The man who she believed to be her father whipped her mother with a plastic tray has been revealed by a woman.

Lauren Brown (23 years old) from Bognor Regis received a message from Wayne Morris, 47 explaining that he was sorry and she might want to call the police.

Panicked Lauren ran to her mother Ruth Brown (52), for help. But sadly she had already died.

Lauren was shocked to discover that Morris, the man Lauren had been seeing for six years and who she’d been living with since childhood, beat Lauren to death using a tray. Then, Morris fled three days later.

Morris was sentenced to life imprisonment in February of this year.

Lauren, a bartender says that Wayne seemed to be so great for her family. I considered him a father.

Lauren Brown has revealed how her mother Ruth (pictured together) was bludgeoned to death with a plastic tray by Wayne Morris during lockdown, the man she thought of as her father

Lauren Brown, her mother Ruth, has shared how Wayne Morris locked her down and bludgeoned her to death using a plastic tray. Wayne Morris was the man Lauren thought she considered her father.

Morris battered mother-of-two Ruth Brown (pictured) to death with the plastic tray in an attack not long after moving in with her, but claimed in court that he had no memory of the assault

Morris beat Ruth Brown, mother of two children (pictured), to death using the plastic tray. He claimed that the attack happened not long after he moved in with Brown.

“I don’t understand what he did.” I love Mum deeply and feel traumatized.

Lauren was inseparable from her mother as a child.

Lauren comments: “I rarely saw my biological Dad so Mum was really close to me and they shared all our secrets.”

Many years later, Ruth started dating Morris, Lauren’s father, in March 2014.

Lauren states that Wayne had been a friend to the family for many years, so it was not surprising that he and Mum were married.

“They were always feisty and they could be seen making each other smile. Wayne wasn’t always there for us but was almost over every day.

Ruth's partner, Wayne Morris, now 48 and Ruth Brown, 52

Ruth's partner, Wayne Morris, now 48 and Ruth Brown, 52

Wayne and Ruth moved in during lockdown to continue seeing one another.

Lauren says Wayne had been a family friend since she was young before he started dating Ruth

Lauren said Wayne was a close family friend when she was young, before Ruth started to date him.

He bought mum flowers, cooked dinner for her and was a wonderful host.

“Soon he was a father figure for me, and I named him Daddy Morris while he renamed me Adopted daughter.

Lauren met Sam Hunter in May 2018 when she was 20 years old. Hunter is a 26-year-old fishmonger.

Lauren left the home in April 2019 to move into a new place with him. After that, he visited Ruth and Morris frequently.

However, in March 2020 the Coronavirus pandemic put the country under lockdown.

Lauren says that’my regular visits with Mum and Wayne had become telephone calls. It was very difficult to not see them.

‘Later that month Mum called me to inform me that Wayne was moving in with Mum because they couldn’t see each other.

Pictured: Lauren and her mother Ruth with whom she says she was very close growing up

Pictured are Lauren and Ruth, her mother Ruth. Lauren says they were very close as children.

I thought it was very logical, and I felt so grateful for their efforts.

Three days later, Lauren got a text message from Morris while Sam and Lauren were home.

It said: “Hi, princess. Just to tell you that I love you. And I will forever love you. Sorry, it wasn’t meant that way. It might be a good idea to call the police to visit your mom’s house, as she is not feeling well.

Lauren says: ‘I felt sick. It was all I could have hoped for.

“I called Mum, Wayne and got no response.

Wayne Morris, 47, had been staying with Ruth, 52, at her home in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, during the first coronavirus shutdown last April

Wayne Morris, 47 years old, was staying with Ruth (52 year-old) at their Bognor Regis West Sussex home during last April’s coronavirus shutdown.

Sam offered to come over, but after he arrived he called me back and told me that he could not get into the house because it was locked.

Sam ran to me and found a tool in his shed. He smashed my bathroom window. Both of us climbed into the shed.

“As I shouted for Mum,” Sam ran upstairs and into her bedroom. Wayne was not there.

“Suddenly I heard Sam calling the police to say that he found a corpse.

“In shock I ran screaming out of my house. Sam found me out and wrapped his arms around my neck.

“It was all a blur.”

A few moments later, police arrived to remove Ruth’s body and Lauren presented Morris’ text messages to other officers.

Morris was captured by police at the Isle of Wight on the following day.

A post-mortem revealed Ruth died of severe head injuries sustained during the trial in February 2021. The plastic tray that was found inside the kitchen as well as a part outside the house, caused her death.

Morris moved Ruth upstairs after the brutal attack and attempted to clean up the kitchen.

Lauren Brown, now 23 and Lauren's mother, Ruth Brown, 52

Lauren Brown, now 23 and Lauren's mother, Ruth Brown, 52

Lauren describes Lauren’s mom (pictured alongside Lauren) as an ‘incredible, caring person.

In the days that followed, he ordered takeouts, drunk cider, and smoked marijuana in the home.

Lauren received a text from him, and he flew to the Isle of Wight.

Wayne Morris (47), of Bognor Regis, was found guilty at Brighton Crown Court of one murder charge.

He was sentenced with a life sentence and is required to serve at least 17 year.

Lauren says that Wayne claimed he had been drunk when he took the stand and could not remember murdering Mum.

He did it to her and I became hysterical. My entire family must now live with the disgusting acts for the rest their lives.

“If it wasn’t for my family I don’t know what I would have done.

“Mum was such an amazing, bubbly and loving woman that life is so much more difficult without her.

“I miss my mother every day.”