After pointing out that a man was using a non-gender neutral toilet in a concert venue, a woman revealed the pain she felt.

Mumsnet posted the following: The woman complained about the man using women’s restroom after she noticed that there was a huge queue but not enough people waiting.

After she stated that she was entitled to the restroom before him, other people in the line ‘turned against her’ and claimed that he was rightfully allowed to go. 

Mumsnet users jumped to her defense, with some claiming that the man was “a creep” and others adding: “I’m certain there were other women who silently agreed with you.” 

A British woman has revealed how she was slammed by fellow concertgoers after she took issue with a man using a gender neutral toilet at a concert venue

British woman reveals how concertgoers attacked her after she raised concerns about a man who used a neutral, gender-neutral toilet in a concert hall

She posted on the site, “Went to live music venue last evening.” For context, she wrote: “In a very woke coastal town on the south coast.” 

“At night’s end, I stopped by the loo to get a drink before heading home. The queue was long for women, but there wasn’t a real one for men.

‘I joined the line and saw that the person ahead of me was not a man keeping his partner company as she waited. It was actually a man wanting to use the restroom. He wasn’t transgender, but a man who was drunk.

Continued she: “I told the man he was in an incorrect queue, and pointed to the gentlemen. He stated that he would like to use the toilets. 

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman revealed she took issue with the man using the woman's bathroom after noticing there was a lengthy queue for the restroom but nobody waiting to use the gents

Mumsnet user, the woman stated that she had a problem with the man using women’s restroom after seeing a line for it and no waiting.

“I asked him why and he answered that they were gender-neutral so he can. I don’t know whether they are, but they most likely are because they were carrying a lot of arrows.

“I stated that I was a woman who needs to be able to use women’s facilities, and that I would take care of it before he.”

She said that others in the line immediately criticized her and revealed: “The queue of females turned against me and said I couldn’t block him. Repeating, these are gender neutral toilets. 

He said that I couldn’t use a urinal, and I went to the loo before him. After I was done, I asked the woman in front of me to use the loo. She did. 

Other users on the site gave a mixed response to her comments, with some branding the man 'a creep' for trying to use the bathroom

Others on the website had mixed reactions to the comments. Some called the man “crazy” for using the toilet. 

“He was blocked by me, and the other women were furious at me. They said he could use these restrooms as a right.

The Government’s plans to eliminate ‘gender neutral facilities’ will allow men and women to use their respective toilets. 

The Government’s plans to eliminate ‘gender neutral facilities’ will allow men and women to use separate bathrooms.

Recently, single sex cubbies have been dismantled and replaced by facilities where females and males can mix.

The Mail on Sunday learnt, however, that transgender lobbyists would not be able to use public toilets or office spaces. However they will need to have separate bathrooms as a standard. They can also offer another “safe space” for people who require it.

A Whitehall source told the MoS: ‘For dignity, security, and safety – the proper provision of separate men’s and women’s toilets is important. 

“We are investigating options for separate toilets to maintain the current standard.”

This is part of an ongoing review on publicly accessible toilets. 

These proposals also include disabled toilet provision.

Transgender rights activists and feminists are arguing that gender neutral toilets can be a problem for women. 

According to a YouGov poll, less than one percent of 20 female respondents supported replacing male and female lavatories in favor of gender-neutral options.


“Did I do something wrong?”

She continued: ‘I’ve thought about contacting the venue to understand what their loo provision is and asking was it right to have a man in the ladies (or are they gender neutral? Is it possible to use “gents “)?'”?

Mumsnet users, however, were less certain that she was guilty of any wrongdoing.

An outraged individual wrote, “How sad were the women who turned on me.” It is important that we all stand united and support each other. He was an evil man.

Another commented, “Good for you.” Your description shows that the bathrooms don’t conform to gender neutral requirements. The fact that the men have their own restrooms also indicates sex discrimination. This must be stopped. 

Another wrote, “Sounds strange.” Men are entitled to separate loos, but women have the option of using sex neutral loos.

They should all be equally gender neutral. Do you think this is an acceptable arrangement? (Never go outside.) 

Another added comment: ‘Well done. He sounds like an idiot. I am sure other women were in line silently agreeing to your point.

Some others criticised her for pushing the man in front, however.

One said, “You forced someone to use gender neutral facilities. And you also encouraged another person to do so.”

‘And you’re asking us how come all the others in the line were p****** at you?’

The  Old Vic theatre scrapped its men and women toilets and replaced them with ‘self-selection’ facilities that can be used by both genders in October 2019.

Waterloo, the historic London theatre, had already promised to double the amount of women’s toilets as a way to tackle the issue of lengthy queues at the loos.

Instead of male and female toilets being replaced, cubicles or urinals can now be used both by men as well as women.

The move prompted criticism on social media especially because the theatre had in 2018 run a £100,000 fund-raising campaign featuring Joanna Lumley and Glenda Jackson that specifically promised more women’s loos at the venue.

Women will have 24 bathrooms under the new system, but they would still have to share them with their male counterparts. However, only men can access 42 facilities and urinals.

Caroline Criado Perez, a feminist campaigner said via Twitter that she had scanned through her photos because it was the time I approvingly tweeted about @oldvictheatre Crowdfunder specifically for more “ladies loos”. Yes. The ladies were not told that they would be able to use the loos.

Elle said that theatres had “ended up giving men 18 capabilities practically speaking only for them plus 24 which they share with their wives.”

So that leaves 42 male access. Women have 24 rights that are shared with men, while women can access them. How is this an improvement?