Ghislaine Maxwell’s high profile sex trafficking case has Day Six. A witness claiming to be ‘Kate’ took the stand. 

Kate, under questioning by the prosecution Monday claimed that Maxwell introduced her to her when she was 17, in Paris. 

Kate was not among the women involved in Maxwell’s trial, but she has been called in as a witness for prosecution.  

Maxwell had invited her to their townhouse, where Jeffrey Epstein was dressed in a robe. Maxwell informed her Epstein that Epstein’s massage therapist had cancelled and she asked Maxwell if she could replace him. 

Kate said that Epstein removed his robe so that he could show his naked body, and Maxwell gave her massage oil. Kate stated that Epstein made sexual contact with her. 

Kate said Maxwell was curious about the massage after she finished it. Was it fun? It was so much fun.

Kate said, “She sounded so happy and I was glad that she was satisfied.”  

‘Later Maxwell told me to find someone to give Epstein a b***job,’ Kate claimed, and said Maxwell told her he needed to have sex ‘three times a day.’ 

A witness under the pseudonym 'Kate' took the stand Monday in Day Six of Ghislaine Maxwell's high-profile sex trafficking trial

On Monday, Day Six of Ghislaine’s notorious sex-trafficking trial, a witness claiming to be ‘Kate’ took the stand. 

She claimed Epstein took off his robe to reveal his naked body and Maxwell handed her massage oil and closed the door. On Friday, Epstein's massage table was brought into court

The woman claimed Epstein stripped off his robe and showed his naked body to Maxwell, who then handed Maxwell massage oil. Maxwell closed the door. Epstein was brought to court with his massage table on Friday 

'Later Maxwell told me to find someone to give Epstein a b***job,' Kate claimed, and said Maxwell told her he needed to have sex 'three times a day'

‘Later Maxwell told me to find someone to give Epstein a b***job,’ Kate claimed, and said Maxwell told her he needed to have sex ‘three times a day’ 

Kate received Maxwell’s Prada bag for her 18th Birthday. This happened after she had sex in public with Epstein. 

Kate stated that Epstein sent her to Palm Beach to give her schoolgirl outfits. These included a skirt with no bottom, white panties, and white socks. 

Kate answered the question, “I don’t know how I can say no.” I had never met anyone from Florida. I’d never been to Palm Beach and Florida. “I wasn’t certain if my answer was no or if I would have had to leave. What would the consequences be for me not saying it? 

However, she said Epstein was involved in a sex act. She did not provide any further details. 

‘[Maxwell]Kate replied, “He asked me if it was fun. I told him that I was such an easy-going girl. 

Trial heard that schoolgirl dresses were discovered at Epstein’s New York property by the FBI in 2019 when they raided the property.

Alison Moe was one of the prosecutors. She said that Jeffrey Epstein had two schoolgirl clothes on the same level as his massage room, but this directly speaks to an underage girl’s preference.

It also shows that Epstein was interested in schoolgirls long after Maxwell’s arrest, which occurred between 1994 and 2004. 

Moe stated that schoolgirl clothes, even small, were discovered on the floor next to the rooms in which underage girls were abused. 

On Monday, Kate stated that she was only in her 20s when Epstein took her to Epstein’s private Caribbean island. She called it “Little St. Jeff” 

She said that she had seen a thin blonde girl in her youth, and it was very similar to me. 

She said that her memories of important events from her life were not affected by the possibility of changing.

She says she might have “missed” certain memories at first, but later she recalls them. 

Kate said that Maxwell was not going to sue her, despite admitting she received $2.5million from Epstein Victim’s Fund.  

Defense attorney Bobbi Sternheim arrives at court during the sixth day of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial

Bobbi Sternheim is the defense attorney and arrives at the courthouse on the sixth of the Ghislaine-Maxwell trial 

Kate said she traveled to Epstein's Palm Beach mansion where she was given schoolgirl outfits to wear with a short skirt, white panties and white socks. Pictured is Epstein's Palm Beach mansion submitted by the prosecution as evidence

Kate stated that she visited Epstein’s Palm Beach estate and was presented with schoolgirl dresses. These outfits included a skirt, short pants, white panties, and white socks. The prosecution submitted Epstein’s Palm Beach home as evidence. 

On Friday, Epstein’s massage table was unfolded in court in a dramatic moment.

For the first time in their history, a detective placed the dark-green folding table before the jury. A police officer who conducted the search also confirmed that it belonged to Epstein.  

Gregory Parkinson (ex-Palm Beach Police Officer) obtained the warrant to search for the objects on October 20, 2005.

He was quizzed by Assistant US Attorney Maruene Comey on Friday, Day Five of Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial, after examining the massage table and sex toy.

According to the Post, Parkinson took 30 seconds to glance at the table in her black gloves before moving on to the witness stand. Maxwell, who was reportedly sat approximately 10 feet away from her defense lawyers, did not appear to have any reaction.

Once on the stand Parkinson confirmed that it was the same table he seized from Epstein’s mansion nearly two decades ago.

“It’s from second-floor south bathroom,” the ex-cop said to the courtroom. He also stated that he knew the table because of its appearance and property number.

The table was then handled by a detective, who folded the item back up, and placed it before the prosecutor’s desk. It remained there until 5 pm, when it was overtaken by the prosecution.

After Parkinson, Sgt Michael Dawson (a Palm Beach officer) took the stand and said that they were looking for massage tables that day in 2005. “We were looking to buy massage oils.” He said that he was looking for sex toys.

The Post reported that the prosecution showed the jury an image of two cardboard boxes along with a pair of sex toys. This was referred to as ‘Twin Torpedoes.

A detective opened the dark green foldable table in front of the jury for them to see for the first time. Maxwell (pictured in a court sketch on Friday) reportedly showed no emotion

The jury was presented with the table by a detective who opened it up to them. Maxwell was reportedly not emotional (pictured below in a sketch from Friday’s court hearing). 

Former Palm Beach Police officer Gregory Parkinson (right) obtained the search warrant that would lead to the discovery of the massage table and sex toys in October 2005. He was seen in court on Friday investigating the table with black gloves before confirming it was the one he seized from the home nearly two decades ago

Gregory Parkinson (right), a Palm Beach Police officer, obtained the search warrant that led to the discovery and confiscation of the table with sex toys. On Friday, he was seen at court investigating the black-gloved table before verifying that it was his seized one from the house nearly twenty years ago.

Dawson confirmed that toys had been taken by the police from the home of the disgraced financier. 

While prosecutors didn’t explain why the table was and the sex toy were in evidence at Maxwell, the first witness who testified at Maxwell’s trial said Epstein had abused Maxwell during’massages’ and used sex toy on her.

“He loved to…use vibrators in different sizes, and even back massagers, that were painful,” she stated.

Jane stated earlier in the week that Epstein had requested massages. 

“How does he like being massaged?” Jane answered the question of Alison Moe on Tuesday: “He loved…very hard. He liked rubbing him shoulders and twisting his nose and his feet.    

Also included in evidence was a Friday photo showing Epstein’s goddaughter, an underage girl who is pictured sitting on Epstein’s lap while he seems to be pulling her pants and biting her bottom.

In the photo Epstein’s goddaughter is wearing the underwear that hung outside the bedroom he allegedly shared with Maxwell at the house in Palm Beach. It was discovered in 2005 by the FBI during a raid of the house.

Maxwell’s sex-trafficking trial judge ruled that Maxwell’s photo and other evidence will be admissible into evidence when presented by witnesses. 

Epstein, according to prosecution, kept the picture on his desk. Judge Alison J Nathan accepted it. 

Christian Everdell Maxwell’s attorney, stated that he was worried about how the picture of the girl might make it seem like Epstein loved ‘prepubescent’ girls. 

The court heard how schoolgirl outfits were found at Epstein’s New York mansion when the FBI raided the property in 2019. 

According to court testimony, agents located the small costumes on the same floor that was the massage area. Judge Alison Nathan allowed the attires to be admitted as evidence.

In 2019, Epstein was detained by the FBI. They discovered a “vast treasure trove” of nude photographs in his New York property worth $77 million. Also, CDs with images of underage girls.

But this is the first time the existence of schoolgirl outfits has been revealed and Everdell said that if it were allowed in then the jury might make a ‘moral judgement about conduct that is legal’.

One of Maxwell's accusers known as 'Jane' broke down in court as she was quizzed about the 'orgies' and 'sexualized massages' she claims she was forced into by Maxwell when she was underage

Maxwell’s accuser Jane, who is also known as Jane, broke down during a question-and-answer session in which she was asked about Maxwell’s alleged ‘orgies and’sexualized massaging’ that she claimed she was made to do by Maxwell while she was still underage.

Alison Moe (one of the prosecutors) said that Jeffrey Epstein had two schoolgirl clothes on the floor next to his massage room. Although it may have been legs, this directly indicates a preference for girls underage.

She said that Epstein had a ‘continued an interest in schoolgirls” long after Maxwell was charged. This is 1994-2004. 

Moe stated that schoolgirl clothes, even small, were discovered on the floor next to the rooms in which underage girls were abused. 

Everdell objected that Epstein’s goddaughter’s photograph was used outside of Epstein’s bedroom, because it may lead to an “inappropriate conclusion”.

One of the prosecutors, Maurene Comy, stated that the girl was a clearly underage male in her underwear’, and was displayed prominently at Epstein’s house was ‘highly probative.

She stated that it was contrary to Epstein’s defense, which claimed that Epstein was an upright citizen because he knew powerful people and Presidents.

It meant that there was no possibility that he would ever attract underage girls.

Comey stated that Epstein was not in the same bedroom as him, adding that Epstein’s lifestyle and decor ‘contradicted the public image’.

Elle added, “The defendant knew not just the public persona, but also the private persona” – an individual who wanted to have sex underage girls.