The woman stripped down to her clothes to make use of her dress at an ice cream counter in Argentina.

  • The footage shows the shocked reaction of the shoppers when the naked woman walks into the shop.
  • This woman is from Argentina and she’s trying to make a mask with her dress
  • Even though she was wearing no masks, her request for service was quickly denied

It was this moment that an Argentinian woman bravely entered an ice cream parlour wearing only her underwear because she wanted to wear her dress as a mask.

It was filmed in Godoy Cruz (western Argentina province of Mendoza) at approximately 10.40 p.m. on January 1.

The CCTV footage shows a father with his daughters approaching the counter and placing their orders. A woman is seen entering the parlour in her underwear.

The woman nonchalantly entered the parlour in Argentina wearing nothing but her underwear

In Argentina, the woman entered the salon in her underwear.

The father can still place orders even though he’s wearing a mask under his nose.

But, the woman half-naked is instructed to wear a mask and tie her black skirt around her neck.

Evidently, the mother protests when her father raises his mask above his nose in order to not be told off.

The fearless woman then tried to use her dress as a face mask to comply with local health laws

Fearless, the woman tried then to use her gown as a mask for local health regulations

After the shop staff did not accept her gambit, the woman promptly leaves the shop without getting redressed

The woman quickly left the shop after the staff rejected her offer.

After being told no, she gives up on trying to tie it and walks out of the shop.

Cronica reports that the woman was accompanied by 10 others who arrived at an ice cream parlour without a mask.

Staff members were told by the unnamed woman that she said: “Don’t ask me for my mask. I’m going to put it on.” 

Cronica explained that 11 icecreams were finally purchased by the group of friends after someone found a face mask.