Deliverer Yodel HURLS box against shocked homeowners front door, throws that’smashes’ its contents

  • Delivery driver caught throwing the item out of the gate at the door.
  • Kurt Pelz from Royal Artillery shared this moment via Twitter
  • Corby, Northamptonshire father reviled the driver via his social media.

Yodel driver caught throwing package at stunned homeowner’s front door.

On a camera at the door, the courier was seen throwing the item out of the gate and into the home where it was broken.

Kurt Pelz from the Royal Artillery shared this shocking video on social media last month.

Corby, Northamptonshire father, complained about the driver who dropped his daughter’s box over 16 feet.

Kurt Pelz, a soldier in the Royal Artillery, shared footage of the shocking moment on social media earlier this month

Kurt Pelz (a soldier with the Royal Artillery) shared the footage on social media this month.

The courier was seen on a doorbell camera flinging the item from the gate to the house where it shattered

A doorbell camera captured the courier delivering the parcel from the gate, and then throwing it at the house.

Video shows the courier running from the van’s rear to Mr Pelz’s home.

He reaches the gate in front of his house, but instead of opening the gate and going to the door, he tosses the thing up the pathway.

A dull sound can be heard when the parcel hits the ground after it narrowly misses the CCTV camera.

The courier walks back to their van without hesitation and continues with their shift.

Video of the incident shows the courier walking from the back of the van where it was parked outside Mr Pelz's house

The courier is seen walking away from the van’s back, where it was left outside the home of Mr Pelz.

To find damaged items, Mr Pelz took the box apart and checked his CCTV to see the actions of the driver.

He shared the video to Twitter on December 6 to try to show the courier firm what its worker had done.

His message read: Yodel is delivering a package, but the contents have been destroyed. The automated system indicated that this parcel was personally delivered.

“My parcel reached about 10ft before hitting my front door. It split open, destroying the contents and causing me no response.

Today, Mr Pelz said: “I needed to create a Twitter account and upload the video to their page in order to receive any responses.

“The last message that I received from them was that they had tried to contact my daughter but with no success.

“They gave us both a reference phone number to call and an claims number. They have not answered our calls. My longest wait time on hold was 45 minutes.

Yodel said to him, “You’ll need to contact the sender in order for us compensation.” Inform them about the situation.

“Once you have completed this, we will get in touch with our team to resolve the issue.