Amanda Knox opened up to sharing her concerns about telling her daughter her unjust Italian murder conviction. She also admitted that her concern about her family’s scandalous death, Meredith Kercher’s death, led her to not want her surname to be passed on to her children. 

Raffaele, the 34-year-old boyfriend of Amanda, was also convicted for Kercher’s murder in 2007. Both were sent to jail, but Amanda was released by the Italian Supreme Court. 

Rudy Guede from the area was also convicted after Kercher’s DNA was discovered on him and in her room. 

Amanda, however, has returned to the US to marry and have had children. She says the impact of Amanda’s murder conviction, as well as the public speculation that followed her trial, continues to be a significant part her daily life and her new role in motherhood. 

A podcast called Call Her Daddy has a brand new interview with the mother-of-one. The woman, Eureka Muse Knox Robinson, gave birth to her first daughter several months ago.

“I’ve thought about…” [the moment I have to tell my daughter]Alex Cooper spoke out in support of her. “That moment she says “That is not fair” first, that’s the one I am not most looking forward to. 

Amanda Knox says she is not looking forward to telling her daughter about the 'unfair' murder charges that were brought against her back in 2009

Amanda Knox states that her fear of telling her daughter all about the 2009 ‘unfair murder’ charges against her is what she’s not looking forward too.

The  34-year-old, who is from Seattle, Washington, went to study abroad in Perugia, Italy, when she was 20 years old

The  34-year-old, who is from Seattle, Washington, went to study abroad in Perugia, Italy, when she was 20 years old

When her roommate Meredith Kercher was killed in 2007, she, along with her boyfriend at the time, Raffaele Sollecito, were wrongfully convicted for the murder

Meredith Kercher, her roommate, was murdered in 2007 and she was wrongly convicted along with Raffaele Solecito (her boyfriend at that time), for her murder.

She was sentenced to 26 years imprisonment and spent four years in an Italian prison before she was acquitted by the Italian Supreme Court in 2015

Her sentence was 26 years, and she served four years in an Italian penal colony before being released by the Italian Supreme Court.

Amanda is convinced that sharing the story with her daughter will help her gain a deeper understanding of human suffering. It will also make her see that life isn’t fair. A view she’s afraid to share with Eureka.  

‘Because, like, when you reach the point of understanding whether or not something is fair or not, you’ve reached a level of sophistication to understand a level of human suffering, and that can be deep,’ she continued.

“Life isn’t fair. For no good reason, bad things can happen to people who are kind. This existential crisis is real. Life is unfair.

‘I’m going to let her guide her own understanding of my case. She’ll ask questions, she’ll want to know.

‘She’s going to know from being around me that there’s something about this justice system that is a little questionable, and when she’s ready, she’ll ask me. And I’m going to be totally honest.’ 

Over the years, Amanda has continued to maintain her innocence – a sentiment that she echoed during the interview, during which she clearly stated: ‘I didn’t f***ing do it.’   

Amanda still admitted to considering not passing along her famed surname to her children. She was afraid it might forever be tied to her case, the scandal surrounding it and especially when it comes down to questions about Amanda’s sex life, and past relationships. 

“I did it!” [consider leaving my last name out of Eureka’s name]. The whole issue of like is: “Do I embrace or deny my identity?” She agreed.

“But there’s nothing wrong with me. It has been a common belief that there is something wrong about me or my sexuality, but this isn’t true. 

Amanda recently welcomed a baby girl, named Eureka Muse Knox Robinson, with her husband Chris Robinson (pictured), who she married in 2018

Amanda and Chris Robinson were married in 2018. They recently had a baby girl named Eureka Muse Knox Robinson.

She said during an appearance on Alex Cooper's Call Me Daddy podcast that she is not looking forward to her daughter finding out what she went through

During an interview on Alex Cooper’s Call Me Daddy podcast, she said that her daughter will not find out about what she had gone through.

She said: 'I’m going to let her guide her own understanding of my case. She’ll ask questions, she’ll want to know. And I’m going to be totally honest'

She said: ‘I’m going to let her guide her own understanding of my case. She’ll ask questions, she’ll want to know. And I’m going to be totally honest’

I’m trying to push back and say that this isn’t my fault. My daughter is able to accept that there’s nothing wrong. I can also embrace that fact that she’s my mom even though I try my best to keep her safe from the forces beyond my control. 

Amanda said that many believe she was involved in the murder because of how she reacted to the events. This was documented by paparazzi.

The now famous video shows the woman with her boyfriend standing in front of Meredith’s house, moments after her body was discovered by police.

“There was an over-and-over three second clip. Raffaele looks at me in a three second clip, kissing me and hugging my face. She explained that this clip showed Raffaele and her boyfriend, who are both psychopaths.

Raffaele said, “It was actually happening, and I was afraid.” 

Amanda said that Meredith was murdered because of Amanda’s reaction.

Filomena was Amanda’s roommate at the time Meredith was found dead. Amanda, however, waited in a different room. Filomena began to weep, while Amanda did not. She said that it was unfair to portray her as a negative character.

According to her, the only reason she did not have an immediate reaction to learning that her friend had died was due to language barriers. 

Despite being acquitted and someone else being charged for the crime, there is still much debate about whether or not Amanda committed the murder

Amanda, despite being cleared and another person being accused of the crime is being held responsible for it, remains open to debate.

Amanda explained that the police focused their attention on Amanda’s behaviour after she discovered the crime scene. Filomena and me differ in that Filomena was able to see into Meredith’s bedroom, while I could not. Filomena also saw Meredith’s corpse with her eyes, while mine did not.

‘Filomena starts screaming her head off and crying and everyone starts screaming in rapid Italian and I’m like, “What the f**k is going on?” We’re all ushered out of the house and I’m left shell-shocked going, “What’s going on?” and hearing little scraps of everything, while Filomena is crying hysterically.

“Immediately the cops look at both roommates, one of whom is crying while the other isn’t. It is possible that this was the point when everything went horribly wrong. The two women look at one another and both are clearly disoriented and confused. There are two very distinct reactions.

Filomena’s response was predictable, while mine was unexpected. It’s not clear that they understood what I was doing. 

Amanda said she was still very angry at what had happened but her feelings towards Meredith’s killer Rudy were ‘complicated’.

“I feel really confused about Rudy Guede as her murderer, since I have spent some time in prison,” she said. 

I know that he was very young when he decided to rape Meredith and kill him. Although I am not sure how he feels today about this, I believe he will regret it.

His name isn’t the one associated with this awful crime. My is. While I wish there was a better term, I have to admit that I’m mad. I’m still angry. But that doesn’t make me unable to have compassion for him.

‘But I am angry. His actions are not my fault. I find it really bothersome that no one seems care to about his actions.