The court did not have to hear from a mother or father who allowed their children to live in such filth.

Sixteen girls had to live in filthy houses in Wirral and Merseyside, surrounded by mouse droppings, dog dirt, and old nappies.

Andrew Menary, QC said that it appeared as though the ‘filthy contents from a skip’ had been empty in all rooms.

But he stated that they could be jailed for a negative impact on the children who were over 16, and are currently being cared for by their mothers. The other victims might not get back to them “for very long, if any”.

Because of reporting restrictions, the identities of innocent victims cannot be revealed, it is impossible to name parents who confessed child cruelty.

A mother and father who let their children live in 'appalling' filth today walked free from court. Six girls were forced to survive in a house (above) surrounded by dog dirt, mouse droppings and used nappies in Wirral, Merseyside

The court did not have to hear from the father and mother who allowed their children to live in such a filthy environment today. Sixteen girls survived in the filthy house above, which was populated by mouse droppings, dog dirt and even used nappies from Wirral, Merseyside.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, said it looked as if 'the filthy contents of a skip have been emptied in every room'. However, he said jailing the couple would have a harmful impact on two children over 16 now back in the mother's care - and the other victims may not be returned to them 'for a very long time, if ever'. (Above, a dead mouse in the property)

Andrew Menary, the Chief Judge, stated that it seemed as if the “filthy contents” of a skip had been removed from every room. He said that the jailing of the couple would be detrimental to the two older children, who are now in the care of their mother, and may cause other victims not to return for a long time, if at all. (Above: A dead mouse on the property

Judge Menary granted them both two years of imprisonment with a suspended sentence for 18 months and 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement day. 

Liverpool Crown Court heard that police responded to an argument among the couple in January.

Judge Menary stated that nothing could have prepared officers for the things they would discover.

He stated that saying the house wasn’t suitable for humanhabitation would not be true of its ‘appalling’ conditions.

Judge said that there were no words to describe the situation. It is not intended to be graphic but the photos that I saw, taken by police…show rooms that seem like the dirty contents of skips have been empty in every room.

'The bathroom didn't function properly and the toilets were utterly vile,' said Judge Menary. The parents, who admitted child cruelty, cannot be named due to reporting restrictions protecting the identity of their innocent victims

Judge Menary stated that the bathroom did not function correctly and that the toilets were disgusting. Because of reporting restrictions, the identities of innocent victims cannot be revealed, it is impossible to name the parents who were guilty.

Foster carers said the younger children arrived with 'ingrained dirt' and complaining of not having eaten because there wasn't food in the home. The parents failed to seek medical intervention for one child who had sight problems and another had double incontinence, but these issues have cleared up

Foster carers claimed the youngest children came to the foster home with ingrained dirt and complain that they didn’t eat because there wasn’t enough food. One child had vision problems, and one had double incontinence. The parents did not seek medical treatment for both of these children.

He claimed that the couple owned a dog who had “free reign” and used all rooms as toilets.

Judge Menary reported that the house was littered with mouse droppings. Bathroom didn’t work properly, and toilets were disgusting.

“There were no opportunities or any semblances of normal and healthy family life.”

He stated that his children live on food from takeaways and snack bars as well as school breakfast club meals, which he said was a sign of’squalor’.

Trevor Parry Jones (prosecutor) previously described how the house was more reminiscent of Victorian slums.

He stated that officers called for assistance, evacuated children, and requested food before taking the victims into care.

Judge Menary asked for a Wirral council report about the welfare of the children and the actions taken to protect them. It was 10 years since social services first became aware that there were problems at this house.

He read through the report and said today that there was an “extensive, direct intervention” by social service agencies.

Foster carers said younger children came to the foster home with “ingrained dirt” and complained of not being fed because there was no food.

Parents failed to get medical attention for their child with sight issues and double incontinence. However, these problems have since been resolved.

The mother confessed the bathroom hadn't been used 'for years', said only takeaways were eaten, the home was 'vile' and she'd let it get that way

According to the mother, she admitted that the toilet hadn’t been used in years and said only takeaways had been eaten. She also stated that the house was filthy and would not allow it to get this way.

According to Mr Parry Jones, the children behaved well and were polite. However, all of them had educational attainment levels that were far below their expected target.

According to him, the parents were penalized for their children’s “sporadic” attendance at school. The youngest child was not in nursery and had no regular routine. She also spent many days with her father who was having drinking issues, as the mother worked.

The father was arrested and admitted that the conditions were “very poor”, but claimed that he had cleaned up the mess about a month before.

According to the mother, the toilet hadn’t been used in years and that only takeaways had been eaten. She also admitted the house was filthy and would not let it go this way.

Christopher McMaster, in defense of the mother, claimed that photographs showed the work done since then to renovate her home.

Judge Menary stated that it begs the questions why this wasn’t done earlier.

McMaster stated that she used to work very hard, up to six days per week. Now, McMaster says, she works only four days.

Her long-term goal for all her children is to be with her father again.

Pre-sentence reports showed that she loved her children, and was emotionally invested in their well being. However, it appeared she had overcommitted herself to their welfare and the benefit of their children.

Frank Dillon, the father’s lawyer, stated that the council report was inaccurate. This property was in an extremely poor condition as long ago 2013

But he stated that because his client had been suffering from depression, and perhaps he was seeking comfort in alcohol, his inability to cope with the situation increased. He became overwhelmed, and was then unable to benefit from the help that was offered.

Pictured, the filthy bath at the house. Judge Menary gave each parent two years in prison, suspended for 18 months, with 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days. He told the father to complete 150 hours of unpaid work, and the mother 80 hours of unpaid work and a three-month home curfew, from 8pm to 6am daily

The filthy bathroom at the house is shown in the picture. Judge Menary sentenced each parent to two years imprisonment, suspended for an 18-month period, and 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement Days. The judge ordered the father to do 150 hours unpaid labor and the mother to work 80 hours unpaid. He also gave the parents a 3-month home curfew that runs from 8pm to 6am each day.

Dillon stated that he had suffered from the death of his family because of the carelessness of his children. This is likely to continue at least for the short term, and possibly even forever.

Judge Menary stated that neither parent was “inadequate” as such.

The father said that they had both worked, the mother was long-hours working, and he believed the “burden of childcare” fell on his wife.

“It’s perhaps a testimony to the resilience of children that they have survived this ordeal so well,” said Judge.

“The truth is, you were simply unable to deal with so many children.” It was a huge expense of effort, time, and money that a number of agencies made on your behalf. You refused or were unable to participate or change.

He stated that while the mother had given two of her children aged 16 and over, she still cared for all 16-year-olds.

Judge Menary commented that “It might be that they won’t be returned to you for a very lengthy time, if any.” This is, for me and you both, a significant loss.

Although it seemed that the children were “thriving”, the judge stated it wasn’t possible to determine the long-term effects.

He stated, “I have no doubt that each of you loves your children.” It is not clear that there was any evidence of cruelty or infliction harm. It was not more than chronic, very severe neglect.

Judge Menary reported that both father and son wanted to deal with their respective issues. This included the father’s mental health, as well as his ‘chronic’ drinking problems.

He stated that he believed you should both be sent to prison immediately for the actions or failures you’ve made, which essentially means you’re failing to safeguard and nurture your children.

But he stated that jailing them could have serious consequences for some of their children. He also said they had tried to fix the situation.

Judge Menary granted them both two years of imprisonment with a suspended sentence for 18 months and 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement day.

The father was instructed to do 150 hours unpaid labor, while the mother would be responsible for 80 hours.