Are you able to write letters for the Queen? Royal Household advertises for new £23,500 ‘assistant correspondence officer’ to help respond to ‘thousands’ of notes

  • To work in the palace, Queen is looking for an assistant correspondent officer
  • It involves responding to letters sent to the Royal Household  
  • Based at Buckingham Palace, employee will receive up to £23,000 annually

To respond to the letters of royal supporters, Buckingham Palace is in search for a new staff member. 

LinkedIn advertised the job of Assistant Correspondence Officer for the Royal Household to the monarch at 95. 

The listing explains the successful candidate will be ‘drafting a letter that someone will never forget’ and responding to ‘thousands’ of notes sent by members of the public.  

Depending on experience, the salary being offered is up to £23,500  per year for working Monday to Friday.

The Queen, 95, is looking for a new member of staff to help respond to letters written to Buckingham Palace by royal fans

The Queen is 95 and looking for someone to assist her in responding to royal fan letters to Buckingham Palace

The job advertisement states that candidates must have ‘administrative skills’ as well as ‘excellent written communication skills’.

Meanwhile they should also be ‘detail focused and capable of processing a large volume of correspondence’ as well as ‘well organised’ in their approach to daily work.’

Further, the advertisement stated that you will need to have confidence in drafting letters and use your IT skills to meet tight deadlines.

“Above all you will love working with your team and being able to share your knowledge in an exciting environment. 

The monarch advertised for the role of Assistant Correspondence Officer at the Royal Household on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, the monarch posted for Assistant Correspondence Officer in the Royal Household 

In their search for the ideal candidate, they describe the following: “It’s being part of a team that has a common purpose and engages with the public while supporting the Queen’s role. 

“This is the reason why it’s so extraordinary to work for The Royal Household.

Every year, thousands of letters are sent to the Royal Household.

As part of the Correspondence Unit you will have to work quickly and efficiently in order for each person to receive a well-written response.

“Everyday you will reply to all letters from the public to answer various, often unusual queries and general wishes.

According to the job advert, candidates should already come with 'administrative experience' and 'excellent written communication skills'

The advertisement stated that applicants should have previous administrative experience and excellent written communication skills.

You’ll feel proud about the letters you have responded to and will be able to monitor them all. This will help you deliver consistent high standards.

“In this manner, you will support The Royal Household’s important work.”

It continued: ‘ The successful applicant will work Monday to Friday with a starting salary of £23,500 per annum. 

The role includes comprehensive benefits, such as 33 days of holiday (inclusive Bank Holidays), pro-rata, an employer pension scheme, training, development and a retirement plan.

It comes after Princess Eugenie, Zara and their families celebrated the double Christening of the Queen’s great-grandsons.

Fears arose that Her Majesty might not be there after she missed the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph because of an injury to her back.

The 95-year old cancelled her Remembrance Sunday appearance and warned that “none of us could slow the passing of time”. This was via the speech of the Earl of Wessex, who delivered the address after the monarch had failed to address Church of England’s National Assembly for the first time during her 69 years of reign.

However, she told courtiers that her intention was to attend this weekend’s christening of their first-born children by Princess Eugenie (31) and Zara Tindall (44) in Windsor.

How to get hired at Buckingham Palace 

Charlotte Davies is a LinkedIn career expert and shared her top tips. If you’re thinking about throwing your hat in the ring, here are three handy tips that could boost your chances:

1. Don’t be intimidated. It’s a unique role (with a very high-profile boss!) – so few applicants will have direct experience. As with any role, be sure to highlight the transferrable skills you do have – in this case, it could be managing large and complex projects or working under pressure.

2. Your social media presence should be professional.Employers are more likely to search online for potential candidates so making sure you present your professional personality is vital. Keep your LinkedIn up to date and ensure other public channels don’t contain anything that would make any of the Royals blush!

3. Brush up on your interview etiquette. You don’t want to be the person who accidentally gives the Queen a thumbs up – even if it is via video call! This role requires candidates to have impeccable manners. Outside of practising your bow and curtsies – attentive body language and steady but friendly eye contact are both really important for giving a great (virtual) interview!’