“You love it more”: Prince William said that he used to resist Charles’ attempts to get them to the great outdoors, but now shares the father’s passion for the country.

  • Prince William claimed that Harry and he would not allow their brother Harry to go out into the countryside.
  • However, the royal is now a more aware of the beauty and wonders of the natural world as she gets older
  • He admits, however that he still enjoys lying in and is not an early riser.  

Like many children, William says he and his brother Prince Harry tried to fend off their father’s efforts to cajole them into the great outdoors – but that he now shares Prince Charles’s appreciation of the countryside.

He says, “When I was growing up, my dad used to love walking. And still does to this day, he loves walking. 

“And it wasn’t actually having any of that.” 

“As you age, it becomes more important to appreciate your life.”

But William hasn’t abandoned all his youthful habits – he likes a lie-in. 

Prince William (R) and his father Prince Charles walk through a field on Home Farm in Gloucestershire, Western England, May 29, 2004

Prince William (R), with his father Prince Charles, stroll through a field in Gloucestershire on May 29, 2004,

He says, “I don’t like to get up early, but I’m not an inept ariser, if it’s possible.”

“I love watching nature go to sleep in the evening, and all the wonderful sounds and smells associated with that.

“It is quite therapeutic. 

It stimulates all of your senses. You feel more calm, able to think and process information, which makes me come home feeling better.