On a recent American Airlines flight, a passenger was’sandwiched” between two extremely overweight passengers.

Sydney Watson (an Australian-American conservative political commentator) documented her struggles for comfort and personal space during three hours of flight. TwitterHowever, she was rudely awakened when American Airlines refused to take her excessive complaints seriously.

Watson wrote Watson October 11: “I am currently — literally – WEDGED among two OBESE persons on my flight,”

“This is not acceptable. It is fine for fat people to want to be overweight. However, it’s something entirely different when I am stuck between you and your arm rolls, on my body for 3 hours,” she wrote. She also included two photos of the arm rolls. 

American Airlines tweeted Monday that they were sorry for the inconvenience caused by their passengers. We are sorry that you felt uncomfortable during your flight.

Sydney Watson documented the process of enduring a three hour flight stuck between two obese siblings for her twitter followers

Sydney Watson captured the three-hour flight between two obese siblings and shared it with her Twitter followers.

American Airlines told Watson it caters to passengers of all shapes and sizes

American Airlines informed Watson that it accommodates passengers of all sizes and shapes.

Watson took issue with the dismissal, pointing to specific ways in which she was uncomfortable during the flight because of the limited space she was afforded

Watson reacted strongly to the dismissal by pointing out specific discomforts she felt during flight due to the small space available.

Watson shared another picture of her skinny legs squeezed between the bodies that surrounded her

Watson posted another image of her thin legs squeezed in between the body and Watson.

The picture Watson mentioned here never materialized

Watson’s picture was never realized

Watson is an Australian-American conservative commentator with more than 300,000 Twitter followers

Watson is an Australian-American conservative commentator who has over 300,000 followers on Twitter

Watson was deeply disappointed with the response of the corporation and wrote: “This is their official reply that I am being sandwiched between two obese people.”

‘Holy sh*t. So, I’m expected to have only a quarter of a seat when I fly?’

“I was just touched, sweaty, and smacked in my face for hours without any personal space.

“And your reply is in essence ‘too terrible’?” Are you sure that’s what I’m doing? “Is that what I’m getting here?” she asked, while tagging her airline.

She has shared her embarrassing flight experiences to 317,000 of her Twitter followers.

I don’t care about what it is. My entire body is being touched contrary to my wishes. I can’t even put the arm rests down on either side because there’s no f***ing room.’

“I get sick of thinking that being overweight is normal. You can be assured that it’s not.

She said, “If your seat belt needs to be extended, you’re too fat to fly on a plane.” “Buy 2 seats or fly.”

Watson said that Watson first asked one of her obese passengers to exchange seats. Watson was likely to have been siblings with him.

‘He says, ‘no. She wrote, “That’s fine :),”.” ‘…and I began to shriek internally.

Watson seemed in disbelief that American Airlines failed to acknowledge her gruesome experience

Watson appeared disbelieving American Airlines did not acknowledge Watson’s gruesome experiences.

American Airlines said passengers can select how much space they get on a flight by picking their seat ahead of time - and possibly paying more to ensure personal space

American Airlines stated that passengers have the option to choose how much space they want on their flight. They can also pick their seats ahead of time and pay more to guarantee personal space.

Later, she wrote: “Both fats and sweating on my”

“I have realized that if I move forward I will be less discouraged.” The only problem is that the man behind me keeps his seat back, and I get smacked in my head every time he adjusts his chair.

“Humiliating,” she wrote. She then added two crying emojis. “This will be the beginning of my villain arc.

Watson wrote: “I am off to the plane!” at the conclusion of the saga

The only thing that saved me was EVERY single flight attendant’s apology. The flight attendants had to apologize. We shared a great laugh.

“They told me they would have offered to give me free alcohol if I asked.”

Watson stated that Watson had not booked the middle seat with American Airlines herself, but that it was booked by an organization that booked it for her.

One Twitter user responded to American Airlines: ‘If your passengers come in all different shapes & sizes, why are your seats only wide enough for medium-sized people?’

‘We offer a variety of seat sizes and styles, so our customers can select what works best for them,’ replied the corporate account before linking to a page that shows the various classes (economy, business, first) passengers can sit in.

Daily Mail did not receive a response from American Airlines to our request for comment.