An Eco-warrior who feels sorry for her mother in-law wrapping gifts with glitter paper is called ‘insufferable, sanctimonious’. She admits that she searches her recycling bin and finds things she hasn’t recycled.

  • Mumsnet user reveals that she was upset when her mother-in-law made use of glitter paper
  • According to the woman, she went through her mother in-law’s garbage cans looking for recyclables.
  • The commenters were divided over her disrespectfulness or righteous behavior.

After criticizing her mother in law’s use of non-recyclable wrapping papers, a woman was called’sanctimonious’ and she admitted to digging through the trash bins for recyclable material.

After discovering that their gifts were wrapped in glitter paper, the anonymous woman contacted Mumsnet (a British parenting forum) to inquire if she was entitled to upset her husband’s mom. 

Elle added that her husband is likely to look through the bins of the elderly woman and become frustrated by the number of non-recyclable materials.

According to the recycling fan, she and her husband could eat the paper together in peace. But it would be difficult.

She posted the following: “Am I being unreasonable to be sad that MIL wraps presents in glitter paper?” Commenters were stunned by how disrespectless the couple displayed by looking through the bins of the older woman. 

Others called her insufferable and encouraged her to “get a handle” on the matter. However, other people understood her view and expressed frustration.  

A woman who dislikes her mother-in-law using non environmentally-friendly products has admitted to going through her bins to recycle the plastic she's just throwing away (stock photo)

A woman who dislikes her mother-in-law using non environmentally-friendly products has admitted to going through her bins to recycle the plastic she’s just throwing away (stock photo)

She explained that she and her husband often felt the need to go through her bins to check for non-recyclables

She shared that her husband and she often felt the need for her to search through her bins in order to find non-recyclables. 

Others advised them not to focus on wrapping paper one day, while others claimed they were entitled to express their displeasure at the environment.

The woman spoke out about finding presents and said that she knew we tried really hard to recycle.

“We always find recyclable plastic in our general waste bin. As we put the glitter paper in the bin, my DH and me will need to chew our lips.

I know that my husband wants to express his opinion, but this will hurt MIL and make her feel unworthy. Glitter is not something I like!

Some commenters thought that the couple were picking a fight over nothing and that the couple were terrible for going through her bins

Some commented that they were fighting over nothing, and the couple weren’t good at going through the woman’s bins.

Whenever we are around, ‘DH’ tends to go through his mom’s trash bin and pull out at least 5-6 cans or plastic pieces that could be recycled.

‘Mil can’t be bothered which really p****s us off! It is done to show how much she can throw away instead of recycle.

A commenter, furious that the idea was so sad, tried to explain by saying, ‘YABU! and a huge hypocrite. It is more harmful to the environment that glitter paper, and your children.

A second person said that they didn’t seem eco-friendly, and added: “Well, rather than putting the glitter paper into the bin, you could reuse it for future gifts. I believe YABU is a good idea for having your MILs look in your bin.

Some commenters thought that ecologically glitter was terrible and the couple had a right to be upset

Some people thought ecologically glitter was horrible and that the couple was right to be unhappy.

Third person added: “It isn’t ideal but it’s for the sake of God – it will be one day!” It’s impossible to make others think in the same manner as you, so feeling sad is absurd. You can reuse it. You can’t go through the garbage without finding words.

Many others, however, sympathized with the couple’s fears. One individual shared his solutions: ‘Can she tell her that you prefer any presents to be unwrapped, or put in bags that can be re-used on the day?

One person agreed with the statement that it was something to worry about. Glitter is so environmentally damaging that it should be outlawed. You can only do your best to make sure that glitter does not get into water systems.

Third person added: “This would fill you with rage. Your concerns are environment and I understand that, however, it’s difficult to eliminate the bloody glitter off every surface.