Feeling stressed about that big party you have to plan? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Event planning’s officially been voted one of the most stressful jobs in America.

The good news is there are certain tricks of the trade that’ll make your life a little easier. Keep reading for 4 of the best party planning tips we know about and learn how to make a party great.

1. Make a Plan

Failing to prepare is like preparing to fail! That’s why you should create a comprehensive event plan as soon as possible. From your vision and goals to a timeline and to-do list, this document will outline all the key details of your party.

You’ll be able to refer back to it throughout the planning process, keeping you organized, saving you time, and ensuring you stay on track! It’ll make your life much less stressful as a result.

2. Set a Budget

Try to set a budget for your party too. Trust us, the costs can soon spiral out of control without one! Having a limit in place will help to guide your expenditure and ensure you don’t put yourself in a tricky financial situation.

Of course, the exact budget you set will depend on a) your personal financial situation and b) the scale of the party you wish to throw. Consider teaming up with other people and pooling resources if you want a bigger party than you can afford to pay for by yourself.

3. Pick a Theme

While parties don’t necessarily need a theme, they definitely spice an event up and make it more memorable for your guests! From a pirate theme and Wild West theme to a 1960s fashion theme or a Hollywood theme, there’s no shortage of possible options.

If you do decide to throw a themed party, though, just remember that it’ll dictate every decision from this point on. The food, decorations, and entertainment should all relate to the theme you pick.

4. Decide the Date, Guest List, Entertainment, and Venue Early

Each of these key steps in the party planning process take time, so it’s best to tackle them early. For example, you might want to look for a DJ for hire. These guys and girls are always in high demand, so booking early is essential.

The date and the guest list go hand in hand too. You want to give people enough opportunity to put the party in their diaries and RSVP in time for you to know how many guests are coming! In turn, that’ll determine how much food and drink you need to buy, etc.

Remember These Party Planning Tips

Party planning is something that sounds like fun but can end up being super stressful! After all, there’s a lot to think about, even more to do, and plenty of room for error. That’s why it’s so important to approach the task in the right way,

With any luck, the tips and insights on how to plan a party in this article will help you do exactly that! Looking for more articles on similar topics? Browse the rest of our blog today.