Basketball Australia was hit by a star American hoops player who slammed the organization for “clear racial discrimination” after being warned that her braided hair would be banned.

Tiffany Mitchell (US import from Melbourne Boomers), was 27 when she told her she wouldn’t play in the WNBA. She then put her braids into a knot to prevent them from flickering at rivals.

Basketball Australia has now removed the rule – it should have been adopted in Australia. 

After Basketball Australia made a mistake, their team-mates protested by kneeling against the racist veto.

American hoops star Tiffany Mitchell has lashed out at Basketball Australia for 'clear racial discrimination' after she was ordered to tie up her braided hair (pictured)

American hoops player Tiffany Mitchell attacked Basketball Australia’s ‘clear racism’ following a request to fix her braided hair.

Mitchell posted the following on Instagram: ‘This post may be difficult for some, but it will also inspire others. “During my first month in Australia, I experienced little or no problems.

“Until the past week, I encountered a situation which was clearly racial discrimination.

“I have played in all top leagues at the highest levels around the globe and my braids have never been an issue. 

“I was asked to touch my hair. [told]For the beginning of the regular season I would not be allowed to play if my hair was untied or in a ponytail. 

“It is clear that only blacks in this league have these types of braids.”

Melbourne Boomers' US import Mitchell, 27, (pictured) was told she would be banned unless she put her long braids into a bun to prevent them flicking into rivals' faces

Mitchell, a 27-year old US import from the Melbourne Boomers (pictured), was informed she would not be allowed to braid her hair in a bun so that they wouldn’t flicker into other people’s faces.

Basketball Australia sent out an email (pictured) to the general managers of all WNBL and NBL clubs advising of the ban before later reversing the decision

Basketball Australia sent an email (pictured), to all general managers of NBL and WNBL clubs, advising them of the ban. The decision was later reversed.

She stated that she was affected by the ruling in Saturday’s WNBL match with Southside Flyers despite Mitchell having been the top scorer.

“You can clearly see how much pain I still have – how do you enforce rules that aren’t actually rules anymore?” Mitchell said that he joined the Boomers of Indiana Fever online in the WNBA USA.

“The goal I felt on my back was unimaginable, but I played with the same disappointment that Basketball Australia brought to me.”

Her comments were: ‘When it came to my attention, Basketball Australia affirmed that the FIBA rule was the one they were instructed to follow.

Team-mates took the knee in protest against the 'racist' veto before their game on Saturday (pictured)  after Basketball Australia admitted the mistake and scrapped the edict.

Team-mates took the knee in protest against the ‘racist’ veto before their game on Saturday (pictured)  after Basketball Australia admitted the mistake and scrapped the edict.

Tiffany Mitchell said she was grateful for the support she'd received from team-mates and Melbourne Boomers club officials (pictured, the whiteboard in the changing rooms)

Tiffany Mitchell stated that she is grateful for the support from teammates and Melbourne Boomers club representatives (pictured, whiteboard in changing rooms).

“But, they reverted it because it was actually a FIBA rule that wasn’t in effect any longer…how can you enforce a FIBA rule that’s not even a Rule anymore? 

“I’m so grateful to my club for supporting me and my braided teammate. They were always there. We took a knee before the anthem. 

“Did it change the way I felt about this whole situation?” Although it did not change how I felt about the whole situation, I was able to feel some comfort in knowing that my teammate and I were supported by every woman I wore. 

“Goes show that equality is possible everywhere in the world.”

Tiffany Mitchell (pictured) said the ruling had affected her in their WNBL match against Southside Flyers on Saturday, despite winning 91-74

Tiffany Mitchell (pictured) stated that she was affected by the ruling in her WNBL match with Southside Flyers on Sat, despite being victorious 91-74

Tiffany Mitchell (pictured) is already the club's top scorer but said in this picture which she posted on Instagram: 'You can clearly see the pain I was still carrying'

Tiffany Mitchell (pictured), is the club’s highest scorer, but she said this in an Instagram photo: “You can clearly see my pain still carrying.”

She said: “Unfortunately, these conversations have occurred but happy Basketball Australia has been held responsible and made aware of the ignorance shown.”

Basketball Australia admits that it did not do the right thing.

“Basketball Australia apologizes unreservedly for any pain or anguish caused by this rule,” it stated in a statement. 

‘The policy is discriminatory and inconsistent in Basketball Australia’s Diversity and Inclusion framework, according to the WNBL Commission.

It’s not required in the WNBL, any other professional women’s leagues or at international competitions such the Olympics and World Cup.

“To that end, the WNBL Commission has withdrawn the policy effective immediately.”

The Melbourne Boomers star - who joined from WNBA side Indiana Fever - vented her anguish over the ordeal in a lengthy post on Instagram on Sunday (pictured)

Star of Melbourne Boomers, Indiana Fever was her WNBA team. She posted her pain on Instagram Sunday (pictured).