crowds could be seen gathered outside the park entrance, arriving for Wireless Festival

Large crowds were seen arriving at the Wireless Festival from outside the park entrance.

Two rows of police officers stood infront of the crowd as it grew

Two rows stood between the police officers and the crowd, as it grew.

A police officer is on his radio as a line of officers block crowds from moving in certain directions

As a police officer listens to his radio, he blocks crowds from going in certain directions. 

Police could be seen on horses next to a police van, as crowds grew for the festival

As the festival grew, you could see police riding on horses beside a police van.

Officers rode down the street on horses as part of the crowd management

Horse-riding officers were part of crowd management and rode the horses along the streets.

Police arrive as big queues form at the entrance to Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park in London

Large lines form at Finsbury Park, London’s Wireless Festival entrance.

Police officers stand in the road as the crowds gather for the festival

As the festival crowds congregate, police officers are standing in front of the street.

Officers linked up and created a barricade against the crowd, outside Finsbury Park, London

Officers joined hands and formed a wall against the crowd at Finsbury Park (London).

A crowd of people could be seen behind officers, with one person saying that there was no regulated pedestrian flow to reach the festival

An assortment of people were visible behind the officers. One person stated that no pedestrian traffic was allowed to get to the festival.

A crowd can be seen pushing against officers, who appear to be trying to manage its movements

Festival-goers are being held back by police officers

The crowd is seen pushing back against the officers who seem to be trying manage their movements.

Tommy Durbin told MailOnline: ‘I was there, and haven’t been treated like that by the police since the bad old days of being a football fan in the 80s. 

“Herded along narrow gaps, police were completely surprised at the number of people there.” Disgusting.’

MailOnline spoke to Julie Cavalli, who said that her daughter was at the event and called her at 3pm, informing her that there wasn’t anyone checking tickets.

Ms Cavalli stated that she was worried because many people were simply pushing past security checkpoints and not being checked.

She said that she wanted to make sure no one was doing anything illegal. It is an issue of security and a potential incident.

One attendee stated that they were stuck for several hours outside of the venue.

They said that they saw people “passing out”, dehydrated and being abused with horses by officers.

A reported emergency prompted all passengers to evacuate Finsbury Park underground Station.

A woman stares in shock at the crowd before her as they are held back by police officers

As police officers hold her back, a woman looks shocked at the people in front of her.

Traffic also began building up in the Finsbury Park area this afternoon

This afternoon, traffic also started to build up around Finsbury Park

A video posted on social media shows a voice urging people to get out. The gates at the entrance are closed.

Paula Tucker posted a criticism of the event organization on Twitter.

‘Finsbury Park utterly unsuitable for Wireless Festival — park gates shut, tube station closed, helicopter overhead for an hour,’ she wrote.

“Haringey Council cannot ignore residents’ needs and allow this to happen again.”

Another critic stated that Finsbury Park should have more security for the Wireless Festival. 

Nicole Barrett was able to leave the venue after her visit and said she would not return.

MailOnline was told that she found little or no security for some areas of the pen. She also claimed that the speakers had been blown, and many acts were either cancelled or late.

‘All in, about £1,000 was spent to come here to enjoy ourselves as a treat. It’s actually put me off coming next time, as the toilets reeked of ammonia from people’s urine —I felt like I was going to pass out.’ 

Metropolitan Police Force spokeswoman said the problem began today at 3pm when some people attempted to access the Wireless Festival entrance while others waited.

“As a precaution, the security personnel placed a temporary hold on admission to the event in order to maintain the safety of the people who were there. 

“This led to a significant crowd in the vicinity of the site.

“Officers supported security personnel with managing the crowd to ensure people safety.”

“We are continuing to work closely together with the event organizer and other partners to prevent any further disruption. We thank all those who were able to attend for their patience especially in hot weather.

Wireless Festival was also reached out for comments.

You were there at the Wireless Festival. Email jessica.warren@mailonline.co.uk

Crowds at the main stage at Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park in London

Crowds in front of the main stage at Wireless Festival, Finsbury Park (London)