One woman was called insane after admitting that her boyfriend makes her FaceTime during 12 hours of work at Amazon. 

The woman, who is named Nela and is from Fresno, California, explained in a recent TikTok video that she makes her boyfriend, Jose Macias, stay on the phone with her the whole time he’s at work – and many of her followers found it unsettling.

A firestorm has broken out over her admission. Nela was called extensive and not normal by many, and even one person said Nela needed to seek help. Jose also responded that Nela should be released from their relationship. 

A woman was branded 'insane' after she admitted she makes her boyfriend FaceTime her during his entire 12-hour work shift - because she said she 'doesn't trust' other females

After a woman admitted to FaceTiming her boyfriend during her 12-hour shift, he was called ‘insane’. She said that she doesn’t trust other women and she is now branded insane.

The woman, named Nela, explained on TikTok that she makes her boyfriend, Jose Macias, stay on the phone with her the whole time he's at work - and her followers found it unsettling

On TikTok, Nela explained that her boyfriend Jose Macias keeps her on the phone while she’s working. This was a disturbing revelation for her followers.

According to Nela, she does have faith in her beau - who works in an Amazon warehouse - however, she doesn't trust the women that he works with

Nela said that she believes in her boyfriend, Amazon Warehouse worker Nela. However, Nela doesn’t believe in the women with whom he is working.

Coming under fire: Her admission has sparked a firestorm of responses - with many people calling Nela 'extensive' and 'not normal,' and one even said she 'needed to get help'

Firestorm: Nela’s admission has been criticized. Many people have called her ‘extensive’, ‘not usual’ and one said that she needed help.

Nela claims that she believes in her man, but doesn’t believe the women with whom he is working.

She wrote, “My boyfriend must FaceTime me his entire 12-hour shift,” in the viral TikTok. It showed them all on FaceTime as he packed Amazon boxes, and she washed dishes. He doesn’t know me, I trust him. I just don’t trust his female counterparts.

She captioned the quote, “Might quit work and go to work with him,” 

This video has been viewed more than 4 million times since its posting last month. People quickly began to post harsh comments about her request in the comments section.

Someone wrote, “OK. This is crazy.” One person added that this was not normal.

“If you can trust him, it is possible to trust that if someone approaches him and asks him about his girlfriend, he will either tell her or disregard her,” another person said.

The fourth observation was: “If he is going to cheat it will happen regardless of whether you are watching him.”

The video, which gained more than four million views since it was posted last month, caused quite the stir - and people quickly started to flood the comment section with scathing remarks

It has received more than four millions views since last month’s posting. This caused quite a stir and many people began flooding the comment section with harsh remarks

'Girl, you buggin',' one person wrote. Another added, 'This isn't normal'

Another wrote, “Girls, you buggin” A second person said, “This is not normal.”

In another TikTok, Nela explained that when her boyfriend is at work, she feels 'sad and depressed,' which is another reason why she wants to be on FaceTime with him

Nela stated in another TikTok that her boyfriend makes her feel sad when she’s at work. That is one reason she would like to FaceTime with him.

On his own account, Jose actually called Nela 'toxic' after he said she made him send her a picture to prove he was at work and not somewhere else

Jose claimed that Nela was ‘toxic’ and called him Jose after he told her to send him a photo of himself at work.

“I’m sorry. He’s going leave you at the end. This was me when I was younger and it takes its toll on men. It’s better to make a change quickly, wrote another viewer.

TikTok users commented, “Yikes that is way too much,” I feel sorry for him. You sis, if there is no trust it won’t work. 

“No, this is too extensive,” a second person said. “If your man cannot handle women properly, then you have a problem.”

He’s still working. You must give him some space, or else he’ll get bored. 

Another message said: “Girls, you buggin,” and “You need help.” 

Nela said in another TikTok that she is sad when her boyfriend goes to work. That is one reason she would like FaceTime with him.

She said, “My boyfriend is my best friend.” “So, when he is at work, I feel sad and depressed.

Jose claimed that Nela was actually toxic after she demanded that he send her pictures to show him at work.

In another, he admitted that Nela was threatening to 'break up with him' because he 'worked too much’

In another, he admitted that Nela was threatening to ‘break up with him’ because he ‘worked too much’

However, Jose couldn't stop gushing over his girl in other videos, and insisted he would never cheat on her

Jose could not stop talking about Jose’s girl in the other videos. He insisted that he wouldn’t cheat on her.

Unbothered: It appears that the harsh rebuke didn't phase Nela because she went on to share a follow-up video of her and Jose on FaceTime again during a different work shift

Nela was unbothered by the harsh criticism. She shared a second video with Jose via FaceTime during another shift.

He wrote, “My girlfriend be so toxic that she be forcing me to send her screenshots showing what time it is I clock in,” in one his videos. 

Another time, he said that Nela threatened to break up with him for working too hard.

Jose could not stop talking about his girl and made it clear that he wouldn’t cheat on her. 

Another wrote, “My girl: Now that Amazon has you working for them, you should not entertain any other females.”

Me: entertainment only with the packaged packages [’cause]I was the most miserable. 

A different clip was added by him: “Don’t ever cheat with your partner.” A [nut]it isn’t worth all of the work and time that you have put into your relationships.

Nela apparently didn’t mind the harsh reproach because she shared a follow up video on FaceTime with Jose again, during a new work shift. 

‘FaceTiming my boyfriend part two, so I know he isn’t flirting with girls,’ she captioned it.