The woman complaining that her pink turkey destroyed Christmas has been told to buy gammon

  • Zoe messaged NL Woodcock Butchers in Oldham saying she was ‘disappointed’
  • Butchers pointed to her earlier message and ordered a complete gammon joint
  • She realized her error and apologized.
  • Butcher offered it free of charge because it’s his best laugh this year.

The butcher told a woman that the pink turkey she bought had ruined her Christmas.

Zoe sent NL Woodcock Butchers, Oldham, Greater Manchester, a message stating that she was’very disappointed” after she cooked what she originally believed to be a 12-pound turkey.

Because it was still very pink, she put the food back into the oven. After that, she gave up, and had Christmas dinner “two hours late without any meat”.

Zoe later discovered that it was actually Gammon when she went back to the kitchen.

The butchers responded to her complaint by pointing out that she had previously complained about a full gammon sandwich without turkey.

The customer realized her error and apologized. Later, she commented that she was a “pillow” because of the fact that there were no other turkeys left.

Neil the butcher saw the humor and offered to give a free turkey breast because it was his best laugh.

A woman complained to a butcher that her pink turkey ruined Christmas - only to be told that she had bought a gammon joint (file photo of turkey)

The butchers pointed out her previous message showing she ordered a full gammon joint (file photo) that didn't come with turkey

Zoe sent NL Woodcock Butchers a message stating that she was disappointed after she cooked what she thought to be an 12lb turkey. File photo, left, but it turned out to have been a gammon sandwich (file, right).

The Facebook exchange pictured above. Fortunately the butcher saw the funny side and even offered to drop off a turkey breast for free because it was the 'best laugh he's had this year'

Above is the Facebook exchange. The butcher was able to see the humor in the exchange and offered to give a free turkey breast because it was his ‘best laugh’ this year.

Zoe posted a message on Facebook to the butcher: “So we cooked the huge 12 lb turkey yesterday. When we carved it, it was still very pink so we had the oven turn it off again.

“One hour later, we pulled it out once more but it was still pink. My husband cut it up and then put it back in as we believed it would take less time to cook this way.

We gave up, and had Christmas dinner with no meat two hours after it was served. After I returned to the kitchen, I took a bite of the dried-out meat outside and realized it wasn’t turkey. It was very disappointing, I must say.

Neil said: Hi Zoe. We are sorry. But, looking back at your past messages, it appears that you purchased the hamper 6. This was the complete gammon sandwich and did not come with the turkey.

Zoe wrote back: ‘Oh god I’m such a t***. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

She said, “Oh well, Christmas couldn’t be any worse since my entire family except me has Covid.”

Neil answered the question, “We’ll drop you a boneless turkey breast Wednesday.”

“The price of the laugh is not important, it’s my best joke this year. We wish all family members well. 

Social media users reacted to the post, with one saying: 'So she never ordered let alone the difference', while another simply said: 'Priceless'

The post was retweeted by social media users, including one that said, “So, she never ordered nor the difference,” while another wrote, “Priceless.”

They shared their exchange via Facebook, and added: “Looking after customers.” We thought it was hilarious, Zoe.

The post was retweeted by social media users, one of whom commented: “This is funny!”

Another said that he would definitely say this, and a third wrote that she had never even heard of the difference.

The fourth was: “Priceless”.

Zoe wrote alongside laughing emoticons: “I am so happy everyone had a big laugh at our stupidity.” 

As a response to another comment she said: “Apparently, I am a pimpock.”

MailOnline reached out directly to the butchers in order for additional information.