After allegedly discovering that her boyfriend had been unfaithful, a scorned woman wanted to exact the final revenge by throwing her prized TV and PlayStation 5 from their third-story windows.    

Atlanta resident, the unnamed woman was caught by Nora Fitzgerald on camera throwing their partner’s stuff down on the sidewalk. Fitzgerald then posted the footage on TikTok where it went viral.   

Nora claims that the woman, whose identity remains unknown, took her boyfriend’s expensive items, such as his PS5 and flat-screen TV. She then tossed them out the third-story window of her apartment, breaking them. 

You can see various items flying out of your apartment, and then tumbling down to the lot below. There was also a pile made of broken glass.

Revenge: A scorned woman was filmed throwing her 'cheating' boyfriend's television and PlayStation 5 out of her window, after she allegedly found out that he'd been unfaithful

Revenge: After discovering that her boyfriend had been cheating, a scorned woman was caught on camera throwing out her cheating boyfriend’s TV and PlayStation 5 from her window.

Viral video: One of the woman's neighbors, Nora Fitzgerald (pictured), from Atlanta, captured the moment and shared it to TikTok, where it has since been viewed thousands of times

Viral video: Nora Fitzgerald, a neighbor from Atlanta captured the moment, and she shared it with TikTok. It has been viewed thousands upon thousands of times since.

Payback: According to Nora, the woman decided to take all of her boyfriend's valuables and chuck them out of the window of her third story apartment after she discovered his infidelity

 Payback: According to Nora, the woman decided to take all of her boyfriend’s valuables and chuck them out of the window of her third story apartment after she discovered his infidelity

In the clip, various items could be seen flying out of the apartment and tumbling to the parking lot below, where a pile of broken glass already sat

You can see various items flying from the apartment, and then tumbling down to the lot below. A pile of broken glass was already there.

While the actual person behind the objects was not captured, the man who did the throwing could be seen looking out at the window in dismay with his arms wide open.

‘That’s a TV and PS5 out da window, allegedly don’t cheat on an Atlanta h*e, there are consequences,’ Nora, who lived a few doors down from the woman, wrote in the video. 

‘This b***h is crazy, throwing out all of her man’s s**t,’ she also said. She threw out a whole television here.

Other neighbours were also present and filmed the scene.

Another clip was posted several hours later. Nora went downstairs to have a better view of what had been thrown out.

Other than the television and the gaming console, there were broken lamps, mirrors and pillows as well as clothing and other items that were laid on top. 

The person hurling the things wasn't showed on camera, but a man - who appeared to be the owner of the stuff - could be seen standing outside and starring at the window

Although the person who hurled the items wasn’t captured on film, a man could be seen outside looking at the windows and appearing to be the property owner.

In another clip, posted hours later, Nora headed downstairs to get a clearer look at what was thrown outside

A second clip of Nora’s journey downstairs, which was uploaded hours later, gives a more detailed look at the outside.

She said, “I’m hoping he gets what he deserved,”

Nora stated in a third video that someone told her the front desk that the woman was later caught following the man with anaxe and that police needed to intervene. reached local law enforcement to confirm. 

The former couple wasn’t back together. She didn’t give any more details. 

Many individuals shared their opinions on the matter in the comments section. Most were supportive of the woman. 

One person laughed and said, “It’s sweet she would return it to him. She’s so kind, thoughtful.”

One other agreed, saying: “All I see are mature queens helping him pack.”

Another person wrote, “Look at this like this. She saved him so many trips getting his stuff.” “She got it done faster.”

In a third video, Nora claimed that someone at the front desk told her that the woman later got caught chasing the man with an axe, and that the police had to get involved in the end

Nora claims that someone from the front desk informed her that the woman chased the man later with an axe and that police needed to be involved.

She also said that the former couple - whose identities are not known - was not back together, but didn't share any further information

Also, she said the ex-couple (whose identities aren’t known) was not back together but that they didn’t share further information.

Many people took to the comment section to share their thoughts on the ordeal, and most were on the woman's side

A lot of people commented on the incident, with most supporting the women’s side.

Some viewers, on the other hand, slammed the woman for her 'messed up' and 'uncalled for' actions

On the other side, some viewers criticized the woman’s ‘uncalled-for’ and “messed up” actions

“Aww! She’s only helping him move!” A different TikTok user commented.

“Females of Atlanta are different.” “We don’t do that,” was the fifth message. “I would go over to help her.”

One person also wrote, “Not me Teleporting Through the Screen Tryna Catch That PS5 Because I Still Don’t Have One.”

Others, however, condemned the woman for her “messed up” and “uncalled for” actions.

One wrote, “This is uncalled for.”

Another person said, “Just take him out and not break his stuff.” “Breaking out his stuff? This is just crazy!”