After swapping takeout for healthier, homemade ‘fakeaway versions’ at home, a woman shared how she managed to lose five stone in eleven months.

Sadie Sjogren is a 26-year-old leisure care assistant and recent graduate from Weston-super-Mare in Somerset. At 16.7stone, Sadie was a size 18-20 and she didn’t like the photos. 

Sadie used this motivation as a motivator to begin her weight loss journey. She joined a gym and now trains four times per week.

In less than one year she lost 5 stone and is now 11.8 stones.

She’s far from done. The fitness enthusiast began a healthier lifestyle in January 2021. 

Sadie Sjogren, 26, a recent graduate and leisure care assistant from Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, was unhappy with the way she looked in photographs when weighing 16.7 stone and a 18 to 20 dress size (pictured)

Sadie, pictured recently

Sadie Sjogren, 26, recently graduated from Weston-super-Mare and was a leisure care assistant. She looked unhappy in photos because she weighed 16.7 stones and had a dress size of 18-20 (pictured left).

Using this as motivation to start her weight loss journey, Sadie (pictured) joined a gym, now training four times a week for an hour each time, ditched her four-a-week unhealthy takeaways for healthier versions and cut out snacks

Sadie, pictured, used this to motivate her journey towards weight loss. Sadie joined a gym where she trains for one hour every day.

Speaking exclusively to Femail, Sadie recalled: ‘Before losing the weight, I was so unhappy – I had zero confidence and felt trapped in my own body. 

The final straw for me was how my photos looked. This motivated me to get started on my weight loss journey.

Sadie made lifestyle changes. She became more conscious of what she was eating and exercised more. 

She said, “Before I lost weight, there was no set meal time and I would only eat take-out. I have now been able to have them once or twice per month with my friends. 

This resulted in a remarkable five stone weight loss in less than a year as she went down to a size 12 (pictured right) - now weighing just 11.8 stone

She lost five stone in less than one year.

And she's not finished yet, with the fitness fanatic (pictured before and after her weight loss journey), who began her healthier lifestyle in January 2021, wanting to lose an additional stone, whilst also building muscle, next year

But she isn’t done yet. This fitness fanatic, pictured above and after her weight-loss journey, started a healthier lifestyle in Jan 2021. Next year, she hopes to gain muscle while also losing another 1 stone.

“However, I have found healthy options like The Skinny Food Co that allow me to include my favorite “treat” foods in my diet guilt-free.

Skinny Food Co offers products with low sugar and calories that allow people to have sustainable lifestyle changes while still enjoying great taste.

Sadie describes how she incorporated the products in her new diet. “So many of my favorite food combinations use products by The Skinny Food Co.

“Baked oatmeal is my favourite breakfast. To give it some sweetness, I use Skinny Jam or Chocolate Spreads. 

‘For lunch, I love the Fakeaway Beef & Chilli Wedges, and using tortilla wraps for pizza bases and adding the Fakeaway Pizza Sauce.’

Speaking exclusively to Femail, Sadie (pictured before her weight loss) recalled: 'Before losing the weight, I was so unhappy – I had zero confidence and felt trapped in my own body'

Sadie pictured after her weight loss

Speaking exclusively to Femail, Sadie (pictured left, before her weight loss, and right, after) recalled: ‘Before losing the weight, I was so unhappy – I had zero confidence and felt trapped in my own body’

As a result, Sadie (pictured) began making lifestyle changes, which included being conscious about what she ate and exercising more

Sadie (pictured above) made lifestyle adjustments, including being more mindful of her diet and getting out there.

Sadie (pictured before her weight loss) explained: 'Before my weight-loss journey, I never had a set time to eat and would mainly have takeaways, which I now only have once or twice a month as a treat with friends or family'

Sadie pictured after her weight loss

Sadie (pictured below before she lost weight, right and left after). She explained that “Before I started my weight-loss journey I didn’t have a fixed time for eating and I would only eat takeaways once or twice per month to treat friends and family.”

Sadie also exercises regularly and plays netball with her Bristol Premier League team, Cosmos.

This has helped her feel more confident and connected to others. 

‘Before I started my journey, I didn’t have the confidence to go to the gym, but now I have a clear exercise routine and get a good workout in before starting work, which helps get me mentally ready for the day,’ she said.

Sadie’s food before and after 


For breakfast, toast or skip it sometimes. 

Lunch: Choose from cheese toasties and meal options. 

Dinner: Takeaways, pizza, chips. 

Snacks: Chocolate bars, crisps, sweets. 


Breakfast: A protein porridge, with The Skinny Food Co spreads and fruit

Lunch: Tuna bagels served with crisps.

Dinner: The Skinny Food Co Fakeaway Beef & Chilli Wedges with a little cheese (sometimes with rice). 

Snacks – The Skinny Food Co snacks pots and bars. Snack a Jacks or other protein bars.

“I am also a netball player. I want to improve my game and be part of a stronger team. This is something that I have achieved.”

“Initially I stuck to my exercise plan but after a while I began to lose track of it. To keep me accountable and push myself further, I sought out an online coach. 

‘I still train with my coach now – she has been the most amazing help and guidance. I could not recommend an online coach more, specifically Claire Louise Herd – @join_theherd on Instagram.”

“I train at the gym four days a week for about an hour. My cardio routine includes weight lifting, such as deadlifts or squats. I absolutely love weight training!

This transformation has not only improved Sadie’s physical health but she said it has completely shifted her mindset and benefited her mental well-being.

‘I’ve definitely bettered myself as a person and I’m a lot happier since losing the weight and working on myself,’ she insisted. 

‘I’m still learning to put myself first but finding alternative products that have allowed me to keep treats in my diet made it easier and gave me that extra push.’

Sadie shared her tips for people who want to begin their journey to better health.

She added: ‘Don’t set a date or feel like you have to wait until the new year. Just get going. You can make small, but significant changes. 

‘From there you can add changes slowly, like going to the gym in a manageable way so that it doesn’t shock your body. 

‘You’ll also find like-minded people along the way which will keep you motivated.’

Skinny Food Co offers over 250 delicious, healthy alternatives to traditional foods. 

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