Would you choose a home on an island: An Isle of Wight townhouse or a converted Church on the Isle Of Skye.

  • Let’s take a look on two islands and see which one you like best.
  • The Isle of Skye property has one house, while the Isle of Wight home has the other. 

Have you ever thought about living off the grid and on an island, but not as a rat? It may seem impossible to travel to the Caribbean, but it is possible to live on an island.

Here are two properties that we look at for sale in the islands of Britain.

The properties listed for sale are identical, with one located in the Isle of Skye and the other at the Isle of Wight.

Which island home would you pick? A townhouse on the Isle of Wight or a converted church on the Isle Of Skye?

What island would you choose? Would you prefer a house on the Isle of Wight, or an old church on the Isle Of Skye as your home?

What home of these two for sale on Zoopla would you prefer? 

In our latest survey, we ask this question Battle for property series.

1. Six-bed house, Isle of Wight, £310k

We are pleased to announce that the Isle of Wight is the first property in the latest Property Battle Series. It can be found off the southern coast of England.

Isle of Wight’s beaches are well-known, with Ventnor and Shanklin being two of the most popular. There is also a lot of vintage beach huts.

Three white chalk rocks, called The Needles at the western tip of the island, are protected by a lighthouse.

This Grade II listed house on the Isle of Wight is being sold by estate agents Watson Bull & Porter

This Grade II listed house on the Isle of Wight is being sold by estate agents Watson Bull & Porter

The six-bedroom townhouse is in the county town of Newport, slightly north of the centre of the island

It has six bedrooms and is situated in Newport county, just north-east of the island’s central area.

The island currently has a Grade II listed house for sale, which is currently on the market for £310,000 via estate agents Watson Bull & Porter.

This property is a terrace and has six bedrooms.

Zoopla’s Dan Copley stated: “Ripe to renovate, this period house located in Newport’s heart has all the ingredients for a lovely family home. 

“With its large interiors and spacious layout, you could reconfigure it to create modern, larger rooms that can be used for living.

2. Five-bed house, Isle of Skye, £310k

A property on sale at Dunhallin (the Isle of Skye) is located at the other end of Scotland’s mainland.

Thomas Telford designed the building in 1829. It was once the Waternish Parish Church.

While the property is now divided in two, it retains many of its original features like the porch doors. The property could be converted into a family home or rented as a holiday rental.

This five-bedroom property on the Isle of Skye is being sold via estate agents The Skye Property Centre

Estate agents from The Skye Property Centre are selling this five-bedroom home on the Isle of Skye

The property was designed in 1829 by the architect Thomas Telford and was previously the Waternish Parish church

Thomas Telford designed the property, which was previously Waternish Parish’s church.

There are a total of five bedrooms at the property, which is on the market for £310,000 via estate agents The Skye Property Centre. 

Dunhallin lies midway on the Waternish Peninsula in a scattered crofting community.

Mobile banks, library services and other mobile amenities are provided to this community. Portree, which is the capital, can be found 24 miles away.

Copley said, “Homes on the Isle of Skye are even more beautiful than these.” 

It was once a parish church, designed by Thomas Telford. Today, the two-part property is divided, but it could be easily combined to make one big, spacious home. 

“It has a lot of period features, ecclesiastical window and other details that make it look grand.” 

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