Alison Hammond gifted a 10,000-bag woman with a This Morning Tote. This left her stunned and in shock.

Angela Clarke 55 from Glamorgan has amassed 10,000 pieces from all around the world in the past four and a half decades.

This has created a record of Britain’s changes in high streets, as well as an illegible reminder of times when people were more aware of the dangers of littering.

Alison met the collector today during the program before offering her a This Morning Tote stained with her makeup that she was hiding under her top.

Many viewers were in laughter over the segment. One viewer wrote, “This is top tier entertainment”. 

Bag collector Angela Clarke, 55, from Glamorgan, was left blown away after Alison Hammond presented her with This Morning tote from her bra today - leaving viewers in hysterics

Bag collector Angela Clarke, 55, from Glamorgan, was left blown away after Alison Hammond presented her with This Morning tote from her bra today – leaving viewers in hysterics 

One wrote, “This must be a joke segment. The idea is to make the interviewer or journalist take it seriously and then give them a funny story. 

Angela caught the plastic bag bug in 1977 when she was 11, before the Queen’s Jubilee. 

Angela recalls that her father brought a black bag with a silver crinoline lady in from Jersey. Angela loved the bag so much, she put it in her bedroom as a poster.

Angela started collecting them from that point.  

Many viewers were left in hysterics over the segment with one calling the programme 'top tier entertainment'

The segment was a huge success and many viewers were in shock. One viewer called the program ‘top-tier entertainment’. 

Angela was carrying 200 bags one year after starting her collection. 

Noel Edmonds hosted a BBC Children’s program called Multicolored Swap Shop on Saturday mornings.

Angela replied to the show asking if people have unusual hobbies, or collect unusual items.

Angela was able to travel from Aberdare, England to appear on the program.

Angela, who was visited at home by Alison for the segment today, was bitten by the plastic bag bug ahead of the Queen's Jubilee in 1977, when she was 11

Alison visited Angela at her home for today’s segment. Angela was just 11 years old when the plastic bag bug bit.

She shared a childhood snap as she posed with one of her all-time favourite bags which helped to spawn her passion

One of her childhood photos showed her posing in front of one her favourite bags, which was what sparked her passion. 

Alison asked her about her favourite bag. She pointed out a Swap Shop bag which she got while she was on the show with Noel Edmonds.

But she cautioned: “It’s in poor condition, because the bags survived the fire and were able to withstand the water.” We were homeless.’

The bags were only able to survive because of their plastic storage containers. 

Angela has her oldest carrier bag, which was made in 1954 and is pink with white stripes. It holds her mother’s veil. 

Meanwhile Angela said she was looking for bags for the upcoming jubilee and for the Olympics (pictured)

Angela also stated that she was searching for bags to carry for the forthcoming jubilee as well as for the Olympics. 

Angela stated that she was still looking for bags for both the Olympic Games and the Jubilee.

Alison continued to question the bag enthusiast about Spin to Win. She said: ‘Do you know they have that bag of what Phil refers to as ‘The Bag of Shizzle’?

“Babes, what are you doing?”

Alison pulled out the tote between her cleverage. While Angela gasped: ‘No!Rochelle, who could be heard from the studio saying: “She hasn’t got it in her bra!”

The bag collector beamed with joy as Alison pulled a This Morning bag, which had been stained with her makeup, from her cleavage

Alison, who was a proud bag collector, exuded joy when she took a This Morning bag from her cleavage that was stained with makeup. 

Alison said, “I’ve got a bag that money can’t buy. It’s warm from being in my cleavage.” You could wash it if you have my makeup on. This bag is a must-have for every day.

“This is yours. A little of my makeup. Do you think this will make it into the collection?

Alison exclaimed: ‘It’s unique! My life is about diversifying my bag collection. However, my husband still gets annoyed when I purchase bags from the supermarket. I will sign it later. 

The segment was met with hysterics by viewers, one of whom wrote: ‘Can we have the rest about plastic bags?

Another said: “Just switched to an actual crazy bag woman!

One third comment: “Would Alison’s sweaty-boob juice bag be a good idea?”