With the advent of technology and the internet in particular, spending time outside in the open air has shifted from being the norm to something we now have to make special plans for. Here are 3 fun reasons to head out. 

Go fishing

Whether you’re doing it in a lake or a river, fishing is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities. For beginners however, it might take some getting used to due to the patience required to catch a fish. But the beauty of fishing is in the fact that it’s about much more than just catching fish. Fishing causes one to relax and pay attention to little details, either in the water or with regard to the fishing gear, making it a meditative activity. Before you go out to fish, be sure to acquire a fishing license and research the basic equipment you’ll need. Once you have those, get comfortable by the water, cast your line, and watch morning become evening in the blink of an eye! 

Take a long walk

Walking, an activity that has been a favorite of artists and philosophers for thousands of years, has recently began to gain popularity in modern fitness circles. It is easy to see why walking is a popular outdoor activity; anyone can do it! Even though it helps to have a destination in mind, taking a long walk outside is not just about putting one feet in front of the other to reach that destination. In addition to the physical health benefits such as weight loss, a long stroll offers quiet time, helping you connect better with yourself thereby improving mental health. Make your walk more enjoyable by keeping a leisurely pace, saying hello to people you pass, and stopping at intervals to fully take in your surroundings. 

Camp out

Camping is a favorite pastime for millions across the world, possibly because it’s an inexpensive way to have different kinds of fun. You can see a list of top US camping spots here. Being basically making the outdoors   your home, camping allows one to engage in a variety of activities. You could lay on your back and watch the stars, make a bonfire with music and marshmallow roasting, cook a barbecue, and so on. The purpose of camping is to commune with nature in a laid-back, unhurried way. Due to how distracting they can be, many prefer to switch off devices entirely when they’re spending time outdoors. If you choose to keep your phone on, limit the use of it to keeping in touch and such light entertainment as slot games that don’t prevent you from being present.

In a world where most people spend a big chunk of their time staring at screens indoors, it has never been more important to imbibe the habit of going out in nature.   While it might be a little difficult to get into the habit at first, the myriad benefits of being outdoors proves the effort one worth making.