After her boyfriend, a sex-cult member of Tinder, had fatally strangled her female victim, a woman ritualistically dismembered the clerk at a hardware shop. She was sentenced to life on Monday. This means she will not be the first woman in Nebraska to receive the death penalty.

Bailey Boswell, 27, was spared a death sentence after one of the judges on the three-person panel at the county courthouse in Wilber ruled Monday that prosecutors failed to prove that the case merited the ultimate punishment.

Boswell will live out her remaining days at Nebraska Correctional Center for Women because of her involvement in 2017’s death and dismemberment Sydney Loofe, 24 years old.

One of the cashiers at Menards’ Lincoln store was strangled by an extension cord. Then, 14 pieces were cut up and left along rural Clay County roads.

Boswell indulged in the murder and it was coldly planned. The body was also mutilated. Sidney Loofe, the victim of murder, was helpless,” Judge Vicky Johnson stated as she read her decision. 

“[She]Trail and Boswell mutilated her in an attempt to fulfill her sexual desires. This was not an act of desperation to cover the body.

Bail Boswell, 27, (pictured in court on November 8) ritualistically dismembered a hardware store clerk she met on Tinder with her boyfriend after he strangled her to death. She was handed a life sentence on Monday, avoiding the prospect of being the first Nebraska woman to get the death penalty

Bail Boswell (pictured in court November 8), ritualistically dismembered the victim, a clerk at a hardware shop she had met through Tinder after he killed her. On Monday she was sentenced to life. She will not be the first woman in Nebraska to receive the death penalty.

Prosecutors said Boswell (pictured right) and Trail had planned to kill someone before Boswell met Loofe, 24, on the dating app Tinder and lured her to them

According to the prosecution, Boswell and Trail planned to murder someone prior to Boswell meeting Loofe (pictured right), on Tinder. They then lured Loofe to their home.

Sydney Loofe (pictured), a cashier at a Menards store in Lincoln, was strangled with an extension cord. Her body parts were later found in garbage bags, cut into 14 pieces and left in ditches along country roads in rural Clay County

Sydney Loofe, a Cashier in a Menards Store in Lincoln was strangled using an extension cord. Later, her body was found inside a garbage bag and cut into fourteen pieces. These were then left behind in ditches in Clay County.

'The murder was coldly calculated, Boswell relished the murder, there was needless viewed mutilation of the body. The murder was senseless and Sidney Loofe was a helpless victim,' Judge Vicky Johnson (pictured) said as she read the court's verdict on Monday

Boswell was a mastermind in the murder and he enjoyed it. There was also needless body mutilation. As Judge Vicky Johnson read Monday’s verdict, Vicky Johnson stated that the murder was senseless. Sidney Loofe had been left a helpless witness.

Aubrey Trail, her 54-year old boyfriend, was sentenced in June to death for killing Loofe. The pair then dismembered Loofe. An execution date has yet to be set.

Three women gave evidence during Trail’s 2019 trial. They said Trail lured victims via Tinder to his sex-cult, and then convinced them that he could fly, read minds, and was capable of luring them. 

Prosecutors claimed that Boswell, Trail and Loofe had intended to kill another person before Boswell first met Loofe via the dating app. They were arrested on November 15, 2017.

Johnson said that Loofe had been chosen for her relationship with Boswell because she was interested in him and also lives far away from her family, so it ‘wouldn’t instantly be missed.

The last time anyone heard from Sydney Loofe was on November 15 when she posted a picture of herself to Snapchat, captioning the image: 'Ready for my date'

Sydney Loofe’s last communication was November 15, when she uploaded a photo of her to Snapchat captioned: “Ready for my date”

Todd Lancaster, Boswell’s court-appointed lawyer, stated that he knew of at least two additional Nebraska cases where a three judge panel divided over the issue whether or not to impose death penalty. This resulted in Boswell receiving a default sentence of life.

Bailey was grateful to her family, especially her husband. [7-year-old]Nahla was my daughter and she didn’t receive the death penalty. So am I,” Lancaster said of Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy.

Boswell had previously pleaded with the court for her life in court.[Nahla]Needs a mommy. I believe I can help her. Please don’t steal my life for the sake of my daughter.

Although Doug Peterson, Nebraska Attorney General did not address the decision directly in a statement but thanked the local police and the jurors that convicted Boswell.

“The criminal cases are coming to an end and the anniversary [Loofe’s]Peterson stated, “Death is near, and our thoughts are with you during this difficult time,”

The only dissenter to Monday’s ruling was Judge Peter Bataillon. He called the crime terrible and suggested that Boswell spend her entire life in prison. But he didn’t believe she had demonstrated ‘exceptional cruelty’, which is the legal requirement for a death sentence. While he didn’t elaborate, he said that he had voted for death sentences in the past.

Boswell's boyfriend during the murder, 54-year-old Aubrey Trail (pictured left), was sentenced to death in June for fatally strangling Loofe on November 15 of 2017 with an extension cord before he and Boswell (right) dismembered her body

Boswell's boyfriend during the murder, 54-year-old Aubrey Trail (pictured left), was sentenced to death in June for fatally strangling Loofe on November 15 of 2017 with an extension cord before he and Boswell (right) dismembered her body

Aubrey Trail, 54 years old and Boswell’s boyfriend in the crime of murder, was sentenced to die for strangling Loofe with an extension cord on November 15, 2017.

Judge Vicky Johnson described Loofe (pictured) as a 'helpless victim' who was targeted in a cold, calculating manner

Vicky Johnson, Judge Vicky Johnson, described Loofe as an ‘helpless victim’ and a target in cold, calculated ways.

The family of Sydney Loofe, from left, brother Levi, sister MacKenzie, mother Susie and father George - listen as Bailey Boswell is sentenced to life in prison

Sydney Loofe family: from left, brother Levi and sister MacKenzie; mother Susie, father George, and Bailey Boswell – Listen as Bailey Boswell sentenced to life in jail

Darla Ideus and Judge Johnson disagreed with each other and decided in favor capital punishment. Boswell was convicted of luring Loofe back into her apartment, where she lived with Trail. She also bought power tools in advance that could be used to remove Loofe from the body. 

These witnesses also mentioned statements that Boswell was sexually aroused and possessed thoughts about people being tortured or killed.

Johnson stated, “Boswell’s words and actions demonstrate that she did not care about Sydney Loofe beyond herself.” 

Johnson called Loofe a “helpless victim” who was targeted with cold and calculated intent. Loofe’s relatives lowered their heads as she spoke her decision in court. One woman wiped her eyes with a tissue. After the sentence, the family left court without asking questions.

Boswell was sentenced to death in October 2020 for first-degree murder, conspiring to commit murder, and improper disposal. 

To support their claim that Boswell (27 years old) deserves to be executed for her crime, the prosecutors provided graphic photos from an autopsy. The judges were shown parts of Loofe’s dismembered body, along with photos of her head, arms and legs.  

Trail’s 2019 trial witness, Trails’s women, said that they all were recruited through Boswell’s Tinder account in July 2017 and November 2017. 

Trail called them ‘daddy” and told them how they had sex together with Boswell, Trail and other women.

Aubrey Trail, 54, was sentenced to death last month for the 2017 murder of Sydney Loofe, a young woman he lured on Tinder

Aubrey Trail (54) was sentenced to execution last month for 2017 murder of Sydney Loofe (a young woman that he luring on Tinder). 

Bailey Boswell, right, listens during a hearing in August 2018 Saline County Court in Nebraska

Bailey Boswell (right) listens to the hearing at August 2018 Saline County Court, Nebraska

Trail was also described by Trail as Boswell’s ‘queen witch’, the women claimed.

The Omaha Herald reported that Trail’s witches were described by a woman who testified she was one of their members.

According to the testimony of the woman, she would have more power if the victim was tortured hours before the murder occurred.

Trail and Boswell took the woman to Walmart for groceries. They asked her whether she was available for her first “kill”.

Trail said that they will’save [her] for another day’.

“It all sounded very real. Very convincing,” she said to the court.

She claimed she was a member of the group that Loofe killed before she fled, and Trail and Boswell threatened her with murder if they found out about it.

One woman also testified that Trail & Boswell forced her to adhere strictly to their rules. This included making contact with them each three hours to inform them where she was.

Trail also forbade Trail from her wearing clothing.

According to the woman, he would punish her if she violated the rules. He choked her once with a belt and slapped her more than 10 times.

It was her testimony that Trail and Boswell spoke often about torturing or killing victims to help them grow their powers.

According to them, they spoke about cutting people’s eyelids out, scalping them, trimming their hair, making holes during sex and pouring acid on the skin before setting it on fire.

Trail was convicted of the same charges in 2019 and sentenced in June to death. A scar on his neck is visible from a hearing where he slashed his own neck in the courtroom, yelling 'Bailey is innocent, I curse you all!'

Trail was found guilty of similar charges in 2019, and sentenced to death in June 2019. From the trial where Trail slashed at his neck, visible in his neck, Trail shouted, “Bailey innocent! I curse you all!”

 One woman testified that Trail and Boswell had a killing bag – which they called ‘Bailey’s killing bag’ – that included a sauna suit, hammer and pliers.

She claimed that she had initially accepted to be a part of the killing. Before Loofe’s death, she also left the group.

Trail’s sex-cult also involves helping other people by selling and buying antiques.

According to the third witness, she only was interested in antiques and never desired to have sex.

Trail spoke about vampires, witches, and she said that Trail did not believe her. However, she stated in court that Trail and Trail often discussed killing and torture.  

Trail has made numerous changes to his story, but he did admit at his sentencing that Loofe was strangled with an electric cable, just as the prosecutors claimed. 

Loofe said that he had tied her up and murdered her after she misunderstood his lifestyle, including defrauding antique traders and using rough group sex.

Trail stated that she had no doubt that Trail would speak for others if they let her go. Trail was handcuffed in orange jail garb, was wheelchair-bound throughout the sentencing process. 

Trail confessed that he lied several times to authorities. He also plotted Loofe’s murder two- to three hours before she was killed. 

Boswell claimed he wasn’t there and that he didn’t know that. Judges Johnson, Ideus and Ideus did not believe this claim.

Trial did not apologize to the victim's family (pictured in court on Monday), saying it would be an 'insult' to do so

The victim’s family was not apologised by Trial (pictured at court Monday), as it would have been an insult to so.

Trail attempted to kill himself while in prison by cutting his throat, but it was not successful.

The court sentenced him to death for saying that he couldn’t care less about the type of punishment he was given.

The victim’s loved ones did not receive an apology from him, as it would have been an ‘insult to do so’. Boswell claimed that he is innocent, and that he didn’t participate in the murder.  

Trail, who was 12 years old at the time of his execution in Nebraska became the state’s 12th executed man. The trial was shortened by Trail, who slit his neck in court and cursed everyone for it.

The state´s most recent execution was of convicted murderer was Carey Dean Moore in 2018, after Moore dropped all of his appeals and asked to be killed. Before that, Nebraska´s last execution was in 1997.

According to a Nebraska Department of Correctional Services spokesperson, Boswell will become the 16th female serving a life sentence for first-degree killing. 

These men are on death row and are currently awaiting execution at Tecumseh state correctional institution.