In Indiana, a woman that had been with a sugar daddy three years told me the man she paid her $2,000/month and all she needed was to text him.

Bailey Hunter from Indiana said that she met him while working at Buffalo Wild Wings as a waitress.

The two began communicating back and forth. When she shared her financial woes with him, he began sending her thousands.

Bailey claims that they did not have a sexual relationship. He would give her lavish presents like concert tickets to VIP concerts, designer bags and clothes.

One time, he gave her a credit line to be used ‘for any purpose she chose’.

A woman just revealed that she had a sugar daddy who paid her $2,000 a month just to text him

Just recently, a woman revealed to me that her sugar daddy paid $2,000 per month for text messages.

Bailey Hunter, from Indiana, said she met the man while working as a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings

Bailey Hunter is from Indiana. She said that the man she was dating came to her while working as a server at Buffalo Wild Wings.

They began texting and when she opened up to him about the financial struggles she was facing - he started sending her thousands of dollars

She started to text him and when she shared her financial woes with him, he sent her thousands of dollars.

Bailey shared Bailey’s story via TikTok. It quickly became viral, with over seven million viewers. 

“I used to have a sugar daddy who paid me $2,000 per mois just to text him. Not even for pictures but just to text,” she said in the video. 

“The best way to meet him isn’t through a site. I worked as a waitress at Buffalo Wild Wings. As a waitress, I was actually serving at this table.

“It had been him and this very young girl. I knew right away that it was a sugar dad-type relationship. No judgement. Just get your money, girl.

“So, they are just speaking with me. He leaves me $100 on his $40 bill as a tip when he walks away. His business card was also with him.

Bailey stated that the man is a CFO of a large company and left her before she was able to thank him. She decided to text him to express gratitude. 

They began to message back and forth after this, Bailey stated. She said that the conversation was casual, and it felt almost like she was talking with an old friend.

According to Bailey, they never had a sexual relationship, and he would often treat her with gifts like VIP concert tickets, new clothes, and designer bags

He also helped her pay her bills and at one point, he even gave her a credit card to use 'for anything she wanted'

Bailey claims that they did not have a sexual relationship. He would treat Bailey with gift cards, such as VIP tickets to concerts, designer clothes and bags.

Their relationship lasted for three whole years, until she moved out of state and decided to end it

They were together for 3 years before she left the state to start a new life.

The video caused quite the stir online, and many people said they were jealous of Bailey's situation

It caused quite a stir on the internet, with many saying they were jealous Bailey’s situation

She said, “I would just vent to him as I would vent about any other friend,”

Bailey was just about to purchase her house. She began complaining to him about financial problems that come with homeownership.

She explained that her dishwasher had broken the day after my washer. Then he sent me the money.

Bailey claims that Bailey began sending Bailey money, eventually asking her to go out on a date.  

“He would always come to work with me so that I could get comfortable with him,” Bailey shared. Bailey explained that Bailey was constantly talking with Bailey.

On their first date they went to the shops and bought each other Victoria’s Secret bras and perfumes. They also purchased a Michael Kors bag.

Bailey stated, “Then he bought VIP tickets to EDC Orlando. He also bought concert tickets to Cardi B.”

The TikToker claims that she knew very little about sugar daddies prior to this. She said that it was not something she used to seeing because she lived in Indiana in a small community. 

According to the TikToker, she didn't know much about sugar daddies before this. Living in a small town in Indiana, she said it was not 'super common' so she wasn't 'used to seeing' it

The TikToker claims that she knew very little about sugar daddies prior to this. It was uncommon for her to see it in Indiana as she grew up in small towns.

When Bailey eventually moved to another state, she and the man stopped talking, but she was determined to find that again with someone else

Bailey moved on to other states when she met her husband. She was not able to talk to him again, but Bailey wanted to do it with someone new.

In another video, Bailey said she is now using an app called Meete-Meet New Friends, where  you earn points simply by messaging guys. You can then exchange the points for money

In another video, Bailey said she is now using an app called Meete-Meet New Friends, where  you earn points simply by messaging guys. The points can be exchanged for cash.

Bailey moved out of state when the man she had been living with stopped speaking to her. But she wanted to reunite that conversation with another person. It wasn’t quite as common as she believed. 

“I’ve got to” [an app called]She shared that she was searching for a similar arrangement and is now Seeking Arrangement. 

“Then, I realized that I was a unicorn. Most sugar daddies don’t just want to text. It was enjoyable while it lasted.

Many commenters expressed envy for Bailey’s position and caused an online stir. 

“What does it feel like to follow my dreams?” One person asked, “How does it feel to live my dream?” One person wrote: “I look at God, and ask him, “Why isn’t me?”

‘Universe, do you hear me?’ Another person said it. 

Another TikTok user commented: “That is really super sweet. You can trust a man who has good intentions and just wants to be there for you.

Bailey also stated in another video that she now uses Meete-Meet New Friends which, according to the app store, is a platform to help you connect with people via chat or video to start meaningful relationships.

Bailey explained how you can earn points by simply messaging other guys on the app. You can exchange these points for real cash. 

She added that even if you do not like the man you are talking to, you still get paid to speak to him.