According to some reports, a female found dead in her back yard was attacked by her two own dogs as she tried to end a dispute with her neighbors’ dogs. 

Investigators say that Tiffany L. Frangione, 48, and her two dogs engaged in a brawl with her neighbour’s dog while she was outside. When she tried to  intervene, her pups turned against her, leaving puncture wounds on her neck.  

While police still await autopsy results in order to confirm Frangione’s cause-of-death, however, the medical examiner has already confirmed that it is. The Houston Chronicle determined that her death was an accident and listed the cause of death as “blunt force trauma to the neck with perforating injuries and mechanical asthma.” reported. 

Police say they believe Tiffany L. Frangione (pictured) was mauled to death by her two dogs when they got into a fight with her neighbor's dogs while in her backyard

Police believe Tiffany L. Frangione (pictured), was attacked to death by her dog and her neighbor’s dog while they were fighting in Tiffany L. Frangione’s backyard

According to her posts, in 2019 Rachirius Maximus (right) and Masha (left) had puppies together and said she was 'truly blessed'

Her posts show that Rachirius Maximus (right), and Masha (left), had puppies in 2019. She said she was “truly blessed” with them. 

Tiffany L. Frangione's backyard where her body was discovered on Friday after police say they believe she was mauled by her two dogs

Tiffany L. Frangione found her body in her backyard on Friday. Police believe that she was attacked by her dogs.

The 48-year-old is believed to have been attacked by her two beloved dogs, a female, three-year-old Alaskan husky mix named Masha and three-year-old male Cane Corso mix – a breed of pit bull – named Rachirius Maximus.

Frangione has owned both dogs since they were puppies, with Masha coming into her life at just three-weeks-old and Rachirius Maximus when he was nine-months-old. 

Houston’s BARC Animal Shelter has confirmed that these dogs were involved in’s deadly attack

According to the shelter, they had been handed over by Frangione and her husband were both injured in the attack. They are due to be put down on Monday.  

Frangione, a loving owner of her dog Frangione, posted photos of the dogs on social media. Frangione even set up Instagram accounts to share their pictures. 

She posted that she felt ‘truly blessed’ after Rachirius Maximus had puppies with Masha in 2019. 

In a 2018 post, Frangione said Rachirius Maximus was born in Dubai and was previously a guard dog. 

Frangione (pictured) was a doting owner to her pups, proudly posting photos on social media and even creating Instagram accounts for both of them

Frangione, pictured (pictured), was an adorable owner of her dogs. She proudly posted photos to social media as well as created Instagram accounts for them both.

In a 2018 post, Frangione said Rachirius Maximus (pictured) was born in Dubai and was previously a guard dog

Frangione stated in a 2018 blog post that Rachirius Maximus was born and trained as a guard dog.

Frangione was mauled by her two dogs, including a five-year-old Alaskan husky mix named Masha (pictured)

Frangione, a 5-year-old Alaskan Husky Mix named Masha, was able to maul her and attack her. 

Pictured: America's most dangerous dog breeds involved in fatal attacks between 2005 and 2017, with pit bull's taking the top spot, being responsible for 284 deaths

Photo: America’s Most Dangerous Dog Breeds. The following are the fatalities from 2005 to 2017. Pit bulls topped the list, with 284 of them being involved in attacks.

The caption read, “I arrived in the United States to visit my brothers and sister all the way from Dubai,” she wrote. She also included a photograph of Pitbull. ‘I was called to protect a compound belonging to the sheiks. However, I felt conflicted about my love and kindness and between what job I had been hired to do. I decided to let go of my previous bodyguard duty and begin my life as someone who loves and protects my new masters. 

Texas and Houston are two of the most dangerous areas in America for canine attack and dog bites. 

Houston was the scene of two vicious dog attacks that occurred in August. They were just miles apart.   

After being attacked by the husky on his way to school, a 12-year-old boy sustained serious facial injuries. A few hours before that, a 67-year-old man was critically injured by two pit bulls a few miles away while on an early morning walk. 

There were 433 dog-related deaths in America between 2005 and 2017. 62 of these occurred in Texas.

Attorney Brian White of the Harris County Dog Bite Lawsuits said that there have been 1,671 dog bites in Unincorporated Harris County between 2013-2016. This is Houston.

Houston, which saw 85 dog attacks against postal workers in 2019, is the second-worst U.S. metropolitan area. Los Angeles came second with 74 attacks and Chicago third with 54. According to U.S. Postal Service.

Pit bulls are still America’s most dangerous breed, with 284 human fatalities between 2005 and 2017. Rottweilers came second, with 45.