Woman whose £685 Balenciaga trainers went missing when she went ice skating at London’s Winter Wonderland claims staff told her she ‘should feel grateful’ after giving her Primark plimsolls to wear home

  • Hyde Park Winter Wonderland: A woman claims her shoes were stolen 
  • On TikTok she posted that staff had given her Primark shoes to replace them 
  • Respondents encouraged her to request CCTV, and demand that her shoes be billed. 

One woman, who switched from designer shoes to skates in order to take part in a fun ice skating event claimed that staff provided her with budget plimsolls when her expensive designer shoes were lost.

Posting under the handle @sev_xx the woman took to TikTok, explaining that she gave her £685 Balenciaga trainers to staff at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland before enjoying her time on the ice.

But she claims she was then made to go home in shoes from Primark after her pair of trainers were ‘stolen’.

This clip has been seen almost 3 million times. Some people have responded that they had experienced similar events at Winter Wonderland. 

A woman took to TikTok to complain about her £685 Balenciaga trainers going missing at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland at the weekend. She's pictured here at the London event in the shoes before they went astray

A woman took to TikTok to complain about her £685 Balenciaga trainers going missing at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland at the weekend. Here she is in her shoes, as they were before going missing at London’s Winter Wonderland. 

The woman claimed to have been wearing Balenciaga trainers, currently priced at £685 (pictured), before swapping them for ice skates

The woman claimed to have been wearing Balenciaga trainers, currently priced at £685 (pictured), before swapping them for ice skates 

In the caption, she wrote: “Go Winter Wonderland on your own risk.”

The photo was shared by her. Complete with her Balenciaga shoes on the day she went missing,

She said, “We went to Winter Wonderland with these shoes,”

She said that she went skating with her husband and gave me my shoes at the spot where I was supposed to leave them.

She presented a photograph of Primark’s plimsolls that she received and stated: “And this’s what I’m leaving behind.” £600 gone down the drain.’ 

TikTok videos have attracted over 5,000 comments, with many people asking the woman for compensation for her shoes that she lost.

One comment was made by the woman. She claimed she received a staff member telling her that she should feel grateful for new Primark sunglasses.  

The woman said an employee gave her shoes from Primark (pictured) to wear after they were unable to find her trainers

After they couldn’t find the trainers she needed, a Primark employee offered her shoes (pictured),

The woman responded to a comment on her video, claiming staff told her to 'feel grateful' that she was being given new shoes

A comment was made by the woman in response to her video. She claimed staff said she should feel grateful that new shoes were being provided to her. 

The woman (pictured) shared a clip of the desk where visitors leave their shoes in exchanges for ice skates

The woman claimed £600 had 'gone down the drain'

This woman shared the clip (pictured right), which shows visitors leaving their shoes at the desk in return for ice skates. 

A person said that they had experienced a similar situation. He claimed: “This almost happened to me yesterday. I made a big fuss about it and wouldn’t leave until they find them.” A member of staff at the bank robbed them.

Another stated, “OMG, this happened to me one year ago!” They took my friend’s Uggs and we refused to give them up. I asked for CCTV to prove that they had found us.

It’s funny how Primark has Primark shoes in this size. It is possible that they had different sizes. The third said, “Definitely planned”.

A second comment was added: “The company should buy you a pair of new shoes, they left your property under their care. It’s their responsibility.”

Responding to criticism, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland spoke out saying that “we are investigating an isolated incident of theft at the Ice Rink.” We spoke with the visitor, and suggested she report the incident to police. Any allegations of theft are serious and we will cooperate with relevant authorities in order to solve this matter. 

A stream of responses to the video urged the woman to request CCTV footage and demand compensation for her shoes

The video received a stream of replies. She requested CCTV footage to prove her innocence and demanded compensation.

The Ice Rink is never unattended and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland follows strict lost property policies. We work hard to make sure that any valuable items are returned to us. 

Organisers of the holiday attraction say that new trainers will be provided to people for them to use home during investigations into the disappearances at the Ice Rink. They want to make sure no one goes home without shoes.

The authorities will then be notified and they can work together with their lost property team, customer service staff, or the police if anyone files a report. 

There is no evidence that staff took visitor property. They would “act quickly to remove them from their staff and call the police if necessary.”