Chicago’s newly-ordained pastor is now wearing drag to lead worship services for children. 

Aaron Musser was ordained in the summer. He can be seen speaking to children in his church in a white, blonde, and make-up-covered pulpit. 

Last Sunday’s event saw Musser reading a book on Joy from the Bible to children.   

A Lutheran pastor in Chicago offered drag prayer time for children at his church

Chicago Lutheran Pastor offered drag prayer for his children during church

Aaron Musser, who was ordained this summer, donned a blonde wig, white dress, and makeup to share in worship with the children in his parish

Aaron Musser was ordained in the summer. He wore a blonde hairdo, white gown, and makeup in order to worship alongside his children at parish.

Musser posted a statement from the church stating that his teaching in drag was to teach 'joy'

Musser sent a statement to the church saying that his teachings in drag were meant to teach joy

Musser, who was dangling his hair on either side of The Post Millennial’s reports, said: “I have an incredible story to share today.”

“I’m also a boy when I’m here most of the times, but today I’m a woman,” he said. 

Musser announced on Facebook that the sixth Sunday of Advent was “Rejoice Sunday.” We can practice our vision of what living a joyful life could look like. This is a rehearsal. Theologically speaking in drag, preaching is an expression of joy. Joy can only overflow so it must make its presence known. The day’s theme and queer theory will be combined with lectionary text. We’ll ‘dress rehearsal’ for joy. 

The lesson was also broadcast over Zoom allowing plenty of other parishioners to witness

Zoom allowed many parishioners to see the lesson, and it was broadcast live over Zoom.

Musser is openly gay, as stated in his personal Facebook page

Musser is an openly homosexual man, according to his private Facebook page

The announcement noted that ‘Seminarian Aaron’ would be ‘preaching in drag!’ The church also stated that everyone should wear clothing/accessories that makes them feel 100%.      

Musser writes openly about incorporating ‘Queerness’ into his teachings stating ‘that Queerness is beautiful and a right’, in one of his Facebook postings.  

“Queer sexualities and gender identities as well as gender expressions come out of the deepest parts of our being. We are all who we are. On his personal Facebook page, he said that we could speak our truth.

Musser took time to have pictures with other members of church staff before posting it online

Musser spent time taking pictures of other church members before uploading it online

Musser wrote in an announcement on Facebook: 'The sixth Sunday of advent is rejoice Sunday. It's a chance for us to rehearse what a life of joy could look like. It's a dress rehearsal. Weaving together the day's theme, queer theory, and lectionary texts, we will 'dress rehearse' for joy.'

Musser announced on Facebook that the sixth Sunday of Advent was “Rejoice Sunday.” We can practice our vision of what living a joyful life could look like. This is a dress rehearsal. It will be a dress rehearsal for joy, combining the theme of the day, queer theory and lectionary text.

Musser says that ‘Queerness Is sacred. Certain straights don’t believe that we speak truth,’ Musser notes, adding that he also has a political angle: ‘If you vote red, you vote against me and my rights.’ 

Musser posted a touching message on Facebook from the Church, stating that it was a while since many had felt ‘joy’.

‘It’s been so hard to know what that joy will be, because it’s been so long since some of us have been joyful. It’s been a difficult and tiring couple of years.

‘And I decided instead of telling you, ‘this is how I want you to be joyful,’ as we prepare for this dress rehearsal, I figured I would instead put on a dress as so many who have inspired me have done. Their example inspired me to make a stand for freedom and joy.

“But, allowing yourself joy can be frightening. I wasn’t sure how the outside world would handle me when they saw me this morning. Joy is difficult to feel, it’s vulnerable. But isn’t it so beautiful?” he stated. 

There were many messages of support online although the church has suspended comments

Many messages of support were posted online, but the church has since suspended comments

Many messages of support were posted online.

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful message of joy and inspiration. Kristin Engstrom wrote:  

Taylor Walker said, “Aaron, that is freaking incredible.” 

“Thanks for sharing your joy today!” I’m really feeling it, so thank you! You were so helpful! said Liz Frey. 

‘Amazing message! We are so grateful for your beautiful words of joy. agreed John Thomas Sipf.

Despite all the goodwill expressed online, the church has stopped posting comments.

‘We’ve frozen comments on this post for the time being. Thank you for your love, we appreciate it and ask that you continue to pray for the full inclusion of LGBTQIA+ members in the Church. 

Musser’s Drag Story Time is just one of many similar events across the country in recent years. 

Michelle Tea, a San Francisco writer, had the brilliant idea of launching ‘Drag queen Story Hour’ in 2015. This is a program that features men dressed in drag reading books to children and their parents. It aims at being a positive and openly gay role model.

Drag Queen Story Hours are held every other week at book shops or libraries in major cities like Los Angeles, New York and New Orleans.  

Although the programs were protested in some small communities, Chicago where Musser preaches is at the forefront of the Republican Midwest and is also a Democratic-leaning city.