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Traveling alone is the best way to discover yourself. However, traveling alone is also fraught with dangers and challenges. And not many people can travel on their own. If you are one of them, especially if you are a woman, these 10 tips below will be very useful for you.

Traveling alone means no companions, no people to care, worry about, and means you have to deal with situations alone. You can do what you want, but safety always comes first. Here are

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10 tips that I have drawn from my solo travel, hope to be useful for you.

1. Find out carefully where you are going:

If you are planning to travel alone, you must definitely find out everything in the place you are going to, maybe on the internet. You have to know about the culture, customs, local people, how to communicate, it is worth noting whether the place is safe or not, etc. If you’ve traveled there before, they’ll be your guide.

2. Keep valuables carefully:

Especially in a completely foreign land, being careful is still necessary. It is best not to bring too many valuables when going out, such as watches, jewelry, expensive cameras. And absolutely do not bring a lot of cash when going out.

3. Avoid going to deserted areas at night:

The most dangerous and unsafe time is the deserted night, especially for women traveling alone. It won’t matter if you go to bustling, crowded spots. But it will be a big problem if you go into the remote area at night.

4. Learn a little local language:

Before going somewhere, learning a little the local language is one of the 10 tips that will come in handy when you’re traveling alone. It is not superfluous, nor does it require you to learn much, just a few basic sentences, used in many necessary cases. For example: hello, thank you, ask for directions, order food, …

5. Tell family members about your travel plans:

Whether your trip is short or too close, it is essential to let your loved ones know your travel plans. Specifically: where will you go? How long are you there? Which hotel to stay in?,…

6. Take advantage of social networks:

If you don’t have time to let your family know your travel plans, you can also take advantage of social media. Where you can combine the “virtual living”, times providing your family with where you are, what to do?

7. Don’t share too much personal information with new people:

Traveling, you will definitely have the opportunity to meet new friends. That’s not a bad thing, but don’t rush to share all your information with them. No matter how familiar it is, it’s strange. It is advisable to limit letting others know you are traveling alone in a remote place.

8. Always have a copy of important documents:

If you are traveling and accidentally lose all your important documents, it is bad luck. Worse, you will hardly be able to continue your journey or return to your home country. So before you go, you must immediately save photocopies of the necessary documents. Including photos of passports, ID cards, … in phones and laptops.

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9. Always have emergency contacts on the phone:

When traveling, you absolutely must buy a Sim card. In emergencies, you can call the police, or call for help. Remember to find out or ask the hotel for emergency contact numbers in your destination (hotel phone number, police number, ambulance number, …). In addition, a phone with internet will help you in using Google maps, GPS, receiving messages, …

10. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance:

And the last of the 10 tips when you’re traveling alone is don’t forget to buy travel insurance. Many people are subjective, this is not important, however, during travel, especially alone, insurance is extremely necessary. Buying insurance doesn’t cost as much as you think