After undergoing laser hair removal at a clinic, a woman claimed she felt ‘train tracks’ down her legs.

Kiren Amjid (29), said that she went to Avance Clinic, Derby, on October 30, for the ‘third, or fourth, round of laser treatment. She had previously received her sessions in this salon.

But Mrs Amjid, from Littleover, Derby, alleged she was left with severe burns and scars after the session and said her treatment had to be stopped because she could not cope with the pain.

Mrs Amjid stated that the manager told her to place frozen peas on her legs. But she later called 111 to report she went to hospital and received painkillers, as well dressings.

According to Mrs Amjid she was turned down by another technician for laser hair removal just weeks prior. Her tan was amazing.

It is recommended that people avoid tanning and sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to any laser hair removal session. This can prevent hyperpigmentation, burns, scarring, and skin cancer.

MailOnline received information from Avance Clinic telling them that they ask clients to fill out the appropriate information before each treatment. Then, both the customer as well as the therapist log and sign the records.

Kiren Amjid (pictured), 29, visited Avance Clinic in Derby on October 30 for her third or fourth round of laser removal treatment, having had her previous sessions at the same salon

Kiren Amjid (pictured), 29 years old, visited Avance Clinic Derby in October for her third- or fourth round laser removal treatment. 

MailOnline was informed by Carly Bartram (manager of Avance Clinic) that they cannot share any information about any client.

“But, we can also assure that we have protocols in place. These include clients giving correct information to us before any treatment commences. All of this is documented, logged and signed both by the client as well as our therapists.

Our patients receive aftercare instructions from us. This is to make sure that safe treatment outcomes are reached.

“About our employees, they are all fully certified and trained according to the best standards. They have the right levels of training to be legally able to perform any laser treatment as many as we do.

“The confidentiality and health of our clients are paramount to us.”  

Speaking about her appointment, Mrs Amjid said: ‘I think this was like my third or fourth session, and the usual lady who used to do it had actually left the business.

The Barclays project manager claimed she was left with severe burns (pictured) after the laser hair removal and said her session had to be stopped because she could not cope with the pain

Barclays Project Manager claimed that her laser hair removal session left her with severe burns.

“I attended my appointment with someone that I had never met before.

‘I informed her about it the last time she did it. They refused because they thought I was on my honeymoon. So, she explained that because of the tan, it can cause skin to become drier and it could also burn.

“I told the new person and she performed a patch test. She did two, one under my knee, and one at my hip. It was very painful.

Mrs Amjid said because of the pain she felt during the patch test, the technician did not do the laser hair removal treatment at the highest level. 

There are several types of lasers you can use to treat hair depending on how it is treated.

Even though she complained of the pain, Mrs Amjid said that the session went on until she began to scream so much that it was impossible for her to finish the treatment.

They asked. the manager, Ms Bartram, for advice and Ms Bartram told Mrs Amjid that this happens occasionally and to put frozen peas on any sore areas.

Mrs Amjid said, “At that time it was quite dark so I wasn’t able to see the extent of damage done. There weren’t any marks.”

“Carly said not to worry. To be truthful, I wanted to get out because it was awkward.

“I returned home, and the pain was so intense that it felt like my leg was burning. The salon has a cold air conditioner so that you won’t feel heat.

Mrs Amjid claimed she was told by the manager of Avance Clinic (pictured) to put frozen peas on her legs, but she said she later phoned 111 and went to hospital due to the pain

Mrs Amjid claims she was asked by Avance Clinic manager to place frozen peas on both her legs. She later called 111 to report the pain and said that she had to go to hospital.

“It was when I returned home that I stripped off and made frozen peas. But obviously, it only covered a small part of the injury and I couldn’t bear the pain.

“I called 111 to explain what had happened, and was instructed to take my husband to the hospital. That’s exactly what we did when my husband returned home.

Mrs Amjid received treatment at the hospital, including painkillers for the burn. After that she sent an email to the clinic explaining what had happened.

“It can happen to another person, but I was not happy with my service,” Mrs Amjid stated.

“Like, my entire leg was scarred. I did not even offer a suprise, it was simply ‘oh, it happens.

“She said to me that I was aware of the terms and conditions that had been signed that stated that laser hair reduction can result in light scarring. Although I knew what I had signed, it isn’t light scarring. I feel like I have tracks running down my legs.

Due to scarring, Mrs Amjid claimed she was unable for several months to undergo any further laser hair removal treatments.