Miss France is insisting that she is a “feminist” despite being crowned Miss France. However, equality ministers rules state contestants have to be single and under 25, with a minimum height of 1.9m.

  • Diane Leyre (24), a self-described feminist, was crowned Miss France 2022 
  • Parisian real estate agent competed with 28 other women
  • Elisabeth Moreno from France, the Gender Equality Ministry, has criticized the rules of this pageant 

Miss France was crowned today and has responded to the criticisms by insisting that her gender is equal.

Diane Leyre (24) lives in Paris and was elected Miss France 2022. The glittering ceremony was watched by more than 7,000,000 people.

There are strict rules for the pageant. Contestants have to be at least 1.9m tall and less than 25 years old.    

Elisabeth Moreno from France was the Gender Equality Minister. She spoke out to BFM TV about her views on the pageant, explaining that “it’s been 100 year that it exists, that it has celebrated France’s elegance, and that it’s not the competition itself, but its rules which I find backward-looking.” 

France's Gender Equality Minister, Elisabeth Moreno, has labelled the rules of the Miss France pageant 'backward'. Pictured: Diane Leyre being crowned this year's winner

Elisabeth Moreno from France, the Gender Equality Ministry, called Miss France’s rules “backward”. Pictured: Diane Leyre, this year’s Miss France winner 

Why can’t Miss France be ironic? What makes Miss France so obnoxious about breast cancer?  

“I understand now. Because it gives women hope and makes the French smile, it is easy to understand why they want to win. We can alter these rules, but that is not the most important thing. So that they can adapt to 2021.

Miss France and many other beauty pageants have been accused in the past of encouraging unhealthy body standards.  

Diane Leyre has an international business degree and acknowledged criticisms after being crowned. She beat 28 other women.

The Local reported Diane as saying that she wanted to prove that women can be Miss France, and feminists. Feminism is me deciding what I want. 

Roselyne Bacelot, Culture Minister said that everyone needs a touch of humor and that contestants are far from being unworthy of trophies. 

Diane (pictured) who has a degree in international business, has responded to criticisms of the pageant by insisting that she is a feminist

Diane (pictured) who has a degree in international business, has responded to criticisms of the pageant by insisting that she is a feminist 

On Saturday, Miss France organizers announced that the requirements to not be married will be changed.

Alexia Laroche Joubert is the head of Miss France. She also said that discussions are underway to include transgender people in the Miss France pageant to modernize it. 

In a post encouraging people to follow her social media accounts, the official Miss France Instagram account announced Diane as the winning contestant.

A commenter said: “Well done @DianeLeyreOff!” It was well due. You’re elegant and photogenic with great charisma.

‘Totally deserved! One wrote that she is stunning and expresses her feelings very clearly.

Another said, “She is transcendent, charismatic and elegant.” I am too proud to be a beauty queen.

A second added: “So pleased that Diane has been elected Miss France. I followed her campaign since then and I was confident that her natural abilities and confidence would be successful.”

Organisers of the Miss France annual pageant have revealed the rule stating women must be unmarried will change. Pictured: Diane at the ceremony

The Miss France pageant organizers have announced that the rules that women cannot marry will be changed. Diane, at the ceremony 

A number of fans of the pageant have taken to Instagram gushing about Diane's win against 28 other women

Many fans took to Instagram to praise Diane for her win over 28 other contestants.