After her husband bought a lamb leg, a woman was furious and posted on social media saying she would return the meat to the grocery store because it had been too expensive.

Posting on the What’s on in Ramsbottom Facebook page, Rozalia Linder explained that she sent her husband Clive to buy a leg of lamb from Tesco and was stunned after he returned home having spent £30.86.

She stated that she would take the meat (weighing in at just over 5lbs) back to the grocery store to demand a return, while also pointing out how many families are unable to afford this amount of money for their weekly food. 

Although the post received hundreds of comments quickly, Rozalia found that the overwhelming majority of them were supportive and arguing for the value of farming.   

A woman has been blasted after her post about planning to return a leg of lamb (pictured) because of the price went viral on Facebook

One woman got railed after her Facebook post regarding returning a leg lamb to the farmer (pictured), went viral.

Rozalia Linder admitted that she was 'absolutely mortified' after her husband Clive returned home with a leg of lamb bought for £30.86

Rozalia Linder admitted that she was ‘absolutely mortified’ after her husband Clive returned home with a leg of lamb bought for £30.86

Rozalia stated that Clive, Rozalia’s husband, questioned the value of the leg in-store but decided to purchase it anyway.

In her furious plea for intervention to lower future costs, she also shared an image of the meat.

Rozalia wrote: ‘I sent Clive to Tesco for a leg of lamb…

‘£30.86p!!!… Absolutely Mortified at the price!! He did question the price and accepted the answer and paid….. however, I’m not prepared to pay this!!

‘Some families don’t even have £30 a week to feed their children

“Something must be done. Tomorrow, I’ll be returning this item to Tesco and asking for my refund !!!!!!’ 

Rozalia’s accusation that Tesco overcharged for the lamb price prompted a flood response.

One reader wrote, “I encourage you to farm sheep. You will find that the price paid is more fair than you thought.” £30 for a leg of lamb four years ago, would be too much, but now, with the current inflation, don’t be surprised if the same leg of lamb is priced at £40 by the end of the year’

A flood of comments on the post argued the price of the meat is representative of how expensive it is to own a farm

There were many comments that the article was controversial. Many argued that the prices of the meat are indicative of how costly it is to have a farm.

Another person said that if you want to understand the cost of food production, then spend some time working in a farm. It’s not an exaggeration to say that keeping animals is costly, particularly when you consider it your business and livelihood, is understandable.

Is this just a joke blog post? The problem here, surely, is you? It was purchased by the husband, who paid it for and is happy with it. But when he returned home, you are furious. Tesco is not to blame. I think he was released after he paid the shown price. A third comment was made.

Fourth: “British Lamb is the Most Expensive Meat You Can Buy” British lamb is not affordable for low-income people, and that’s why you shouldn’t give it as an example.

“Farming in Britain is a costly business. It’s especially so when you consider lamb. So it’s great to see British farmers supporting British agriculture. If you want cheap lamb go to Farm Foods, it will be frozen c*** but it will be cheaper. We hope that no Clives were hurt during the incident. 

Others argued Rozalia can use the lamb to make more than just one meal and that it would be wasteful to return it because Tesco can’t resell to another customer.

One advocate for bulk buying wrote, “Hmm… with some vegetables that leg lamb could stretch for a few days and feed a whole family for a while.” Compare a £30 leg of lamb with the quantity of veg you get and nutritional value to a one meal family takeaway. 

Others justified the price of the lamb, explaining that it can be used to make multiple meals and last a few days

Other people justified the cost of lamb by pointing out that the meat can be made into multiple meals, and it will last for a couple days. 

“If it’s cheaper, bulk buy at wholesale butchers. It’s from Tesco with a British label, and… 

Another stated that if Tesco reimburses you, and throws out the meat (which they will have to do), it cannot be resold. It’s not for you. But it is a terrible waste.

“Use of foodbanks has risen to an unprecedented level. I get you’re p***** off with Clive but honestly this is a live and learn situation. Make lots of delicious meals with it. Don’t let the meat go to waste by asking for a refund.