YouTube removed Joe Rogan’s interview with the scientist responsible for inventing mRNA vaccines. He claimed that America is like Nazi Germany, with people ‘hypnotized to believe’ in vaccinations and other extreme pandemics. 

His Twitter account, Dr Robert Malone had more than 500,000 followers. He was suspended by the platform for breaking its rules.

Malone stated that he was part of the Covid-19 team who invented the mRNA technology during the interview, which lasted three hours and six minutes.

He spoke also about mandated vaccines and pointed out similarities between America’s pandemic state and Nazi Germany. 

The doctor claimed that American society has a mass formation psychosis, similar to Germany’s in the 1920s and 30s.

YouTube has removed Joe Rogan's (pictured) three-hour and six-minute podcast episode with Dr Robert Malone, which was posted on New Year's Eve

During the podcast, Dr Robert Malone (pictured) claimed that the US is now like Nazi Germany with society 'hypnotized' to believe in vaccines and extreme pandemic measures

YouTube removed Joe Rogan (left)’s interview with Dr Robert Malone, the scientist responsible for inventing mRNA vaccines. He claimed the US has become like Nazi Germany and society is ‘hypnotized to believe’ in vaccinations and other extreme pandemics.

The 61-year-old doctor's account was suspended and Twitter cited a violation of the platform's rules

Twitter suspended the doctor’s account at 61 years old and reported that he had violated its terms.

Malone (61), said that it was a result of European intellectual inquiry about what happened to Germany in the 20s, 30s, and beyond. They were a very intelligent and highly educated group, so they started barking mad. 

“And how did it happen?” It is called mass formation psychosis. A society where people are disconnected from one another and have free floating anxiety. It’s a situation in which things seem to be out of order. This is what we don’t get. Then, their attention is drawn to a single point by either a leader or a series of events. This is hypnosis. The effect is that they become “hypnotized” and are able to be lead anywhere.

Rogan then spoke about Malone’s Twitter ban that occurred one day before Rogan was interviewed. 

“They took you out because you didn’t go along with the Tech narrative. Because tech clearly has an agenda for censorship when it comes To Covid, both in terms treatment and whether you promote what they call ‘vaccine Hesitancy’. They can ban you for this, Rogan stated. Rogan also said that Malone was ‘one the most qualified persons in the world to discuss vaccines.

Malone asked: “If I don’t feel comfortable being part of this conversation, even though it may seem inconvenient to me, who will?”

Malone questioned the effectiveness of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine in a tweet (pictured) posted the day before his account was suspended on December 30

In a Twitter (pictured), Malone raised questions about the efficacy of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine. He posted it the day before his account got suspended.

One Twitter user called the suspension 'vax propaganda' and another said that Malone paid 'the price of being more correct than most, earlier than most'

Twitter users called the suspension “vax propaganda” and one another stated that Malone had paid “the price for being righter than most, sooner than most”.

It doesn’t matter if I’m truthful or incorrect – but I freely admit that nobody is perfect. My mistakes are not my fault. I believe that people have the right to think for themselves. “And I really try to give people information and help to think. Not to tell them what they should think,” the doctor said, adding that no one could dispute the fact that she played an important role in creating this technology.

Robert Malone, Dr. 

Robert Malone, a doctor and activist against vaccines was attacked for tweeting about it. Malone is said to have been a major player in the Covid-19 jabs’ development of mRNA technology. 

Malone, according to his LinkedIn profile is the inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccinations. He also claims that he’s a world expert in RNA technology.

Prior to being removed from Twitter, the Harvard Medical School graduate wrote: “I literally invented the MRNA technology when 28 years old.”

Malone, 61, claims to have invented the mRNA technology used in Covid-19 vaccines when he was just 28 years old

Malone, now 61, claimed that the Covid-19 vaccines’ mRNA technology was invented by him when he had only 28.

Malone (now 61) did extensive research into gene transfer.

According to a 6,000-word essay written by his wife Jill and reviewed by The Atlantic, Malone in the late 1980s – as a graduate student in biology at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies – injected DNA and RNA into the cells of mice in efforts to create a new kind of vaccine.

A 1989 paper by him describing how RNA could be transported to cells using lipids, fatty acids. He also wrote a 1990 paper showing how injecting DNA or RNA into mouse muscle cells can lead to new protein creation.

Malone wrote in 1990 that the same could be said for human cells. The technology “may offer alternative approaches to vaccine production.”

Rein Verbeke, a fellow researcher in mRNA-vaccine development and the lead author of the 2019 history of developing mRNA vaccines for mRNA vaccinations told The Atlantic that Malone “reignited for the first time the possibility that mRNA might have potential to be a new class of drug” 

But he continued to say that “the accomplishment of the mRNA vaccins of today was the accomplishment of many collaboration efforts”. 

On Wednesday, just days before his account was closed, the famous doctor, @RWMaloneMD wrote, “Pfizer six month data that shows that Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines cause more disease than they prevent.” Here’s a summary of both the design and execution flaws found in Pfizer’s trial.

His tweet was also accompanied with a link from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance website.  

Twitter users called the suspension “vax propaganda” and one another stated that Malone had paid the price for being righter than others, sooner than most.

Malone claimed later that some of the vaccine companies, such as Moderna and Pfizer, have financial conflicts of interest.

Malone assured, in an apparent attempt to establish his credibility: “I believe I’m not the only one.” It’s not going to get me any money.

Many wondered why Malone, the inventor of the Covid vaccines’ mRNA technology, would speak out against being jabbed. 

Malone said that it was because it is the right thing. 

“It’s wrong.” It is destroying my profession and destroying medicine around the world.

He continued: ‘I’m a vaccinologist. It’s been 30 years since I developed vaccine. I spent a lot of my education to understand how the process works, and which rules apply. 

‘And for me, I’m personally offended by watching my discipline get destroyed for no good reason at all except, apparently, financial incentives, and – I don’t know – political a**-covering’.

He also provided his opinion regarding the government’s Covid-19 response. 

He said that “our government is out-of control” and added: “They are lawless.” They ignore bioethics completely. They totally disregard the federal common law. They’ve broken every rule I know – rules on which I have been trained for years.

He continued to state that vaccine mandates by the government are “explicitly unlawful” because they violate the Belmont Report as well as the Nuremberg Code.

A research team from the University of North Carolina found that the Nuremberg Code, a system of ten points for determining whether medical experimentation on humans is permissible, is the basis of the Nuremberg Code.

Similarly, the Belmont Report established basic ethical principles to guide medical research involving human subjects, as stated by the US Department of Health & Human Resources (HHS). 

Malone was clear: “They’re explicitly illegal, and they don’t care,” he said.   

The doctor also noted that he has been contacted by multiple lawyers looking to help him file a suit against Twitter. Alex Berenson is an independent journalist, and he filed a federal suit against Twitter to stop his ban. This was in response to a tweet that questioned whether Covid vaccines were effective.

This episode was posted to full length on an unaffiliated account, but it was later deleted. YouTube reported that YouTube had violated the Community Guidelines. The Post Millennial also reported this.

The audio version is available on Spotify. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, Malone claims that Malone made false statements on his podcast. However, 62% of Americans are vaccinated. A further 73.33% have received at least one vaccine.

The jabs didn’t stop the Omicron variant, which is ultra-transmissible, from spreading across the United States.

Johns Hopkins reports that there were 115,984 Covid-19 new cases as of Sunday and 280 Covid-related deaths in the 24 hours prior.

On the same day, 402,998 cases were reported in the US on a daily basis. 

Columbia University researchers found that Omicron-fueled Omicron cases could reach their peak in January 2009. This would mean an increase of 2.5 million to 5.4 million cases each week.

Health experts urge Americans to be cautious as the peak is nearing. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 68.8million fully vaccinated people have received a third dose (or a booster shot) since August 13.