It’s time to make the batter! BBC Food tops the list of most requested Christmas Day recipes. The perfect roast turkey ranks second.

  • Yorkshire puddings topped BBC Good Food’s most-searched recipes for Xmas.
  • Perfect roast turkey came second and  red cabbage came in third place
  • The most sought-after recipe for December was gingerbread men. More than 400,000 holiday revelers wanted to make the delicious festive dessert. 

This is the most difficult part of a roast dinner.

However, this hasn’t stopped budding chefs from making Yorkshire puddings for Christmas.

This side dish, which is made with batter and vegetables, ranks high on BBC Good Foods’ Christmas searches. The most sought-after Christmas Eve and Christmas Day items. 

It is one of the most popular 2020 terms searched on BBC Food. The BBC Food website also featured tips and tricks for cooking perfect turkey crowns and recipe for eggnog, red cabbage and roast potatoes.  

Across December, the most popular recipe was for gingerbread men, with over 400,000  visitors looking to bake the festive treat. 

Yorkshire puddings topped BBC Good Food most searched recipes on Xmas day

Yorkshire puddings topped BBC Good Food’s most-searched recipes for Xmas.

Christmas Eve is here and Christmas Day is coming up, which means that the final minute search for the perfect turkey recipe will be high on your list. 

This is only beaten by BBC Food’s Yorkshire pudding recipe, which takes the crown – despite the trimming not always being associated with the traditional Turkey roast. 

In 2019, the third most popular recipe is red cabbage.

The top five most searched terms for Christmas Day and Christmas Eve 2020 

1. Yorkshire pudding

2. The perfect roast turkey

3. Red cabbage

4. Eggnog

5. Perfect roast potatoe

Five top search terms beginning with 1-23 December 2020

1. Gingerbread men

2. Shortbread

3. Eggnog

4. Paul Hollywood’s mince pie

5. American pancakes

Five top search terms starting 26-31/12 2020

1. Curry with Turkey

2. You can make leftover turkey and ham pie.

3. Pancakes

4. American pancakes

5. Bread and butter pudding

It’s not surprising that turkey leftovers are a popular choice for festive meals once Boxing Day arrives.

 Mary Berry’s Yorkshire pudding recipe is the most popular on BBC food – which the former Bake Off judge describes as  ‘foolproof’. 

She describes them as “She’s been making them to go with Sunday lunches over the years.” You can watch the video to see how she makes Yorkshire puddings.  

The nation has also proved its sweet tooth – and  in the run up to Christmas, the baking trays are coming out, with gingerbread men, shortbread and mince pies proving a hit for festive sweet treats.  

You don’t need days worth of turkey sandwiches leftover when you have the option to make curries and pie. 

There are many people who make leftovers and also create a brunch with pancakes after Christmas.

  Yorkshire Pudding takes over from Red Cabbage which was the most searched for recipe on 2020.  

From 1st December, Ainsley Harriot’s slow cooker mulled wine recipe held a spot in the top five right up to Boxing Day before dropping off – whether that’s because of a few sore heads or an alcohol shortage, who knows?

Yorkshire puddings have traditionally been served with roast beef. But many families make them for Christmas.

They should be only served with beef, a debate that has been so heated that the Oxford Union debated it in 2014.  

How to make Yorkshire Puddings perfect 

James Martin from Chef James Martin shares his best recipe


200g (7oz) plain flour

Freshly ground black pepper and sea salt

8 eggs

600ml (1pt), whole milk

40g (1½oz) dripping


 1. Add the eggs one at a while, then slowly add in the milk. Keep whisking continuously until you have a smooth batter.

2. Let cool for about 30 minutes. When you are ready to cook, preheat the oven to 220°C/fan 200°C/gas 7.

 3. For the Yorkshires bake, pour 1tsp of the dripping in each of the 12-hole muffin holes. Then heat the muffin in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes or until it is hot.

4. After carefully putting the batter in the holes, bake the Yorkshires for 30-minutes until they are golden brown. Keep warm

 James Martin’s Great British Adventure is published by Quadrille, £25.