Finding a safe place, sharing your location with friends, being careful when using food and drink… are some tips for female travelers when traveling alone.

Solo travel is the dream of many people and anyone has the right to do it. However, solo travel also contains many risks and unpredictable dangers, especially for women. Here are some tips to keep in mind and prepare before traveling alone:

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Find a safe person or place

When you come to a new land, whether you stay for a month or just one night, you can still get used to it and should look for a “safe place” there. It can be a motel, cafe or bar, as long as you feel comfortable going there.

Find a safe person or destination when traveling alone.  - Photo: The travel
Find a safe person or destination when traveling alone. – Photo: The travel

It would be great if you had a space to “dock” while traveling, or someone you could trust. For example, a bartender, a local or the owner of the motel you are renting… that you feel is friendly and kind enough.

Another great tip when traveling alone is to keep your accommodation a secret. If someone strange asks where you are and if you are traveling alone, you should say that you have a friend nearby.

Finally, make sure you’re familiar with the area before going out at night. Because going out at night is not safe, especially for women. So if possible, go with someone you trust or go to familiar places!

Share your location with friends

Many apps and phones have the ability to share your location with friends, including iPhones. Therefore, it is very easy to make someone know your exact location.

You don’t need to share your location with your parents so they don’t have to worry, but you can do it with your best friend just in case. In addition, if you accidentally lose or misplace your phone, you can also ask your friends to locate it to find it.

Share your location with your close friends wherever you are.  - Photo: The Travel
Share your location with your close friends wherever you are. – Photo: The Travel

Don’t forget to bring your phone charger and spare battery during your trip to avoid your phone running out of battery at any time. In addition to location sharing, your phone can also help you view maps and locate yourself, in case you don’t carry a paper map.

Learn to say “Not interested” in the language of the country you’re visiting

It is good to learn a lot of basic phrases in the language of the place you are going to travel. A particularly good phrase for women and 3rd sex people to know when traveling is “not interested”, “I don’t like”.

This phrase can be helpful to avoid unwanted contacts, whether flirtatious in nature or just from street vendors.

Trust your intuition, be careful with your food and drink

In some cities, even bartenders have been found to have added unwanted additives to tourists’ drinks. Therefore, finding an acquaintance or a safe place is still the first choice.It is important to be aware of your surroundings. If you’re walking alone at night, keep an eye on your surroundings. Some women say they have to take a self-defense class before traveling alone to feel more secure, even if they never have to use the martial art.

Trust your intuition and be wary of food and drink in strange places.  - Photo: iso.b.ella
Trust your intuition and be wary of food and drink in strange places.

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Women have been endowed with incredible instincts and intuition. Listen to your intuition as it tells you who to talk to, which way to go, or when to leave a situation. 

If you feel someone is watching you or waiting for you, strike up a conversation with a female couple, an older person, or someone who seems trustworthy nearby. Don’t be afraid to go back to the bar and tell the bartender what’s going on. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!