After IVF treatment, a woman had her baby by the age 50.

Sharon Kollmar, from Long Island, New York, gave birth at the age of 50 after being desperate to extend her family, and have a baby with her fiancé, Gus, 60.

Sharon had an eleven-year-old boy, Aiden from a prior relationship. But Sharon always desired more children.

Sharon, who was single for almost a decade after her divorce, began to search for sperm donors.

Sharon Kollmar and her fiancé, Gus, decided to have a baby through IVF at the age of 50 and 60, after trying naturally

Sharon Kollmar and her fiancé, Gus, decided to have a baby through IVF at the age of 50 and 60, after trying naturally

Sharon gave birth to Bayleigh via C-section after doctors assumed she would be too big, but she was born weighing a normal 7lbs 13oz

Bayleigh was born to Sharon by C-section. She had been feared too large and doctors thought that she would not survive. However, she weighed a healthy 7lbs 13 oz

After explaining to her lifelong friend, Gus, who is now her fiancé, he suggested that the pair should strike up a relationship and try for a baby together.

Their daughter Bayleigh Emerson arrived in September after they spent $34,000 to get an egg donor.

Sharon stated, “I wanted to have more children.” Some people thought that I was insane for wanting to have more children.

“I had been to fertility doctors, who dismissed me because I was too old. They told me that even though my eggs were still viable, there were very slim chances of me becoming pregnant.

Sharon's partner Gus with their daughter Bayleigh. Long term friend, Gus, decided to offer Sharon help while she was looking for a sperm donor, and the pair ended up getting together

Gus, Sharon’s long-term friend and their daughter Bayleigh. Gus, a friend for many years, offered Sharon his assistance while Sharon was searching for a donor sperm. They ended up becoming a couple.

“I also was still single. When I was discussing everything with my male friend, he suddenly said “What about you?””.

“I hadn’t thought it through before, but it seemed like such a good idea. He was always a part of my life and that of my son.

“So we began to date, and since I was about 46 and he 56, we both started trying for a baby immediately.

When big brother, Aiden, saw baby Bayleigh for the first time, his eyes filled with tears and he told her that he had been waiting for her his entire life

When big brother, Aiden, saw baby Bayleigh for the first time, his eyes filled with tears and he told her that he had been waiting for her his entire life

Before having her daughter, Sharon received negative concerns from those around her with people saying it wasn't fair to bring a child into the world at her age

Sharon was surrounded by people who were concerned about her decision to have a daughter. 

“We tried for 2 years but hadn’t gotten pregnant. We looked at donor embryos, but the minimum age to get one was 45.”

“So we decided to look for donors eggs. We found someone who was matched in colour and also had fresh eggs.

“This process took $34,000. I also had to undergo rigorous preparation and physical testing.

Sharon, then 49 years old, underwent embryo transfer in January 2021. It was successful the first time.

Sharon was shocked when she received a call from her doctor to let her know that Sharon was pregnant.

It was her moment that she had been waiting over ten years for.

Sharon shared that her pregnancy was “pretty textbook”, although she said the baby was larger so it was more tangible.

‘But I love being pregnant.’

Sharon with son Aiden during her pregnancy. Despite already having a son from another marriage, Sharon had always wanted to extend her family

Sharon and Aiden, her son from another marriage during Sharon’s pregnancy. Sharon wanted to expand her family, even though she already had a son from another union.

“People can’t comprehend why we want another child when we are 50-60 years old,”

“My friends’ children were getting married and graduating from college. Some of my best friends had grandchildren.

“Gus is even an uncle and his daughter, 39. He has grandkids of 10, 12, and 15 years.

“So, people had trouble understanding it. But it meant everything to us.

Sharon's partner Gus with their daughter Bayleigh. Gus, while a new father, is also already a grandfather to three

Gus and Sharon with Bayleigh, Sharon’s new partner. Gus, who is still a newborn father, has also been a grandfather for three.

‘On 28 September, I had my waters broken and gave birth to our little girl by C-section. She was almost 10lbs and 50 pounds. My doctors incorrectly believed she would have been so. Meconium was in her fluids and she flipped over, making it difficult to deliver the baby.

‘So the C-section was a safer delivery for both baby & I. At 7 lbs 13 oz, she was smaller than expected.

Holding her in my arms was an amazing experience. It is so much fun to have a baby. This is as satisfying and rewarding as having a baby for the first time.

“People thought that I would regret, but it is something I will never forget.”

Sharon showing off her baby bump. Sharon's pregnancy was 'textbook' although the baby was bigger than Aiden had been, so Sharon felt morre during the pregnancy

Sharon showing her bump. Sharon was pregnant with her baby, which was “textbook”, even though the baby was larger than Aiden. Sharon was so happy during this pregnancy

‘When we brought her back, I put her in my arms and his eyes filled up with tears. He said that he’d been looking forward to her all of his life.

“It was special.”

Sharon and Gus are still holding four embryos, and Sharon is excited to have another child.

Although it’s a difficult transition from having one child to two children, she says she feels happier.

Sharon said, “I want to offer hope to those who believed their chances of parenthood were over.”

“You should have faith, live your own life and not follow the example of your family or friends.

“Just because your age is a bit higher doesn’t make it any less important to keep the doors open.”

“People believed it was unfair to have a child in the world when we were too old. They would likely not be around to watch them grow up or be an embarrassment to their parents as they age.

“But it’s better not to be born to elderly parents than never, and there is no guarantee that someone who gives birth to a baby at 25 will have the opportunity to raise that child. Accidents and illnesses can happen any time.

“I was certain that I was going have more children. Even though it wasn’t clear how. But I always knew this: It would happen.

“I could’t be more happy.”