This 2022 Decluttering Calendar will make sure your home is clean and tidy in time for Christmas. It covers everything from cleaning out your bathroom cabinets in March, to organizing your closet in October.

  • RAJA UK, a packaging retailer, has some great tips on decluttering your house
  • A study revealed that 35% Brits find decluttering their house to be therapeutic. 
  • According to experts, a neat house is good for your mental and physical well-being.

Sometimes, Christmas is stressful because of the stress involved in preparing for it. 

You can make this holiday season more chill by being prepared. 

Research by packaging retailer RAJA UK revealed that 35% of Brits found decluttering their home to be a therapeutic experience – and one that can help people feel more at easy during the chaos in December.  

Here, FEMAIL has shared some tips for decluttering your home in the run-up to Christmas to make sure you’re not overwhelmed when the time comes. 

Packaging retailer RAJA UK has revealed your calendar to declutter before Christmas. Pictured, stock image

Packaging company RAJA UK offers a calendar for decluttering before Christmas. Stock image

January – Recycling

Take down all of your Christmas decorations and pack them into cardboard boxes so they’re organised for next year. 

Recycle any unwanted cards and boxes. Any Christmas gift that is not needed can be returned or donated.

February – Get Organized in the Kitchen

You can organize your kitchen by checking for expiry dates and placing any food that has expired in the food waste bin.

Take on the task of cleaning out your junk drawer. You can recycle old menus from take-outs.

You can take inventory of small appliances, cooking utensils, etc. and dispose of anything you don’t need.

March – A bathroom cleanse

The costs of a cluttered home –  from sleep deprivation to feelings of guilt 

Untidy homes can have a huge impact on your physical and mental well-being. You may not realize the cost of having a messy home.

Sleep deprivation

You may have trouble sleeping if you are trying to sleep in a noisy room.

Unhealthy habits

Bad coping strategies and avoidance strategies can be created by mess, such as binging on TV and snacking.

Guilty feelings

Clutter creates feelings of guilt and embarrassment when your house isn’t clean and tidy, especially when you have guests over for Christmas.

Anxiety is heightened

The mind is bombarded with too many stimuli and the senses are forced to work extra hard on irrelevant things.

Clean out the bathroom and your medicine cupboard. You can check to make sure that your medicines are not expired and get rid of any items that may be. They can be sorted by type of medicine, including liquids and pills.

Check your vanity drawer to see if you still have any creams, makeup or bath products.

April – Sell or donate 

Take a look through your winter closet to reduce your wardrobe. Pick out anything you didn’t use and donate or sell them.

Do the same with your children’s closets. Find out what clothes they like and will fit again in six months.

June – Sort storage space

Check out your storage spaces, including a shed, garage or attic. 

Your space can be divided into zones for different purposes, including one each for gardening supplies, household tools, and sports equipment.

July: Get creative

It is easy to accumulate clutter from craft supplies like paints and pens. You can store various crafting items in storage boxes made of cardboard.

Get rid of all your board games, books and DVDs from your living or gaming room.

August – Summer spruce

Your linen cabinet should be cleaned out during the summer holidays. Donate or recycle any linens, sheets, blankets, and towels that are not in use.

September – Take control of your home office 

It is worth taking the time to organize your home office. You can invest in desk organizers such as pen pots or filing systems to organize the documents you need.

You can organize cables with cable organizers to make sure your desk is tidy.

October-Store away

You’ll want to repeat the process you did in April with winter clothes. Look at the items you didn’t use and sell, donate or repurpose them.

Your sandals, flip-flops, and all other summer footwear should be thrown out. Get rid of the ones you won’t use next year.

November – Sort decorations 

Take a look at the ornaments you have stored away since January. Donate or sell what you won’t use.

Again, make sure you’re up to date with what is in the kitchen cabinets since you organised it in February.

December: Relax and unwind!

Enjoy mulled wine with all the fun in your clutter-free home!